Friday, October 8, 2010

Think Pink Tonight!

As many of you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. On tonight's Ustream show (7pm Pacific Time) we are kicking of 2010 Pink Mini's. Anyone who wishes to participate can make a mini album or set of cards to be auctioned in a silent auction. ALL proceeds from the action are paid directly to the Susan G. Komen Foundation through their Passionately Pink for the Cure program.

I will have all the details on tonight's show while I work on one of the mini's I will have available for the auction.. If you don't want to make a mini album or cards, you can still participate by bidding on the the minis and cards or by making a donation.

CLICK HERE to go directly to my Ustream channel

It's hard to find someone who hasn't had their life somehow touched by this disease. Let's use or talent and passion for our craft to work towards find a cure!!

See you tonight!! I'll be wearing pink!


I am finishing the Exploding Envelope pattern and want to do a final check of dimensions etc. Therefore....I will start shipping out the pattern after my son's Hockey game in the morning. It is going to take a while due to the high volume ordered. Thanks so much for our support and patience!!


  1. What a great cause!!! My mom survived breast cancer and I have a friend dealing with it now!! I have a mini all made for the auction. And, yes, it's pink!!! Mauve, actually! haha Anyhoo, looking forward to seeing you tonight!!!

  2. Wearing pink, huh? Well, there's powder pink, rose pink, hot pink, cotton candy pink, fuschia pink, neon pink....
    See you tonight! Zelda

  3. Wow, I have insider information and I'm gonna use it. I'm going to be Laura wears pink Now, are you wearing your hair up or down? Cuz you know we bet on that too. See you then! Alice

  4. I just missed the show :O( so will have to watch the recording. Love your stuff and can't wait for the next one!!

  5. Hi, Laura!!!
    I was able to watch the rest of the recording and I have to tell you how much I enjoyed watching your creative process at work!!! I think once in awhile you should do that again. Just have a "Crop with Laura" night where we can watch you come up with these awesome creative ideas "on the fly". I LOVED it!!! Thanks for sharing your evening and everything else that you share!!!!! Love ya, girlie!!!