Friday, October 22, 2010

Update and Ustream!

Sarah is doing better today...getting back some of her "sassy"! No real fever today which is very good. She has been up walking a few times already today...another good step forward. No word yet as to when she will be getting out of the hospital, I suspect at least through the weekend.
I have been going home for about an hour a day to ship out patterns that have been ordered and to change clothes. (My back may never be the same from sleeping on the fold out chair in her room!! ...but she is soooo worth it!!) I have my Mom's laptop so I can do emails from the hospital but have to send the patterns form my home computer.
We will be doing a short Ustream tonight at 7:30 pm Pacific Time to touch base with everyone and let everyone know how Sarah is doing. THANK YOU so much to everyone who has sent us prayers and well wishes!!! We have read every one and cherish each and every thought!! We will do the show a half hour later because the nursing shift change is at 7pm and we are doing it from Sarah's room!! Gotta love WiFi! We will postpone the Bats in the Belfry to Wednesday night, Oct 27, at 6:30 pm Pacific Time. If needed, we will finish up at 7pm Pacific on Friday the 29th and put the Flip Album on Saturday the 30th at 10 am Pacific. That way we can stay on schedule!
I am going to go home for a couple of hours tomorrow to finish up the Bats in the Belfry/Silver Bells pattern. I will send it out to all the people who order the kits and then post it for ordering. (I am only able to send the patterns out in the late afternoon until Sarah is home). Thank you to all who ordered the kits for being so patient. I will be sending the Flip Album pattern to those that ordered the Bat's in the Belfry KITS for free as a thank you for your patience. No need to do anything...I will send it automatically when it is done.

Looking forward to seeing you all tonight!



  1. Laura - so pleased to hear Sarah is doing so much better. Sending hugs to you all - having spent a fair amount of time in hospital on a chair I really feel for you. My eldest girl was diagnosed with a form of arthritis as a little one of 4 - we spent the next 14 yrs in and out of our children's hospital - so I remember those chairs at the bedside!And I agree - our girls are SOOOO worth it. Sending much love to all your family. Take care my dear. Love Jen x

  2. Yay. Sassy is always a good sign LOL Karin

  3. That is very good news! Up and walking around is definitely a good sign. Sorry to hear you are having to sleep on a chair but hopefully it will only be for another couple of days. It'll be nice to see you both on Ustream tonight! Take care, Laura. Hugs to you all.

  4. It's so difficult being in a hospital room, a depressing atmosphere and the feeling of helplessness in not being able to do something.
    Please know this, Laura. My body may not be there, but my mind and spirit will always be around to support you.
    BTW, are you still a redhead? My guess is I have less gray hairs than you do at the moment.
    Lotsa love to you, Laura. Joy aka Zelda

  5. Yep, sassy is always a good sign that kids are getting better when they get their spunkiness back. So happy she is feeling better and moving around. Not fun sleeping in the chair, not comfortable at all, but us Mom can survive anything when it comes to taking care of our kids, and it don't matter how old they get. Please be sure and take care of yourself as well, as we Mom's tend to neglect ourself. Happy we get to say Hi tonight, I and also hope Trevor is feeling better to and the hubby is holding up with all this stuff going on. God Bless You and Yours Annette

  6. Hi there Laura......getting her "sassy" back!!!! I am REALLY GLAD to hear that!!!! Yes our children are so worth all the pain that goes with sleeping on fold outs but I wanted to let you know that you need to take care of yourself too!!! With lots and lots of love and warm wishes from our family to yours....

  7. "Sassy" is good. She is starting to feel like herself. Wonderful news!!! Yes, hospital chairs are not comfortable but we are comforting to the loved one who is in the hospital bed. I am sure that she is very grateful that you are there for her. If you spent the night at home you wouldn't sleep anyway you would be too worried about your Sarah. Lots of Prayers and hugs coming your way for you, hubby, Sarah and Trevor.
    God bless,

  8. Laura,
    I am so glad that Sarah is doing better and will be just fine. It is so scary when one of your children is very ill. I will continue to keep you and yours in my prayers.

    Sarah, I'm glad your are getting better and back to your spunky cute self. You are quite a an incredible young lady! Looking forward to seeing you tonight

    Take care,
    Deb Shelton

  9. Laura so glad to hear Sarah is better. After all your children are your priority and a precious one she is. Our prayers are with you both for her speedy recovery. Another Air Force Brat... cheryl higgins

  10. So thankful to hear Sarah is doing better. Look forward to tonight's ustream update. Take care and continue to get better. Sending lots of hugs and prayers your way.

  11. Laura, I love the monkey story. When my daughter was going thru this, they wouldn't give her anything to drink, she yelled out, "would someone please get me a drink of water, I feel like Jesus on the cross." It was so funny. Watching you two brings back memories. Take care! Shari (cricutrookie)

  12. GOOOOOODD NEWS! so happy for Sarah - the sweet pea...

  13. Thinking of you all in my prayers.

  14. I'm so glad Sarah is doing better and I agree with what others have said... sassy is a good sign that she is starting to feel like her self. She and your family remain in my prayers. Family first... work second! My best to you and your family!


  15. I'm sooo glad Sarah is doing better! It's so hard when your child is sick. Make sure you take care of yourself as best as you can. :)

  16. Laura-- OH MY!! I have not been to your blog all week. I will be sending prayers your way! I hope Sarah will be up and around soon. What an ordeal.

    Most importantly, take care of yourself so you can take care of Sarah. Take it from someone who knows.


  17. Know that we are all praying for you and sarah. And trust me as a Nurse its nice to have such a great mom there helping and supporting. Worth much more than most drugs, trust me!!

  18. I'm so glad Sarah is doing better. Sending lots of hugs and prayers your way.
    Take care Laura.

  19. It was so good to see you and Sarah!!! Loved the monkey surgery and ET finger stories!! Precious little Sarah looks so tiny in that hospital bed!!! Please give her hugs for me!!! I'm glad to hear that you will have a little bit of a break today.I continue to pray for wisdom for the doctors, healing and comfort for Sarah, GOOD rest and comfort for you!! And strength for your entire family!!

  20. Glad to hear Sarah is doing better!! -Hi Sarah! You're totally famous now!!- best to you all!

  21. OMG Laura, where have I been?! I just heard about Sarah! What a scare you all must have gone through, I'm glad to hear she is recovering well and I hope she will be back on her feet in no time!

    Sending prayers and well wishes all the way from Portugal.