Friday, October 15, 2010

Exploding Envelope Haunted House tonight!

Just a reminder that the Exploding Envelopes Haunted House version is tonight on Ustream at 7pm Pacific Time.

Tomorrow morning a 10 am Pacific time we will work on the Gingerbread House version.

I won't be showing how to make the "box" as we had a class on that on July 30/31. I will be showing how to make the lid into a roof and the unique decorations to make it a Haunted House or Gingerbread House. On Saturday, I will also show you how I made the Birdhouses that I showed during the August 14th Ustream class.

CLICK HERE to go directly to my Ustream channel.
See you tonight!



  1. I'm really liking these minis, Laura! Can't wait for tonight!

  2. Laura, you are AMAZING!!! With all you've had going on with Sarah and STILL having class tonight? You are a dynamo!!! Can't wait!! Hope hubby goes to the football game so I can watch without interruptions!

  3. cute - looking forward in trying to make the gingerbread one

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