Sunday, February 27, 2011

Heritage Album, Part 2...

Here is Page 2+ of the Heritage Album. We will be making these pages on Friday night this week during the 2nd installment of this 6 part class.

UPDATE: I have emailed Part 2 out to all kit and pattern purchasers....

Start your engines....

Yesterday, the family went to drive go-karts. It was the first time Sarah had driven anything! (Trevor is an "experienced" electirc toddler jeep and golf carts!) The kids took a class since they are under learn the rules of the road and get the feel of the karts. They both did AWESOME!! After their class, the whole family went out on the track. I spent most of the time IN the kart worrying about getting OUT of the kart!! (Not very graceful, but I got out, bad knees and all!!) Though we were FREEZING (it was only around 30 degrees), it was a fun family time!

Later today I will post photo's of the next page of the Heritage Album. The next Heritage Album class is next Friday...

Have an awesome Sunday!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just a little peak...'s a quick peak at what I have been working on.....

It's suppose to snow here today! Makes for wild times!

Have a fun week!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Long time, no post...

Thank you for all the emails of concern!! I have been fine...just busy working on new projects and new patterns...not much to post yet. My kids are off school this week as well, so I am doing things with them. No fears...all is well!

The patterns for next week's Ustream class are up on the new website. I named the pattern "Full Pockets". We have also been resolving some of the "kinks" so you should have less "Access Denied" difficulties. Thank you for your patience while we get things running smoothly! I am in the process of emailing the pattern to those who purchased the kits...

Have a great week....I will post when I have something to show you!!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Enjoy spending time with someone you LOVE!!

The Scrapbook Nook (my local scrapbook store where I teach) is featured on the Graphic 45 blog today! Check it out at Scrapbook Nook on G45.
They carry the whole line of Graphic 45 fact I am teaching a version of my Expolding Envelopes box using the "Once Upon a Springtime" papers this weekend...

Congrats to the whole gang at the store!!!

As promised, here are the Valentine Boxes I made over the weekend on Ustream...

My new website is live! We are working on getting the last couple of patterns up. All future patterns and kits will be available on the website rather than on Etsy. It's not "pretty" yet...working on that next...but it works! No more waiting for me to email your patterns...they are available for immediate download! The exception to this will be the Heritage Mini Album pattern. It will be available on ETSY due to the pattern being sent out in 6 parts.

Have an awesome week!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine Box Patterns....

...are up and available on Etsy at

I will be giving out the instructions for a bonus mini album during the Saturday class. It is the larger version of the Teeny Snip and Flip mini that I showed during the 12 days of Christmas Projects. I won't have written instructions for the mini but those of you who ordered the kit will have enough paper and embellishments to complete the mini

Have a great Thursday!


Monday, February 7, 2011

Heritage Album Update

I am working on the emailing of Part 1 of the Heritage Album's taking longer to get everyone in the address book than anticipated so you may receive yours tonight or you might not get it till's all a bit of a learning curve for me. EVERYTHING should be caught up by the end of the week....phew! Here's a peek at the cover and inside cover that we will be doing Friday night (feb 18). On Saturday (Feb 19), we will do the same pages with different paper choices to give a different look.

I will most likely be doing the Suitcase as the next 6 month series class starting in early July. I will also schedule the clock and sewing basket as the new products become available.


I knew from Mario that Tim had done an interview with Noell Hyman with and that my projects were featured...but WOW!!...didn't expect this! THANK YOU once again Tim!! And a BIG Thank You to Noell Hyman as well!!!

Have a super week!


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine Box!

Here is the Valentine Box that I will be teaching next Friday and Saturday on Ustream. I will have a surprise bonus mini that goes inside. I will have a pattern available (hopefully on the new website) by Tuesday.... as well as the kits (at last check when I posted there were still 12 kits left).

Super Bowl is ready to start...don't have a favorite...just watch the commercials!


Post Cards and Tags

Here are the Post Cards we made during the Ustream class on Saturday morning. I love working on the fly!

As requested, here are the tags I made as giveaways using some of the tags we had Tim Holtz sign for us a CHA.

Off for coffee and then getting to work. I love that my work is really like playing!!!

Happy Sunday!!


Friday, February 4, 2011


Tonight we made another postcard for the Romantique Valentine Box that I will teach next week. Here's the post card we made tonight....

I used the Tim Holtz Alterations Birdhouse die to make a planter and the bird wings to make a butterfly. The flowers are from Punch Bunch punches.

We will be doing another postcard or two, as well as some more giveaways from CHA, tomorrow at 9:30 am Pacific Time. As usual, it will be recorded if you can't join us.

Click on the Ustream logo on the sidebar to go directly to my channel.

See you there!


Tim's giving away new stuff!

Head over to Tim Holtz blog and comment to win some of his new products!!! He has a great video of his awesome booth as well as the Ranger booth. My first CHA was such a wonderful experience...from the dream of having some of my work in the BEST booth at the show (still wrapping my head around it all), to meeting lots of amazing people, to the new products in so many booths,,,,wow! there were times that I just wanted to pinch myself!!

I have so many to thank...ALL of you for your positive energy and encouragement has to be first! To my good friends Barrie, Carol, and Joy for all their help and support...they are invaluable to me!!! And of course I have to give a HUGE thanks to TIM Holtz for asking me to design for his booth. I was SO honored. His acknowledgement of my work...what can I leaves me speechless! Tim is as nice and genuine as everyone says! And Mario, well, he is a TOTAL sweetheart as well!

My journey in this world of paper is still at the beginning. I am excited to venture out into the unknown to see where my trail may go. One of my all time favorite quotes is from Ralph Waldo Emerson...

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail"

Thank you all for walking beside me on the paper trail....


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Starting to roll....

I have been having a very hard time getting back into the groove! Finally getting moving though it feels like I am running in mud!
I will have the Romantique Valentines Box for your Love Notes ready to show you in the morning. I have been promising the kit, so here it is. The kit will also include Thermaweb and batik fabric to make some fabric flowers like I made the week before last. As always, the kit also includes the pattern.

Got my new phone yesterday...fortunately I had synced my lost one with my computer just before I left for CHA so I was able to retrieve everything on it except what I had taken at CHA. So no lost pictures of my kids and I still have my Angry Birds levels! It's the little things, you know!

The web site is getting close and I will post the pattern for both the Valentines project and the Flora Fauna patterns there. In the beginning it will be functional and I will work on making it look good over the next few weeks. I never seem to be at a loss for a million things to do!

I will also be posting a list of additional supplies and tools for the Heritage Album as soon as I can.

More tomorrow!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just when you think you are Wonder Woman.... realize you are only Superman!!

As I sit here facing a couple of hundred emails, 3 1/2 pages of patterns to email out on Etsy, 3 patterns to write and a huge pile of kits to ship out, I realize I need to adjust the Ustream schedule again. I HATE when I do this, but circumstances this past month - while huge, exciting and I wouldn't trade them for ANYHING! - have pushed me to my capacity. I have tried, but I realize I can't get it all done in the time frame I had I have revised the Ustream class schedule. We are still having a class this on for more details...but I am moving the start of the Heritage album to the 18th /19th of this month and we will fit in the missed class into March. This will give all the international folks time to receive their kits and EVERYONE who ordered a kit or pattern will receive them in plenty of time for class as well. I don't have Part 1 of the pattern done yet (a big part of the reason to move the classs), I will finish it over the weekend. Here is the February schedule:

Feb 4/5: A few more Love Notes Postcards and CHA giveaways (SURPRISE!!). We were able to get a few things to give away. Log in to the chat to be in the running for the prizes....both days!

Feb 11/12: Love Notes Valentine Box. (I will put the kits up later today)

Feb 18/19: Heritage Album Part One

Feb 25/26: Flora Fauna Album

I am working towards having time and flexiablity built into the schedule so the unknowns (..and there will be more) don't throw the schedule out of whack so much. I have some awesome projects planned!!! .....and yes, I will have modified versions of the CHA projects coming up....eventually!

Tomorrow I will post more about CHA...I am bummed to have lost most of the photo's I took as they are on my phone, but I have a few. I am off to go get a new phone....feeling a bit in the dark without one....


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Home Again...

...I am home again...without my hoo! Lost a lot of photo's and the levels I was at on Angry Birds....DRAT!!! What an awesome trip...I will post more tomorrow. I have about a squillion emails to follow up on and a ton of patterns to email out. Lots to do... Spending time with the family tomorrow night will be sooo nice. Thank you to all of you for all your kind words and support. Off to bed...I'm pooped!