Sunday, October 3, 2010

Come Join the NEW Ning Site!

Everyday, I receive photo's from wonderful people of the projects they have created from watching my Youtube videos and classes on Ustream! I always said to myself "I wish everyone could see these...this is amazing!" Well, now you can!! I have started an Ning social network site just for you. I am covering all the fees so that YOU can have a free place to post your amazing work!! My only request us that you post only work that was inspired by one of my Youtube videos, or my Ustream classes or from a project on my blog.

Visit Following The Paper Trail

On the site, you can post photo's or video's and you can participate in comments and discussions...get to know one another! There is a blog section to post a bit about yourself. I am working on getting the forum section set up so that you have a "go to" place to find out about and discuss any number of subjects, from "I'm new...How do I get started?" to "What kind of adhesives does everyone like" to "Where can I get that?"! More than anything, I hope you look at it as a place to have fun, make new friends, and be INSPIRED to create!!
On a personal level, I love to share what I love to do. I LOVE seeing what you all do with the ideas I put out there...whether you put you own special style onto a project from one of my patterns or you took an idea and ran with it into something of your own design. I am SOOO excited to see what you all do and I thank you all for sharing your work!!
Just click on the yellow badge above to go directly to the new Ning site to sign up and get started!! Psssttt....You can also grab your own badge to post on you blog!



  1. Laura, you're a wonderful talent and inspiration to learners like me. Thanks so much for doing this without a fee. It's so generous of you. I'm checking it out now.

  2. Great idea!!! Thanks SOOOO much, Laura!!! Very generous of you to do this!!!

    Blessings and hugs!

  3. Wow, Laura! Thank you! I love seeing others' work and I'm going to get mine up there as well.
    So excited!!

  4. Thanks, Laura!! As usual, you're the best!!!!

  5. Congratulations Laura...I really enjoy your videos and i often watch you on USTEAM ,,you have been such an ibspiration that i now stream scrapbooking in GREEK! for all the ladies here in Greece.I am off to sign up.....wish you lots and lots of luck..

  6. Oh this is exciting Laura!!! You are sooo amazing!!! Thank you for doing this!! I can't wait to finish a project now to send to the site!! See you there soon!! And I'm looking forward to seeing others works!!! Fun!!!! I've made many things from your utube inspirations and I've given them away to admirers. Now I'll get a chance to share with other crafters first. A dream come true!!!