Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sarah is doing GREAT!

Her surgery went without a hitch... no more appendix! ... just a couple of little incisions and a new stuffed monkey with a belly button!

She is feeling okay and we should be heading home around noon tomorrow! Yea!
THANK YOU to all for your well wishes and prayers!!


Monday, November 29, 2010

On the 5th and 6th Day of Christmas Projects....

...I was still playing with Tim Holtz Configurations Boxes! First, made a gift box from the outer box and lid. It even comes with an acrylic "window" pane! Great for a gift of candy or a small item.

Add some ribbon or lace and some Prima flowers and...VIOLA!

Next I made ornaments from the little boxes. TOO MUCH FUN!

Here's a little greenery and some tiny candy canes...

Next a Tiny little snowman...

A floral snowflake....

and lastly, a STEAMPUNK ornament!

You have to get some of these boxes...they are so much fun!!

I will post how Sarah's surgery goes here on the blog tomorrow. THANK YOU for all your prayers and best wishes!!!


Christmas Clock and Winter Wonderland kits are up!

These two kits are up on Etsy at www.followthepapertrail.etsy.com.

The 5th day of Christmas Project will be up in a few hours.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fairy Box

Here are photo's of the "Out of the Box" Fairy Box that we made on Ustream this morning. I uses one of the Tim Holtz Configuration Boxes (6.75" x 8.75") and the new Graphic 45 "once Upon a Springtime" paper Collection. Thanks again to Jenny who sent me the little fairies from Isle of Mann in the UK.

Here is the numbering layout for the Advent Calender that we did last night on Ustream... as promised! Click on the picture to enlarge and read/print


PS Sarah and I went to see the new movie "Tangled". AWESOME movie! We are going to see it again and take Grandma....

Friday, November 26, 2010

Countdown to Christmas Class tonight...

...on Ustream! Join us for class tonight after you have braved the crowds and hit the mall (NOT this girl! Ha! Ha!)

For this class, you will need:

3 of the configurations boxes from Tim Holtz. The first time I saw these boxes when he introduced them this summer, my mind immediately said "Advent Calender!". You will need one of the largest ones with 14 boxes (8.75" x 10.75") and two of the smallest ones with 5 boxes (5.5" x 5.5")

Patterned paper. For the sample shown, I used K and Company "Secret Santa". The one I am doing tonight will be with Making Memories "Noel". (It has a more traditional or vintage feel)

Coordinating card stock, if desired.

Acrylic paint to paint the boxes. I will have mine pre-painted as it takes some time to do.

Small eyelets and narrow ribbon

Numbers for boxes. These can be stickers, stamped, or cut with your electronic cutter.

Accessories and embellishments. look for "stuff" that fits in the little boxes...use your imagination! I also used some cute ornaments to add a theme to the outside.

Class will start at 7pm Pacific Time and will probably continue tomorrow at 10 am Pacific Time. CLICK HERE to go directly to my Ustream channel.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

I give Thanks...

...to all of you for becoming part of my life!

As I sit here and reflect back over the year my family and I have had, we have so much to be thankful for! Yes, we have had challenges, but they are small when compared with those of many of you. Like you, I find a bit of escape from the difficult times and celebrate the wonderful times through my art. I thank you all so much for allowing me to share what I do and for all of you to share a bit of yourselves with me. This year, the world seems a whole lot smaller to me as i have friends around the world! You have come into my life, made me laugh, made me cry, but mostly, you have made me grateful that we live in a time that we can hold hands and share ourselves from every corner of the world!

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

On the 4th Day of Christmas....

...I made gift boxes from my stash!

I covered craft paper mache wine boxes with punched paper strips.
This would make a lovely hostess gift for those Holiday parties coming up! They're fast...less than an hour. They're inexpensive...the box is just a few dollars at most craft stores and the paper came from my stash. They are easy...just punch or edge strips of paper with decorative scissors and glue to the box. It's easy enough for kids as well! The strips can be attached either vertically or horizontally.

Here are the punches I used for the round box:

Here are the punches I used for the square box:

For everyone in the U.S., have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Baby, it's COLD outside! As many of you know, the Northwest has been slammed with a nasty winter storm! We aren't used to this kind of weather, especially this early in the year. We didn't get a lot of snow, but the temperatures are in record low territory and the stuff that fell turned into almost instant ice. A twelve hour commute home was NOT unusual! My hubby was lucky made it home in around 4 hours (it normally takes 45 minutes!) He decided to wait and left his office at around 8...probably saved him those 3 hours of sitting on a parking lot which is normally a MAJOR freeway.
It didn't get above freezing at all today and is suppose to be in the low teens tonight. (You'd never guess that I was raised in ALaska and used to climb mountains in below zero temperatures every winter! I have turned into such a wimp!!) The family took a walk to get coffee this morning...it was cold but the sun was out and the neighborhood looked beautiful...

Hope your week is going well and you are getting ready for a fantastic turkey day for those here in the US!


Monday, November 22, 2010

On the Third Day of Christmas Projects...

... I made a shopping organizer!

Here's how to make it:

Cut Chipboard to sizes shown. Wrap cover with patterned paper.

Apply patterned paper to inside of covers

For pockets, cut card stock to 4" x 8". Score and fold 3/4" from each end. Attach inside edge of tabs to previous folded card stock to form pockets. I used six pockets.

For front, cut card stock to 4" x 6 1/2". Cover with patterned paper and apply to front of pocket group. To "bind" bottom edge, cut a 2 1/2" x 6 1/2" card stock or patterned paper strip. Score and fold at 1" and 1 1/4". Use edge punch or decorative scissors to finish edge of widest section.

Attach folded binding to bottom of pocket unit, wrapping around to back.

Create a pocket for the bottom of the note pad. Cut card stock 1 1/4" x 1" wider than the width of the pad. Cut 1/2" notches at 2 corners. Score and fold 1/4" and 1/2" along sides and bottom. Accordian fold and attach to bottom of right side of inside cover.

Attach a 3/4" strip by width of inside cover along edges.

Slide back of pad under strip and slip bottom of pad in pocket

For an alternate project, make two pocket units.

This project can work as a shopping organizer, a coupon organizer, or with the double pocket units, as a recipe book or mini album with tags!

Have fun with the project!


It a Snowy Day...

...here in the Seattle area. It has me running behind in getting the 3rd day of Christmas up, but it will go up later this evening. When it snows in the Seattle area, it is CRAZY!!! We have lots of hills and lots of people with little snow driving experience...a recipe for wild driving conditions. The 20 minute round trip to Trev's school took over an hour! My DH is staying at work for a few hours rather than braving the crawling traffic. He'll probably get home at about the same time leaving later than if he left right now! (He works over at Boeing Field...over 45 minutes with dry roads and no traffic!) It suppose to drop into the 20's tonight and freeze everything solid until Thursday. Wee Haa!

Here's the view from my studio window this morning...the snow is much deeper this evening.

Back with the next Christmas Project soon!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Pockets Full of Memories....

.... on Ustream tonight! Come play with us a 7 pm Pacific time.

CLICK HERE to go directly to my Ustream Channel.
See you tonight!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Status report...

Sarah was experiencing some pain today so we headed down to the doctor. Nothing too serious but we are moving her surgery up to the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Trevor continues to make small steps forward.

Tomorrow night on Ustream, we are making a fun, fast little mini with bunches of pockets...A Pocket Full of Memories. I will post a photo in the morning. Here's what you will need if you want to work along wit me....

6 to 8 patterned papers (12 x 12) with a non-directional pattern
7 to 9 coordinating card stock (6 x 12)
(2) 5 x 7 chipboard pieces
Binding rings or binding system

Looking forward to tomorrow nights class!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

On the Second Day of Christmas Projects...

...I made some Plate Glass Flowers!

I love all the COOL embellishments available from Tim Holtz and Seven Gypsies. They all come in these plastic bubble packs, right? I hate to just throw the packaging away...there has to be a better use for it than just filling up the landfill! so, I saved the flat side of the packages (the other half is bubble shaped to fit the product). I have been experimenting with several ways to use this FREE material. Here is the first one:

For these flowers I used the plastic packaging and some fabric scraps. (I tried it with paper...it worked, just not as well). Cut out the plastic shape and the fabric with a die cut machine or alternately with scissors. (shown further along in this tutorial)

Apply Glossy Accents by Ranger (or something similar) to the entire surface of the plastic shape

Attach the fabric to the plastic shape and heat to dry (or let dry on it's own). Dry on the fabric side.

Heat the shape on the plastic side and manipulate quickly into the shape you want. Work fast! The plastic is pliable for only a few seconds! Reheat as needed....but not too much or it completely flattens out again (which is convenient for "do overs"). When making a multi-part flower, mold the pieces separately.

Hot glue the parts together.

To use shapes other than die cuts, apply the fabric to the plastic as above, covering enough area for your shape. Trace the shape with a piercing tool... scratching the surface of the plastic to outline the shape. Cut out with scissors and shape and mold as above.

Add Glitter Liner or Stickles to edges for some sparkly pop and make into scrapbook embellishments, jewelry, hair accessories, or home decor items. Use your imagination and have fun with it!

See you on Sunday for out next project!


Monday, November 15, 2010

On the First Day of Christmas Projects 2010....

...I designed a new envelope mini album!! The Shaped Hinge Envelope Mini Album!

Here's what you need to make your own:

Envelopes. Any size or shape you want. I used 6 pages for eachof my mii's

Paper. You can use any size or style that suits what you want your mini to look like. You will also need some coordinating solid color cardstock.

You will also need a "shape" to act as the hinge part. For this sample I am using a Sizzix Snowflake die. You could also cut a shape from an electronic cutter.

Start by sealing your envelopes and trimming one edge open on all envelopes. Cut patterned paper slightly smaller than your envelope and adhere to both sides of the envelopes. Cut your hinge shapes, making 1 more than the number of pages you have.

Score and fold your hinge shapes. If using an assymetrical shape, try to score it so that each side is of similar size.

Apply glue to the folded edge of hinge shape. Extend glue to a little more than 1/4" from fold but less than 1/2" from fold.

Attach hinge shape to envelope, aligning fold of shape with edge of envelope.

Repeat for other side of hinge shape. Follow this sequence for all pages.

Attach chipboard covers in a similar fashion. Apply glue to ENTIRE half of hinge shape when attaching to cover.

Cover spine with ribbon, lace or fabric. Alternately, attach ribbon under embellishments and tie along spine.

These are addictive to make! They can be made suitable for almost any occasion. Have fun! Don't forget to check out the Youtube video. CLICK HERE to go directly to the video.

See you on Wednesday!