Sunday, October 3, 2010

Schedule change!

I have unfortunately spent the good part of today dealing with some unpleasant "stuff". As I am shuffling things around, I came up with my best solution to stay on schedule.

The Exploding Haunted House class only needs to be a one day class. I have already done a Ustream class on the Exploding Envelope Box...we only need to do the different roof styles and decorations. is the plan...the Exploding Haunted House is on the move to Wednesday, Oct. 13th at 6:30 Pacific Time (half hour earlier than usual for the east coasters!). This Friday's class will be all about the Pink Mini's for a Cure...with maybe a demo or two. I am also planning to have a sneek preview for the Bat's on the Belfry on Friday as well. (The schedule for THAT class remains the same)

I will get the kits up sometime tonight for the Exploding Haunted house and they will begin shipping on Tuesday, Oct 5. The Exploding Box Pattern (which includes ALL versions) will go up on Tuesday, the 5th as's practically a book!!!

All of these changes will show up on my blog and on Ustream.

On another note, I want to state my Angel Policy.

I allow the sale of up to 10 completed albums of a design when you are the direct seller in a personal situation such as a craft fair or to friends and acquaintances. I ask that you do not sell to a third party for sale (i.e. a shop, boutique, or similar) or via the internet (on sites such as Etsy and Ebay) as it would put you in direct competition with me.

This is the policy I have had since I started selling my patterns. I have recently added it to my email statement when I deliver your patterns. I was rather shocked to discover, from a couple of different sources, that this policy was a surprise to many...they thought that they couldn't sell ANY projects made from my designs. I have announced the policy several times. If you are interested in making more than 10 of a design, contact me and let me know the circumstances...I've only said no once! If you want to teach one of my designs, again, contact me regarding my policies.

I hope you all have a pleasant week!


A thought to remember for a VERY small number of my" followers": It is easy to hide behind a screen name and make negative comments when you are on a public forum or live chat. Just remember, you never know who may be watching.....
I am sorry that you don't think that over 100 tips and techniques video's (vs. the 16 patterns that I sell) is "generous"!


  1. Laura, I have been following your blog and watching your videos for quite a while now and can't believe anyone would comment that you are not a very generous and sharing person! You are such a great instructor and your videos are wonderful....I really enjoy watching them. Have a great week!


  2. Hi Laura.
    Im shocked that some people would do that to you!, you have been so generous to all us followers, and I for 1 are so blessed to of received an awesome mini from you.
    All I can say to those few people who are doing this, "STOP IT", Have heart for Laura who has put the hard yards into her designs and tutorials, she doesnt need you people to come along and steel her work, for your own gain.
    Thanks Laura for all the good work you do for the rest of us Ladies.
    XX Arohanui
    J :-)

  3. JUDE!!!! I've missed you girl!! How have you been my kiwi friend!?!


  4. Laura
    I hope you know how much you are appreciated by so many!

  5. I am not one to comment much but i cannot believe that people don't think that you are generous! I can't believe how many things you have shared with us, the public, for free! You are a wonderful artist and craftsperson. Some people are just rude. I hope that you are aware of how much most of us appreciate your sharing with us of all your talent.

  6. So sorry you have to continually state your angel policy, etc. We are all adults and you have been more than generous with your time, efforts, instructions, videos. Cannot tell you how much your work inspires me, I so enjoy Friday nights, reading your blog, and chatting with others. You are much appreciated.
    Julie W. (scrapperrn)

  7. Actually, it's that people think they CAN"T sell what they make from my projects not the other way around!

  8. If anyone looks out on Utube, and your blog, you haven numerous time you have shared all the dimensions and instruction on how to make your great mini's. I totally understand the hours it takes to put together a pattern and there should be a fee for the pattern, last time I check many talented people like yourself do this, so you’re not the only one charging. You have always been very generous and I understand you have a business. You are very fortunate to have such a great mind for creating so many great mini's that you take the time to share will so many other crafters.
    I've seen lately a lot of video's from others on Upstream who are no longer sharing their wonderful talents, and no longer making or sharing, due to several mean people out there. I hope you never stop sharing Laura your great ideas

  9. Don't take the bad eggs seriously! All the rest of us think you rock - and we outnumber them. :)

  10. Laura!!!! Love Yah Girl!, Im interested in The Pink MINI FOR A CURE AGAIN!!! count me in.
    Arohanui My friend X :-)

  11. Oh Laura, you are so awesome and absolutely generous. Thank you for sharing with us.

  12. Laura, I am a newbie to all of this, and you are a great teacher, and designer. I found you on utube, then started following you on ustream on your live class on friday nights. All I can say is thank you for all of your insight that you share with all of us, you are greatly appreciated. : )

  13. I am also a newbie and I just Love your tutorials! I went ahead and bought the coffin kit even before I saw the YouTube-video... LOL. I can't imagine that anyone could say something bad about you! I'm gonna upload pics at the ning site when I'm done... Promise!

    Lots of hugs from one of your true fans!

  14. Hi Laura
    Sue (aka scrapcat) from the UK. I think your projects and video instructions are really great I find the way in which you teach very clear. I have only been following your blog for a short while and the projects I have made have received a lot of praise from my friends and family. Keep up the good work you really are a very talented lady.

  15. Hi Laura
    You are a very kind and generous lady - your Youtube/Ustream instructions are full of tips and ideas which you have shared - I don't know which shows they are watching - 'cos they ain't the ones I watch! I also KNOW from personal experience that the courtesy of asking permission resulted in a lovely reply and positive answer! Horrid people will always get their just rewards.
    As I have made patterns myself I know how much time and effort they need - I am very happy to pay for one when I want to make a project - keep up the good work - you have talent by the bucketful and we really appreciate you sharing it.
    Jennie-Wren - UK xx

  16. Hi Laura, you're great....and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

    Big hugs

    Debbie x

  17. Oh i am so sorry you are dealing with hurtful people!
    This is so sad to hear because you are such a wonderfully giving person. Chin up! You know you're a star when you have "haters" the best of us do ;)

  18. Hey, Laura. I'm new, too, and I LOVE watching your videos. They've inspired me and you're so enjoyable to watch! I look forward to it every weekend, though, I usually watch the recorded classes since I'm an east coast girl and can't stay awake past nine. :) Just wanted to add my thanks to the MANY of us that appreciate all you do!

  19. Hi Laura, keep up the good work, I really love making minis along with you. I don't sell them though they are usually gifts for friends (if I can bear to part with them, lol) You are a very generous crafter and I can't believe that others don't think so. Hugs Anita xx

  20. I just want to let you know that I love your videos and your tutorials. I've learned so much from you. Thank you :)).

    Hugs Monique

  21. Laura, you have been so generous to all of us! I'm sorry you have to deal with the yuck of it all! That part I know isn't fun. But you have touched so many of our lives with your creativity and compassion. I personally feel like I am more creative from the things I've learned from you. Which makes me a better person. Which makes you part of that process. God has blessed you with many gifts and I for one am grateful for you and all you share! Bless you, my dear, Danielle

  22. WOW! Your pattern prices alone prove that you are generous! Who else out there puts together the awesome patterns that you do for the small fee that you charge? Plus all the tips and techniques that you share during your classes? I am so sad for you that there are people who think you should work for free. They should come up with their own ideas. Thank you for all you do for us! Debbie Ketcham

  23. Gee Whiz...before I found your videos I was starving for new technique. No more searching the web for fun projects to do or trying to decipher from a single photo how to do it. EVERYONE at work knows now what I am doing on a Friday night. I am announcing all day that it is Art Night!!! (followed by a squeal and happy dance) I am on a budget to prepare for retirement and your patterns are very affordable for me and I truly appreciate that!!! You are the best Laura and I am so glad I found your site. BettyMae

  24. Laura,
    You are so generous that it amazes me!! I am floored by your expertise and enamored with your creativity! I apologize for the ones that behave badly and speak negatively. I can honestly say that being around positive people is the only way for me; however, I can never seem to outrun those who will try to bring me down. God bless you.
    In any event, THEY ARE JUST JEALOUS!!! (As am I!)
    Thanks for EVERYTHING you do for us! One day I do hope to attend a Ustream even LIVE!

  25. Wow I can't imagine anyone having negative thoughts about you or your work for that matter. I bet those are the same people who don't understand copy right laws and why it's important to you. I couldn't stand reading a plagiarized paper in college!!!!

  26. Oh, Laura,
    I feel for you. I have been teaching classes for almost 10 years and I know how much work goes into preparing a class and typing up all the instructions. You should absolutely charge. You are very generous with us. I and so many others appreciate you creative talents and sharing spirit. Hang in there we are on the hunt for the thiefs. (haha) Thank you.

  27. Erin - This one wasn't a copyright issue, but rather a discussion on a live chat that I wasn't generous enough with my designs....

  28. Hi Laura, I'm rubbish at the 'puter which is why i've had to post this "anonymously" but just HAD to comment!!like everyone previous just cannot believe people could make such unpleasant comments about you.I am from over the pond,found you a while ago,you are in my "favs"and you have been such an inspiration to me;my family have received lots of little mini-books as gifts all thanks to your amazing ideas.Thankyou very much for all you share,best wishes IreneXX

  29. Hi Laura,
    I've just recently found you and I think you're great! I love how much you share and all the tips and techniques that you give.
    I don't know how you ya do it girl. All the videos and classes and making the kits take so much time. But, all your efforts are so much appreciated. Thank you for everything.
    Carolyn Carter in WV
    aka: Carolyn1965

  30. Hi Laura,
    I just want you to know that I have learned SOOOO much from watching you. I only started crafting in June and since then have learned lots of valuable tips on what products work, and which don’t, in addition to tons of techniques. I appreciate all that you do, all the information that you share, but most of all the time you take to teach the classes and create patterns. Crafting along with you on Friday nights has become an important part of my weekly routine! In fact, in an attempt to get rid of my worries and stresses of every day life, I often check your schedule and blog posts to see what classes are coming up gives me something to look forward to. I really do appreciate and love your classes. Thank you for all you do. I'm already trying to decide on which future patterns I want to purchase!

  31. HaHaHa good job Laura! get em! Way to stick up for yourself!! Funny they think you arent generous enough and Im trying to figure out how to get you on automatic withdrawl straight out of my payroll check! lol Im with erin we got your back. thanks as always!
    Brandi aka police wife

  32. I have really enjoyed your classes and tutorials
    Laura... Keep up the hard work:)Thank you!

  33. being a newbie to scrapbooking want to thank you for all the great info you so generously give out. i love the two mini album instructions i have bought and love being able to see them being made on your videos. thanks for all the time that you put in to your ideas!
    thanks dawn

  34. Laura cannot believe that someone has said that your not generous. I do cardmaking classes and know how much goes into designs and teaching. I have watched nearly all of your ustream and videos and frankly you are more than generous, but some people always wants something for nothing, and would they do the job that they are doing for nothing - dont think so. Keep up the great work, and dont let the baskets grind you down - think your brilliant with loads of talent.

  35. Hi Laura
    I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your you tube and Ustream classes. I am from New Zealand and only found you a few weeks ago. I enjoy watching you so much i increased my broadband usage so that I could watch more each moth and not run out.( we had been on the minimum)
    Unfortuntly there seems to always be negative people in all that we do. I think that these people must have really boring lives if they have noothing better to do than complain/talk about others.
    I was amazed at how much information you give out in your videos and on your blog.
    I have given your details to so many people, here in NZ so they can check you out themselves.
    Keep up the good work you are so inspirational. I will have to post on ning some finished albums.

    Luv and Cuddles

  36. Laura, I have just found you recently and I can't begin to tell you how much you inspire me!! I look forward to Friday nights, so I can watch what you are making next!! Please don't let a few people get you down!! By the way I just got back from my vacation and I enjoyed Seattle so my! Beautiful city! Keep up the wonderful working!!
    aka Stillacanuck

  37. Hi Laura,

    I am so sorry that their are people out there that don't apprieciate all the free stuff you do give us. Along with your talent and knowledge that would cost $$$$ if we were to take classes to learn it. You are so kind and thoughtful. I have shared with you in my emails what a blessing you have been to me.
    Thank you for everything.
    God Bless,
    Big Hug,

  38. Laura, you are the amazing "Queen of the mini album!" You are one of the most generous, down-to-earth people in our scrappy community. Thank you for the inspiration you have been to me time and time again. I appreciate your willingness to share your talent and creativity. I'm sorry that there are people who try and take the fun out of it for you. You have scores who appreciate and respect you as a crafter. Thank you for everything you share. Hugs from Ireland, Robyn

  39. Dear Laura
    A note from Denmark to tell you that I appreciate you and your talent so much. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  40. I'm so very sorry, Laura, that you keep having to deal with these issues. I love your tutorials and work. I'm not able to afford your beautiful kits easily (I have alot of the supplies at home already), but I do try to buy all your patterns. I hope you don't get discouraged and stop creating your beautiful projects.

  41. Well, shoot!! You know what they say! No good deed goes unpunished!! This makes me sad and angry!!! I heard a little bit about it when it happened and I was SOOO not happy about it. Let me say right here and now that I find you to be very talented, kind and most generous!!!! Anyone who doesn't think so better take a hard look at themselves!!!! I've learned A TON from you and appreciate it so very much!!! Your policies are most generous and you share so freely of your talents and time!! Nay-sayers beware. What goes around comes around!!!
    Hugs to you, dear Laura!!!! Don't let the turkeys get you down!!!

  42. Hi there Laura, I just wanted to say that I really appreciate all of the inspiration I get from you. I have noticed that some people are charging a class fee on Ustream. We are all lucky to have you! Thank you.

  43. Laura,
    You are one of the most gifted papercrafter I know. I appreciate all that you have shared with all of us. If someone writes a negative comment, I would take it that they are just plan jealous of your talent and your wonderful creative ability. I say just ignore them and hopefully they will go away. Please keep sharing - your are such an inspiration to all of us. Hugs, Mary

  44. Not generous enough with your designs, tips and techniques?!?! I think you are more than generous and anyone else that does not think so is jealous and/or spoiled! I am an artist, so I truly understand.

    ~ Di

  45. I think your angel policy is great, Laura! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas and talents with us!! I hope whoever it was with the negative comments didn't ruin your day. You are very talented and incredibly generous and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise!!!

  46. Sometimes there are no words.

    Laura, just don't listen to the jealous, pettiness of some people. There is always one bad apple that wants to spoil the whole bunch. You know what they say about trying to make everyone happy. It's never ever gonna happen and you will drive yourself crazy trying to please those that just can't be pleased.

    BTW, Made your recipe card box tonight and my mother was almost begging me to be able to take it home. Guess she will be getting one for Christmas.

    Thanks for all you do for us,

    Pam Davis

  47. Laural you are very generous. Love what you do and I am really enjoying the new ning site and all the people who are sharing. It is very generous of you to put up the site and let us share. Don't let one person spoil your day!

    Thanks for being your creative self

  48. Laura, i have just recently found your blog, have given your blog site to many also. I appreciate the information that you do share with us. Honestly, your patterns are reasonable. Shame on the bad apple that is trying to spoil the whole bunch. You are very generous, very creative, and also very sharing. Thank you for all you do in helping us create some of the fantastic projects you come up with. Kudos to you girl!! Again, thank you, very much appreciated.

    Thank You!

    Kathy S.

  49. Laura, ignored them and hold your head high. Anyone call alter an item, but you create the item to alter. I doubt that the people who make the items they are altering are going to "be generous" and give them away.

    Adding my thanks for all you do...
    (PS Sorry for all the repeated words. Can we say "ramble"!) LOL

  50. Sharlene...Not a copyright issue this time. It was defamitory comments about me on a live chat.

  51. Laura, I want to through a spanner in the works!
    the people that normally bad-mouth other people are the one's that if you look closer, knows far less than you! Keep up the good work, there are more ladies out there over the world, that appreciate what you are doing than the "bad mouth's" I have as saying: What the heck do you know about the run-away? LOL

  52. Hello Laura,

    Have been a follower for a short while, more like a stalker lol. I love your blog and youtube channel - i have watched back a few you stream videos and recently made the sunburst mini for my childrens christmas elf photos - I LOVE IT!

    Just wondering i have loved a good few kits you have sold, do you ship to the UK?


  53. Yes, I ship to the UK. I have shipped to every continent except Antarctica so far!!

  54. Laura, thank you for all your wonderful tutorials. I love all your work and look forward to your classes. There will always be a critic no matter what you do. That is what the delete key is for.

    Thanks again.

    Linda B

  55. Thanks for the reply, i didnt check out your etsy as didnt want to be disapointed but WILL do now!! Just proves how amazing you are if you have world wide followers xx

  56. Can't remember when the fabric-related patterns were free. All the large companies that have charged people for patterns to make clothes and other items have profited from their experience and talents for many years. Why shouldn't small business people have the same policies? Laura, thank you for all the great tips,techniques and especially sharing your talent.

  57. I'm so happy that you share! I've learned so much from you. My children love the things I make for them with your instructions! I don't know where you get your ideas from, but keep on reaching in there for them!!! Love your ideas and creativity!!!

  58. Hi Laura

    I found you on youtube then followed you to ustream (once I found out what it was) I can't believe people would say you are not generous. I think you are more than generous with your time, talent and briliant brain!! There are more than enough of us out here that appreciate all that you do for us. Ignore the odd bad apples out there!! We love you!!


  59. One day I was in Hobby Lobby, some ladies were talking about a great website. The one lady said it was "Following the paper trail". I went home and found you. I love your work. It is so nice and refreshing to see new ideas and techniques. How some people expect to get every thing handed to them on a silver platter. During ustream you ask people if they have any questions, and at the begining and the end you chat with us, giving us even more tips and techniqies. You are generous and very much appreciated. Next class I will count how many tips and techniqies you give us. The patterns are beatiful work, they take a long time to make. They are beatiful.

  60. Love you, love you stuff. I learn lots but never say anything. Anyhow. I'm joining the chorus. Tell those nasty stinky malcontents to get off Ustream and go watch America's got talent or something. We all love you and I don't know a more generous teacher!

  61. this post is to those dipsticks who think the world owes them! get a grip!!! sorry, Laura it had to be said... and your too nice to say yes... we ALL love you and appreciate your talent! yes, you are full of a giving nature, otherwise why would you do all that you do. when you encounter hateful,self serving unhappy,thoughtless,selfish,hags, call me I'll set'em straight. OH dear have I said too much...(smile) lisa