Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Little Church Mini Album pattern is up at last!!

Thank you all for you patience! It is up on Etsy...CLICK HERE to go there directly.

I will have the Silver Bells kit up by Saturday.
Class is on for Friday night and Saturday on Ustream!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We are home!

And...we have made it through the first dose of IV antibiotics. In a few days I'll be able to do it with my eyes - almost - closed! I have such a huge appreciation for nurses after this experience!! I will post more tomorrow...I am nearly dead on my feet and can hardly wait for my REAL bed!! The 5 am alarm for the next dose will come quickly!

We are so blessed to have all of you in our lives!! Thank you!....I can't say it enough!!


What's up THIS Wednesday!?!

Sarah gets to go home!!! She got the drain out this morning and we are going home this afternoon! She will be on intravenious antibiotics for another week at home. We are waiting for the the Home Infusion people to come train Rich and I on her PIC line and change the dressing. She sees the doctor again next Thursday and if all is well she gets the line out then. She will have her appendix removed in about 6 to 8 weeks...that will only need an overnight stay.
Again, we can not thank you all enough for the prayers and well wishes. It has truly been overwhelming!!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Sarah had another CT scan today. The abscess is "resolving" but there are a few smaller abscesses around the main one. There has not been a decision regarding removing the JP drain yet as the abscesses may be "communicating". (Hey! party in Sarah's tummy!!) We will be reviewing with the doctor on Tuesday morning. She is off the IV for hydration which makes moving around easier. Big issue right now is preventing pnuemonia. (sp?)
I will never be able to express my gratitude to all who have sent their best wishes and prayers. You have no idea how much every word of encouragement and support is appreciated!! You are all the BEST!!!

We are hanging in there!!

Lots of Love!!


Sunday, October 24, 2010


Okay, I have tried, but I need to move the Bats in the Belfry class to Friday/Saturday in order to deliver the quality of pattern that I am comfortable sending. Many of you have told me to not worry about it...but I do! I need some time to focus so that I can send out a correct and complete pattern....I am having a hard time doing that from here at the hospital. It looks like Sarah will be have a some tests tomorrow with the possibility of going home on Tuesday-ish. I feel comfortable having the pattern available for emailing by Wednesday. I am posting the supply list here so that you can gather supplies together. Those who ordered the kit will get the pattern before I post it on Etsy. Since this class is falling closer to to Halloween than I originally planned, those of you who ordered the kit may return it for a refund if you choose...just contact me via email.

Here is the supply list for class:

Church Box
(2) 12” x 12” patterned paper for Outer Box
(1) 8 1/2” x 11” coordinating cardstock for Roof
(1) 8 1/2” x 11” paper or card stock in kraft color for box assembly
Chipboard for box and album covers:
(3)12 x 12 chipboard pieces and (1) 6 x 6
8 1/2” x 11” card stock for house trim
Binding rings or optional spiral binding system
Embellishments for decorations

Bats in the Belfry Pages
(2) 12” x 12” Patterned Paper for cover
(1) 12 x 12 or (2) 8 1/2 x 11 black card stock per page
(2) 12 x 12 lt weight chipboard (poster board weight) in black for bat bodies
6 x 6 or larger patterned papers for photo mattes and tags
(6) 6 x 12 coordinating card stock

Silver Bells Church Pages
(2) 12” x 12” coordinating cardstock for page bases
6” x 6” (or larger) Patterned Paper for photo mattes and tags.
(2) 8 1/2 x 11 vellum
(5-6) Coordinating card stock for tags and trim (6” x 12” or 8 1/2” x 11”)
White cardstock for angel wings

Another Update! 10/24

Sarah did well yesterday until late afternoon. She seems to spike a fever late in the day, but then bounces back a bit at around 7pm. Today she gets a shower! She is not thrilled but needs it! The nurses are starting to talk about the drain coming out...we are optimistic but won't get excited until we hear it from the doctor. I will keep you all posted. All in all, she is definitely improving!!

Trevor came to visit Sarah yesterday...she would never admit it but she was happy to see him. He has been so worried about her! He is walking on his knee without crutches so is on the mend as well. Whew!!

Trev and I spent some time together on the way home (it's 45 minutes each way from home to the hospital) and made a couple of stops. I didn't get as much done on the Bats on the Belfry pattern as planned (Trevor needed the mom-time) but will finish it today and will start emailing out by evening and post it on Etsy. You have all been so patient.

Once again, I can not thank you all enough for all the well wishes and prayers!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Update and Ustream!

Sarah is doing better today...getting back some of her "sassy"! No real fever today which is very good. She has been up walking a few times already today...another good step forward. No word yet as to when she will be getting out of the hospital, I suspect at least through the weekend.
I have been going home for about an hour a day to ship out patterns that have been ordered and to change clothes. (My back may never be the same from sleeping on the fold out chair in her room!! ...but she is soooo worth it!!) I have my Mom's laptop so I can do emails from the hospital but have to send the patterns form my home computer.
We will be doing a short Ustream tonight at 7:30 pm Pacific Time to touch base with everyone and let everyone know how Sarah is doing. THANK YOU so much to everyone who has sent us prayers and well wishes!!! We have read every one and cherish each and every thought!! We will do the show a half hour later because the nursing shift change is at 7pm and we are doing it from Sarah's room!! Gotta love WiFi! We will postpone the Bats in the Belfry to Wednesday night, Oct 27, at 6:30 pm Pacific Time. If needed, we will finish up at 7pm Pacific on Friday the 29th and put the Flip Album on Saturday the 30th at 10 am Pacific. That way we can stay on schedule!
I am going to go home for a couple of hours tomorrow to finish up the Bats in the Belfry/Silver Bells pattern. I will send it out to all the people who order the kits and then post it for ordering. (I am only able to send the patterns out in the late afternoon until Sarah is home). Thank you to all who ordered the kits for being so patient. I will be sending the Flip Album pattern to those that ordered the Bat's in the Belfry KITS for free as a thank you for your patience. No need to do anything...I will send it automatically when it is done.

Looking forward to seeing you all tonight!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Update on Sarah...10/21

Sarah is doing a bit better today. She had a drain put in surgically to drain the abcess. She will have it in for about 3 to 5 days. After that she will be on antibiotics for a few weeks. They won't actually take out her appendix for a month or two. She was able to sit in a chair for about an hour and walked a bit. She has had incredible care here (Mary Bridge Children's Hospital rocks!) and the nurses and doctors are all impressed with how tough she is!! She got a visit from a therapy dog that brought out a big smile.

We have SOOOO appreciated all the well wishes and prayers. It means more than I can ever espress!!


PS Trevor is doing better as well...he was back at school today...I'm sure he was milking the crutches!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Update on Sarah

Sarah is in the hospital with a ruptured appendix.ladders bladder infection or a ovarian cyst. The "cyst" was actually an abcess on her appendix. She will be here in the hospital for a few days to control the infection and have surgery in a few weeks. I will keep you all posted as we know more. On top of it all, Trevor sprained his knee at hockey last night and is on crutches!!
Big Hugs to Brandi for giving me info and insisting that I bring her in last night... It could have been much worse if we had waited.
Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!!!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All is OK!

Yes, I am aware that my Etsy is down right now. I am working to try and get it up as soon as possible!
Sarah is doing well. We have a diagnosis and she will be fine. More later. We see a different doctor on Friday.
I have shipped all the Bats in the Belfry kits and the patterns will go up as soon as I get Etsy up again. I will go ahead and ship the patterns to those that ordered the kits as soon as I finish my final edit.
Thank you to everyone for their concern!!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Back to the doctor...

Well, Sarah want back to the doctor this morning. It is NOT a UTI as was diagnosed by the hospital on Thursday. We go back again later this morning for an ultrasound and possibly other tests. I am not sure when I will have the Bats in the Belfry/Silver Bells pattern up... I will try for later today.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Silver Bells are ringing....

Here is the Church version from the same pattern as the Bat's in the Belfry mini album. The pattern, which includes both versions, will go up on Etsy tomorrow morning. The paper should be arriving any day and the Church version kits will go up as soon as it arrives...hopefully around Wednesday.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Exploding Envelope Haunted House tonight!

Just a reminder that the Exploding Envelopes Haunted House version is tonight on Ustream at 7pm Pacific Time.

Tomorrow morning a 10 am Pacific time we will work on the Gingerbread House version.

I won't be showing how to make the "box" as we had a class on that on July 30/31. I will be showing how to make the lid into a roof and the unique decorations to make it a Haunted House or Gingerbread House. On Saturday, I will also show you how I made the Birdhouses that I showed during the August 14th Ustream class.

CLICK HERE to go directly to my Ustream channel.
See you tonight!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

My poor little Peanut!

Early this morning, Sarah was up and complaining of abdominal pain...for the second morning in a row. Miraculously, I was able to get a morning appointment at the pediatrician! So, at 8:50 am we left the house. After an xray, a blood test, and a urinalysis, the doctor sent us off to Children's Hospital for further tests. He suspected possible appendicitis. After more tests and an IV (THAT was not fun! Sarah has my little veins and had to be poked several times to get it in....what a trooper!) it was finally determined that she has a bladder infection. WHEW! I had visions of my poor baby having surgery tonight, so a UT infection was almost a relief! We finally got home at 7:30 pm...

Even with all the poking and prodding, she still had a smile on her face!

I had planned to spend today on the Bats in the Belfrey/Silver Bells pattern trump work as I told Sarah. So, I will be posting it on Etsy on Saturday rather than tomorrow. The kits will still go out tomorrow. I was also planning to get the Pink Mini info up today and will try to do that in the morning. Now I've got to plow through the 57 emails I received today.....


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bats in the Belfry Sneak Peak!

Here is a sneak peak of the Bats in the Belfry mini coming up the weekend of Oct. 22nd and 23rd. It's not quite done...still needs a few more details on the outside and I need to finish the mini on the inside. I'll show you the inside tomorrow. I am trying to get the kits up this afternoon but, I teach a class locally tonight, so I may need to put it up in the morning. The pattern won't go up until Friday. It will include a church version as well..... that will be great for a Wedding or Christmas album. I will have kits for a the Christmas version in a few weeks.

Hope you are all having an awesome week!!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Macaroni and...charcoal??

Trevor had a hockey game this morning (they won!) and Sarah, Grandma, and I all went. It was great but I am still trying to get warm. Hockey is a cold sport for the spectators! It could be worse I guess, the soccer mom's had cold AND rain! When we returned home, I went upstairs to work on the Exploding Envelopes Box pattern and Sarah went to make some Easy Mac mac and cheese. She popped it in the microwave and came upstairs to put the return address labels on the last of the kits to go out.
What's burning????
I raced downstairs to a kitchen full of smoke and a lump of charcoal in my microwave....Sarah forgot the water for the mac and cheese! Out came the fans to clear the smoke! It's cleared now but it caused yet another delay in getting this pattern out to you all. I so appreciate all your patience!!!! The last of the kits are in the mail! I am still trying to start getting the patterns shipping tonight. Because of the volume you all ordered (thank you!!) It's probably going to take about 4 hours to get them out, so I will start tonight and finish in the morning....aaargggh! I hate to be late!
I did go through a bit of a reality check. I looked at the calender and realized that there is one more weekend between now and Halloween than I thought, so.... I am going to go ahead and move the Exploding Box haunted House to Friday the 15th (that's only 2 days later than planned!). Monday is a Postal holiday so it will also mean that most of you will have your kit in time for class. Rather than putting the Bats in the Belfry on that Saturday The 16th), I am going to move it to the following weekend (Oct 22/23). It gives me the breathing room to get the sample finished and the kits shipped EARLY. The kits will go up sometime on Monday. I will get Ustream and Ning schedule updated as soon as I can.
Once again, I thank you all for your patience!!


Friday, October 8, 2010

Think Pink Tonight!

As many of you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. On tonight's Ustream show (7pm Pacific Time) we are kicking of 2010 Pink Mini's. Anyone who wishes to participate can make a mini album or set of cards to be auctioned in a silent auction. ALL proceeds from the action are paid directly to the Susan G. Komen Foundation through their Passionately Pink for the Cure program.

I will have all the details on tonight's show while I work on one of the mini's I will have available for the auction.. If you don't want to make a mini album or cards, you can still participate by bidding on the the minis and cards or by making a donation.

CLICK HERE to go directly to my Ustream channel

It's hard to find someone who hasn't had their life somehow touched by this disease. Let's use or talent and passion for our craft to work towards find a cure!!

See you tonight!! I'll be wearing pink!


I am finishing the Exploding Envelope pattern and want to do a final check of dimensions etc. Therefore....I will start shipping out the pattern after my son's Hockey game in the morning. It is going to take a while due to the high volume ordered. Thanks so much for our support and patience!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Exploding Envelopes Haunted House Kits are up!

The Exploding Envelopes Haunted House kits are up! The pattern will go up tomorrow and will start shipping out on Thursday. Don't forget....the class has moved to next Wednesday night... October 13.

Here is the Blackbird version. I'm working on the Alice in Wonderland version and will post it when it's finished.

CLICK HERE to go directly to my Etsy site.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Schedule change!

I have unfortunately spent the good part of today dealing with some unpleasant "stuff". As I am shuffling things around, I came up with my best solution to stay on schedule.

The Exploding Haunted House class only needs to be a one day class. I have already done a Ustream class on the Exploding Envelope Box...we only need to do the different roof styles and decorations. is the plan...the Exploding Haunted House is on the move to Wednesday, Oct. 13th at 6:30 Pacific Time (half hour earlier than usual for the east coasters!). This Friday's class will be all about the Pink Mini's for a Cure...with maybe a demo or two. I am also planning to have a sneek preview for the Bat's on the Belfry on Friday as well. (The schedule for THAT class remains the same)

I will get the kits up sometime tonight for the Exploding Haunted house and they will begin shipping on Tuesday, Oct 5. The Exploding Box Pattern (which includes ALL versions) will go up on Tuesday, the 5th as's practically a book!!!

All of these changes will show up on my blog and on Ustream.

On another note, I want to state my Angel Policy.

I allow the sale of up to 10 completed albums of a design when you are the direct seller in a personal situation such as a craft fair or to friends and acquaintances. I ask that you do not sell to a third party for sale (i.e. a shop, boutique, or similar) or via the internet (on sites such as Etsy and Ebay) as it would put you in direct competition with me.

This is the policy I have had since I started selling my patterns. I have recently added it to my email statement when I deliver your patterns. I was rather shocked to discover, from a couple of different sources, that this policy was a surprise to many...they thought that they couldn't sell ANY projects made from my designs. I have announced the policy several times. If you are interested in making more than 10 of a design, contact me and let me know the circumstances...I've only said no once! If you want to teach one of my designs, again, contact me regarding my policies.

I hope you all have a pleasant week!


A thought to remember for a VERY small number of my" followers": It is easy to hide behind a screen name and make negative comments when you are on a public forum or live chat. Just remember, you never know who may be watching.....
I am sorry that you don't think that over 100 tips and techniques video's (vs. the 16 patterns that I sell) is "generous"!

Come Join the NEW Ning Site!

Everyday, I receive photo's from wonderful people of the projects they have created from watching my Youtube videos and classes on Ustream! I always said to myself "I wish everyone could see these...this is amazing!" Well, now you can!! I have started an Ning social network site just for you. I am covering all the fees so that YOU can have a free place to post your amazing work!! My only request us that you post only work that was inspired by one of my Youtube videos, or my Ustream classes or from a project on my blog.

Visit Following The Paper Trail

On the site, you can post photo's or video's and you can participate in comments and discussions...get to know one another! There is a blog section to post a bit about yourself. I am working on getting the forum section set up so that you have a "go to" place to find out about and discuss any number of subjects, from "I'm new...How do I get started?" to "What kind of adhesives does everyone like" to "Where can I get that?"! More than anything, I hope you look at it as a place to have fun, make new friends, and be INSPIRED to create!!
On a personal level, I love to share what I love to do. I LOVE seeing what you all do with the ideas I put out there...whether you put you own special style onto a project from one of my patterns or you took an idea and ran with it into something of your own design. I am SOOO excited to see what you all do and I thank you all for sharing your work!!
Just click on the yellow badge above to go directly to the new Ning site to sign up and get started!! Psssttt....You can also grab your own badge to post on you blog!


Friday, October 1, 2010

Creepy Coffin Ustream tonight!!

We going creepy tonight!! Join me to make a Creepy Coffin Mini Album at 7pm Pacific Time tonight! We will finish up tomorrow at 10 am Pacific Time.

CLICK HERE to go directly to my Ustream channel.

I have the patterns to make this album available at my Etsy shop as well as some kits still available. CLICK HERE to go to my Etsy shop.

See you tonight!!