Saturday, October 9, 2010

Macaroni and...charcoal??

Trevor had a hockey game this morning (they won!) and Sarah, Grandma, and I all went. It was great but I am still trying to get warm. Hockey is a cold sport for the spectators! It could be worse I guess, the soccer mom's had cold AND rain! When we returned home, I went upstairs to work on the Exploding Envelopes Box pattern and Sarah went to make some Easy Mac mac and cheese. She popped it in the microwave and came upstairs to put the return address labels on the last of the kits to go out.
What's burning????
I raced downstairs to a kitchen full of smoke and a lump of charcoal in my microwave....Sarah forgot the water for the mac and cheese! Out came the fans to clear the smoke! It's cleared now but it caused yet another delay in getting this pattern out to you all. I so appreciate all your patience!!!! The last of the kits are in the mail! I am still trying to start getting the patterns shipping tonight. Because of the volume you all ordered (thank you!!) It's probably going to take about 4 hours to get them out, so I will start tonight and finish in the morning....aaargggh! I hate to be late!
I did go through a bit of a reality check. I looked at the calender and realized that there is one more weekend between now and Halloween than I thought, so.... I am going to go ahead and move the Exploding Box haunted House to Friday the 15th (that's only 2 days later than planned!). Monday is a Postal holiday so it will also mean that most of you will have your kit in time for class. Rather than putting the Bats in the Belfry on that Saturday The 16th), I am going to move it to the following weekend (Oct 22/23). It gives me the breathing room to get the sample finished and the kits shipped EARLY. The kits will go up sometime on Monday. I will get Ustream and Ning schedule updated as soon as I can.
Once again, I thank you all for your patience!!



  1. Hopefully your kitchen doesn't still smell like charcoal. It is always worth the wait for your patterns. I am so excited to see the Bats in the Belfry... I know it is going to be awesome. Now you need a Pumpkin Spice Latte to warm you up. Have a great Sunday.

  2. Thank YOU Laura for your dedication. We are blessed that you share with us. :)

  3. Laura, I had to laugh because my son did the exact same thing a couple of years ago. The charcoal-ified macaroni was an interesting sight. I just rec'd the pdf for the coffin mini, thanks! Cant wait to make it!


  4. So sorry to hear about the burnt Mac. Hope your house is smelling better now.

    Thanks for the update on the files. I'll be happy whenever I receive them.

    Hope your day goes better.

    Thanks again.


  5. Oh I feel for youngest daughter did this. The smell is horrible! It took about 2 days for mine to start smelling normal when we walked in.

  6. I'm truly sorry you have the smoke mess to deal with, but I laughed when I ready about Sarah's faux pax! Been there done that and I can't even say I was 10 years old! I petrified a chicken breast in the microwave... cooked it for 10 minutes... what was I thinking? LOL

    I also want to say a HUGE thank you for all you share. I have learned so much from you and truly appreciate all you do and share.

    You are so right when you say that everyone is touched by breast cancer. Our family was fortunate as my aunt was a 30 year survivor. I won't be able to donate a mini (working two jobs right now) but I definitely plan to bid on the minis that are created to help support this worthy cause.

    Thanks again for all you share with us!

  7. Yikes!!! I'm sure the smell is awful!!! But, it could have been worse!! At least you didn't have a fire!! I burned a pot of beans on the stove one time! YUCKO!! I used OUST spray to get rid of the smell and it really helped! Of course, it helped that I could have all the windows open! And I know what you mean about hockey being cold for the spectators!! I used to be on a precision ice skating team. I wore a sweatshirt to practice that said "My feet are freezing" because they ALWAYS were!!! No hurry on the patterns!!! Give yourself all the breathing room you need!! We aren't going anywhere!!
    Blessings and hugs!!!

  8. OMG!! This is so hilarious!! My daughter did the same thing over a year ago! Flames were flickering away inside the bowl! It took ages for the smell to completely go away inside my microwave. We boiled vinegar, washed the inside with lemon juice, and kept a bowl of baking soda inside for months! I feel for you!! Thanks for all the inspiration.

  9. Yikes! So glad you didn't end up with a fire! Poor Sarah!

    Got my pattern yesterday, and I love how you did the different houses. Thanks so much for all you do for us! You are truly a special lady!!!

  10. just found your blog from Sh3ri3's blog and your exploding house looks amazing!when i got over here I was amazed to see you said you'd grown up in Anchorage...we're currently planning a trip to Alaska!! Hope to visit you frequently :) Kate