Thursday, June 30, 2011


I have been cranking at a crazy pace to get ahead of things before I leave on vacation. Got a lot done but still have a bunch to do! Sleep is over-rated anyway, right?!?

I did get the Family Pets version kits of the Peekaboo mini up on the website.

The kits include BOTH the Peekaboo mini Album pattern and the Family Pets Supplemental pattern.
To clarify regarding the patterns, the Peekaboo mini Album pattern includes the instructions to make the mini album as well as both the zoo and fairy tags. The Family Pets Supplemental pattern includes how to modify the pages to use single sided paper and card stock as well as the tags for the Family Pets. The Supplemental pattern DOES NOT include how to make the pages or templates.... You will still need the Peekaboo Mini Album pattern for that info.

I will be showing all three versions on the Ustream show tomorrow evening. If you want your kit in time for the show , you need to order it by Sat, July 2 at the latest. I am shipping all the Peekaboo kits ordered thus far tomorrow and my Mom will do a run to the post office on Monday for me. Anything ordered after Saturday won't ship until July 12 after I return.

I will have my laptop and all the pattern info with me to reset , release or help in general regarding patterns and downloads. I will most likely will be checking email twice a day while I'm n Florida.

I will also be putting up the Tag! You're It! Kits for Pre-order tomorrow. It will use the Basic Gray Out of Print collection.

I am IN LOVE with this paper collection!!!!! We will be creating this album on July 22nd and 23rd....sneak peeks before I leave..... We will then be working on creating tags over the next several weeks using a variety of techniques that I have come up with as well as some that I learned at Ranger U.

Don't forget we are finishing up the inside of the CHA suitcase tomorrow night and Saturday morning....see the schedule on the right side bar for the times.

Off to do more laundry so I can pack everyone up on Saturday!


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Best Friends....

Here is the latest Peekaboo Mini Album featuring our Best Friends...our family pets. The critters included are two different cats, two dogs, a hamster/guinea pig and a bird.

I will have kits for this one as well and a supplimental pattern. You will still need the Peekaboo mini Album pattern to complete this album (the kits will include BOTH patterns). The kits will be up either tonight or in the morning and will be ready to ship by Friday.

BTW, I had a question come in this morning as to who the manufacturer for the critters and fairies are. It's me! I designed all of the critters/fairies and the pattern includes directions on how to make templates to create the fuzzy, fluttery creatures yourself!

Have a great rest of your week!!


New G45 Project...

...I have another fun project for Graphic 45 up on their blog today! Head over to and check it out. It was a fun project to make!

I also have the Pets version of the Peekaboo Album almost done. I will post photo's on the blog later today and will have it up on the website soon.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Minor Revisons...

I have a couple of minor revisions to the Vintage Suitcase pattern. I work really hard to make my patterns as error free as possible but occasionally something slips by. Here are the revisions/typo's:

Page 2 (bottom): Reads (2) 1 3/8" x 6" should read (2) 1 5/8" x 6" and (1) 1 3/8" x 8" should read (1) 1 5/8" x 8"

Page 3 (top): Reads (2 1 x 6 and (2) 1 x 1 1/2 should read (2) 1 x 6 and (2) 1 x 8

Page 7 (middle): Reads (8) 1/2" x 8" should read (8) 1/2" x 1 1/2"

Have an awesome week!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Hey, the monkey is chasing the fairies....

...or at least that is how it looks in my studio right now. I have to change gears and get cleaned up for the CHA Suitcase class tonight. I will show you the Zoo and Fairy albums during tonight's show. The Peekaboo Mini Album pattern is up on the website along with the kits. I am loving how they are coming out!

The pattern includes BOTH the Zoo and Garden Fairy versions. The kits will be shipping out before I leave for Florida.

Get ready to pack your bags...were' making the suitcase tonight on Ustream!See you then!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sneak peek #2.....

What a ZOO!!!

Peekaboo Mini Album - What a Zoo version....

The kit is up on the website. The pattern will be up tomorrow and includes both the Fairy version and The Zoo version....

The Ustream class is scheduled for July 15th and 16th. I will be showing the complete albums during the Ustream show tomorrow night.


First sneak peek today...


Peekabo Mini Album - Garden Fairies version.....

The kit is up on the website. The pattern will be up tomorrow and includes both the Fairy version and The Zoo version....

What a crazy week...

It has been a crazy week so far, and it's barely half over!

All of the Suitcase kits (the first batch) are out, with the exception of the ones going to Canada. As soon as I get the word from my Post Office that they can accept Canadian mail again, I will get them off to you as soon as I can. What a pain it must be for all of our Canadian friends to have your mail service on strike!!

I am working on the Zoo and Garden Fairy albums that we will do the weekend after I return from vacation. The kits are up on the website and the patterns will be up by tomorrow morning. I will post photo's here on the blog later today. The kits will be shipped BEFORE I leave for Florida.

Next up....Ustream. Currently not one of my favorite topics. First, let me say that Ustream, Adobe Flash and Internet Explorer are all aware of the problem and are working to correct it....please take a breathe and be patient. Last weeks video seems to be the one that is hanging up for the most people. It has turned into a nightmare for me, so I have taken it down. Trust me, no one is more frustrated by all of this than I am. I will do a quick Youtube video of the mini I did in class so that you don't feel the I "just left you hanging" as I was accused of doing. Over on my NIng site there is a loooong discussion forum on solutions and fixes, so I won't go into it here. I have not personally had these issues (my Mac has worked fine all along) but I know it has been a long, frustrating issue for many of you. Let's cross out fingers that Ustream is more cooperative this week. I have spent significant time looking into solutions and alternates this week (time that I didn't really have). Please be patient!

If you haven't been yet, I have another project up over on the Graphic 45 Blog. I will have one of my favorite projects for them up next Wednesday, so keep an eye out.

Remember, a few sneek peeks will be up later today......


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Suitcase pattern is available....

The Vintage Suitcase pattern is up on my website. I have also added kits to the website. (The kits won't be shipping until July 12th unless all of the products arrive before I leave for Florida) The class will be the next two weekends on Ustream.

I know many of you have had difficulties viewing Ustream from Friday. Let me assure you, if I could do something to "fix" it I would. I have nothing to do with the recording beyond hitting the "record" button. I have no other control over them. I received some rather nasty emails demanding that I do something....I wish I could!! Feel free to contact ustream with your anger. Some have suggested that I move the videos over to Youtube....that won't work as they far exceed the time limit set by Youtube.

Hope you week is a good one!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Has anyone seen a mouse?

....we will be soon!

We have NEVER taken a true family vacation (visiting family in other states doesn't really count in my eyes). This year we decided that we need to just do it before the kids get any older, so....

We are going to DISNEY WORLD!

Call me crazy for going to Florida in July but....just imagine the 4th of July FIREWORKS at Disney World!!

Woo Hoo!

We will head out on the 3rd to Orlando (via a short layover in San Francisco) and return on the 10th. That means I will miss having a class on the weekend after the holiday, but I need the break. The kids are beyond excited! Sarah is ready to start packing tonight!

I may be paying for it forever, but it will be worth every penny to have the memories with the kids while they are still young enough to realize the magic. Guess this means a Disney mini is in my future!

I was so excited with the response I have had to the new Pick Pocket Mini! I am so glad that you all love it as much as I do! I was able to add a few more of each of the kit styles if you are looking for one....

I am finishing up the CHA Suitcase sample and pattern. The pattern should be ready by the end of the week if not sooner.

Have an awesome week!


Friday, June 10, 2011

Pick Pocket mini...

Here is the video for the new Pick Pocket mini. I am very pleased with how this one has come is one of my favorites!

The are kits available and the pattern is up and ready to go. We will be making the third, "Elegant" version during class tonight on Ustream. As always, the class will be recorded if you can't join us. Class starts at 7 pm Pacific. Please note that I have switched the second half to Saturday at 1 pm Pacific. (My local class canceled so my day opened up).

See you tonight.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Heritage Mini Is finished!!!

Here are photo's of the last pages of the Heritage Mini Album. We will be finishing up tis mini on Friday night's Ustream!

I will be posting photos of the Pick Pocket mini we will be making for Father's Day soon!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Heritage Part 6

I am trying to get the Heritage Part 6 pattern out by the end of the day. I have had children issues to deal with so I am a bit late with the pattern. I also hope to have the Father's Day Mini sample posted here on the blog sometime tomorrow, with the pattern and kit up on Friday or Saturday. Here's a sneek peek....