Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pattern is up....

The Garden Gate pattern is up on the website and I am in the process of releasing the pattern to all kit purchaser's.  All will be out to you tonight. If you don't find the link in your email, you can log in to the website, go to My Account and download it from there. If you kit says "Complete", the link has been sent.

For future kit and patterns, I have finally gotten the boat turned and the pattern will be released within 2 business days (a clarification from the previous post) of your kit order (this includes the Wayfarer kits) The patterns will go up 3 business days after the kits go up. Once again, I appreciate your patience while I scrambled to get back in front of the workload.

On another front, the first tags will start shipping out tomorrow and continue until they are all out of here. Trust me, no one wants them in your hands more than I do! While this was a fun project, it will be the first,  last and only time I will host a swap! LOL! The timing hit at the worst possible time for me personally.... if I only had a crystal ball!!! I have been personally upset to have taken so long to get them out of here, and I know many of you are very unhappy with me for the time it has taken to get them back to you. Trust me, 2700 tags is a LOT of tags!! Now for my new favorite phrase - Thank you for your patience!


Garden Gate Patterns....

...will be on the website this afternoon and the link emailed out to everyone as well.
Thank you for your patience..... once again. (I think I need a T-shirt with that saying!!LOL!!)


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wednesday Ustream

Went to the doctor with Sarah this morning. Still nothing to report, but we have a couple of more tests scheduled that will impact my Wednesday classes. Unfortunately, one of the tests is scheduled for tomorrow, May 30, so I will have to cancel the Micro Mini class. So sorry for the short notice. She also has an MRI scheduled for June 13th so that class will be an evening class instead of a daytime class. I have included the updates on the Ustream schedule on my sidebar here on the blog. The Wayfarer kits will go up on Thursday now instead of Wednesday....same times.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Wayfarer Album

Here are the promised photo's of the Wayfarer Album project....just in time for Father's Day. Kits for this project will go up on my website on Thursday at staggered times. There will be TWO versions - the one shown here is the World Traveler Version. There is also a Outdoorsman Version featuring FabScraps Rustic papers.

The kits will be available on my website at the following times:

Thursday, May 31st at 10am Pacific, 3pm Pacific and 7pm Pacific. One third of the available kits will go up at each time listed.

See the Ustream schedule on the right side bar for when the Ustream class is scheduled

A Back To School version will be available in the fall.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Updates and Ustream Schedule

I have updated the Ustream schedule for the next few weeks:

Wednesday, May 23 Noon Pacific: Victorian Greenhouse Base and Arbor
Friday, May 25, 7 pm Pacific:  Victorian Greenhouse Mini Album
Saturday, May 26, 10 am Pacific:  Victorian Greenhouse Mini Album

Wednesday, May 30, Noon Pacific:  Micro Envelope Mini

Friday, June 1, 7 pm Pacific:  Garden Gate Asian and Flower Garden Versions
Saturday, June 2, 10 am Pacific:  Garden Gate Asian and Flower Garden Versions
Wednesday, June 6, Noon Pacific:  Garden Gate Asian and Flower Garden Versions

Friday, June 8, 7 pm Pacific: Wayfarer Album (Father's Day Album)
Saturday, June 9,  NO CLASS
Wednesday, June 13, Noon Pacific:  Wayfarer Album (Father's Day Album)
Friday, June 15, 7 pm Pacific: Wayfarer Album (Father's Day Album)
Saturday, June 16, 10 am Pacific: Wayfarer Album (Father's Day Album)

This schedule will give everyone a chance to receive their Garden Gate kits (the two Asian versions have shipped) and give me a couple of extra days to get the pattern done. I already had appointments scheduled this week and had to add a couple more this morning and I need the time to focus on the pattern completion....not apologizing, just keeping you informed of the schedule.

See you all tomorrow!


Friday, May 18, 2012

Flower Garden Gate

Here is the outside of the Flower Garden Gate.

The gate opens to reveal a hidden image.

Both this version and the Asian Gate version will be in the pattern. (The pattern will be up on Monday...when my web person will be available.... she is gone over the weekend.) I will post photo's of the inside pages as I get a couple finished.

The kits for this gate style will be available in two versions:

Bo Bunny Alora version

Prima Meadow Lark version

PLEASE NOTE:  The flowers shown in these photo' will be different in the kits. I ran into a last minute snag with the flowers I was going to use originally and had to switch manufacturer's. The flowers included will be comparable or better than the ones shown. These kits will not ship until May 25-ish as a result.

The kits will go up on my website on:

Saturday, May 19th, at 10 am Pacific and 6 pm Pacific (half up at the first session and half at the second.)

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Serenity Asian Garden Gate Mini Album

Here is the Asian Garden Gate - Serenity Version so far. Still has some pages to go and some details to complete but this gives you an idea of what it will look like. I will post more photo's when it is finished.

The album slips down inside the Gate frame.

The Mini album cover opens like a Shoji screen.

The Kimono has small tags in the sleeves (which fold in when the book is closed) and inside the neckline. Each page has 4 matte size tags.

I will also post photo's of the Flower Garden Version when I have it ready. The pattern (which should be ready and available to everyone by Saturday) will have both versions.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Asian Garden Gate kits

My latest project - The Garden Gate Mini Album: Asian Garden Gate will be going up on Wednesday. There will also be a Flower Garden Gate  that will go up by late this week or early next week. Both styles will be included in the pattern (the pattern will also be available as a pattern only). Each Gate style
will have 2 different paper collections/versions to choose from. I will have photo's of one of the Asian versions here on my blog sometime on Tuesday.

Here are the options that will be available on Wednesday:

Asian Garden Gate - Serenity Version (Bo Bunny Serenity)
Asian Garden Gate - Sakura Version (Creative Imaginations Sakura)

The Flower Garden Gate  will be available soon:

Flower Garden Gate - Alora Version (Bo Bunny Alora)
Flower Garden Gate - Meadow Lark Version (Prima Meadow Lark)

The kits will go up at staggered times/sessions to allow for all time zones to have an opportunity to get one of the kits. All kit sessions will have both kits available though quantities are limited (one third of the available kits will go up at each session).

Wednesday, May 16:  10 am
Wednesday, May 16:  3 pm
Wednesday, May 16:  7 pm

I am super excited about this one and I can't wait to show you all of the versions!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vintage Telephone Pattern... now available on my website. Thank you for your patience. I am working on releasing the pattern to all who ordered the kits as quickly as I can.

Whew! Finally feel like I am getting caught up!! Next up...getting the tag exchange out of here!


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Vintage Telephone Feminine Kits Updated

The "girly" version kits for the Vintage Telephone will go up on my website at 1pm Pacific and at 7 pm Pacific tomorrow, Sunday, May 6th. The quantity is limited and I won't have more of either version...this will be it! Please make sure and note the estimated shipping dates when you purchase your kit. These won't ship in time to arrive before the first Ustream class.

Here is the original version:

This version will be lighter in tones and a bit more feminine.


Happy National Scrapbook Day!

Enjoy the day to celebrate Scrapbooking!

The Victorian Greenhouse pattern is now available on my website. I am in the process of releasing the kit to all who ordered the kits. I have to go in to each order to release the pattern for the kits, so I will be doing so today and you should receive the link by sometime this afternoon.

We are finishing up the camera on Ustream this morning. See you then! I might even have a few goodies to give away.....


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Victorian Greenhouse Peek

Here are photo's of the Victorian Greenhouse. The pattern is done, but I want to go over it with fresh eyes tomorrow before I send it off to be uploaded on the website.

Thank you all so much for your kind word, prayers and support! I feel each and every hug!


Greenhouse pattern update

While I would prefer to keep my family situation much more private, it is affecting my business and  I am doing my best to keep things moving forward and keep you all up to date on the status of projects and patterns. In hindsight, I would do things differently and will do so in the future. (Trust me, no one wants this pattern complete and available more than I do!) My son is going through a VERY difficult time right now and the situation can change hourly. Add my daughters continued health issues, compounded by a medical system that is moving at the speed of most snails, and the end of my rope has arrived. I will NOT apologize for putting my children ahead of my business!

The Victorian Greenhouse pattern SHOULD be up and available today. (If it is not going to be up by tomorrow, I will again post about it here, but I don't anticipate that happening.) I am doing my best to meet the dates that I am telling you here on the blog. I would love to send out individual emails to all kit purchasers who are awaiting the Greenhouse pattern, but I can either spend a couple of hours sending out emails or I can announce it here and use the time to finish the pattern.  The angry emails do not help me to get the pattern finished and out to those have already purchased the kits. If you wish to return your kit for a full refund, please DO go ahead and email me and arrangements can be made immediately.

Thank you to all of you who offer your kind words, prayers, and support. The vast majority of you have been very understanding and supportive and more importantly, patient. It helps a lot. For those of you awaiting your pattern, you have every right to expect to receive what you have paid for in a timely manner. I am doing my absolute best to do exactly that.

Life sucks right now, but things will get better and it will all settle down. I just keep remembering that there are lots of you out there in much worse situations and my heart goes out to all of you that suffer on a daily basis. It inspires me to hold my head up and just keep plugging forward.

While many of you have told me to "just put things on hold for a while", that is not an option. If I had a   9 to 5 job, I couldn't just put it on hold and this business is no different. I am working hard to meet all of my obligations to those who have supported me by purchasing kits and patterns and I will not let you will just delayed a short time.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A couple of more updates...

How I long for just a normal day....

I want to update you on the status of the following projects. Please be aware that when all of this projects were originally posted, I had no idea that "life would happen" the way that it has. I soooo appreciate all of your kindness and patience. It will all get done, just not in the time frame that I originally hoped for/intended.

Tag Swap:  The last of the tags arrived yesterday and I am starting to wade through the nearly 2700 tags. Everyone has outdone themselves...the tags are awesome!! I am working as quickly as I am able to get these out to all of you as soon as I can. When I started this swap, I had hoped to hit 100 signups, thinking that may be a stretch. With nearly 330 (from nearly 200 people) sign-ups I was shocked, surprised and overwhelmed. I had boldly stated that I would send each individual a tag from me. It is VERY important to me to follow through when I make a promise.....even when it means making 200 tags! Today, I have to step back and realize that while it pains me to do so, I won't be able to fulfill that promise as I originally intended and still get the tags back in as timely a fashion as I can. I will however be creating tags for everyone.....I just won't be able to get them done in time to send back with the tag swap. Over the next few months, each individual will receive a tag....a merely ask for your patience. When/if I host another swap, I will be limiting the number of sign-ups.

Kit Status: All outstanding kits went out in yesterday's mail (with the exception of the Vintage Telephone kits...they go out be weeks end.) Just a note regarding the "Pending" or "Complete" status on my website. The kit status on the website has to do with the status of the pattern release not the status of the shipping of your kit. Your kit order will be in "Pending" status under the download link to the pattern is released to you. Once the pattern associated with the kit you ordered is published on the website, I can go in and with just two clicks per person release the download link for each person who orders the kit, thus "completing" your order . If I "complete" the order prior to the pattern being published, the pattern must be emailed to each individual that ordered a kit....taking significantly longer.

Victorian Greenhouse Ustream  class and pattern: The pattern is nearly complete and it should be up on the website late today or early tomorrow. I am going to have to delay the Ustream class until next Wednesday, May 9. I have appointments regarding my kids on Wednesday that could not be scheduled for another day. The second and third classes of the Vintage Camera will be on Friday, May 4 and Saturday, May 5th as scheduled.

Everyone has been so supportive and patient while my family and I weather this speed bump. I am looking forward to just posting a fun and creative blog post instead of my tales of woe!