Sunday, January 31, 2010

Here's a Sneak Peak at the album I am making from my Eclectic Valentine Kit.
It's a box... it's an album... but it's not an album put in a box....

I'll show you more when it's done!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What's up Wednesday! 1/27/2010

It's What's Up Wednesday" and I have put up 2 videos on You Tube: Back to Basics for Mini Albums. In the videos I show you my favorite products and how I use some of them. I get daily questions about this sort of thing so I decided to do a video to answer some of the most common subjects. In conjunction with these videos, I am doing a GIVEAWAY!

What can't you live without when you scrap?

Let us know in a comment here on my blog. I will do a drawing next Wednesday for a fun surprise prize and announce the winner during next weeks What's Up Wednesday!

Have an awesome week!!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Here is a fun mini that I finished last week but hadn't had a chance to photograph. It's off to Tiffany and her son Mateo. Tiffany asked me to video it before she receives it so here you go!! I had a BLAST making the monsters!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

I found the LAST packs of the small size Mariposa paper in the greater Seattle area (I called EVERY store to find it!) I just put up more kits at my ETSY They will go fast! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this collection!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's "What's Up Wednesday!" for January 20, 2010

What's up this Wednesday???

Using T!m Holtz packaging to make MINI BOOKS!

And... in my usual fashion... why make one! Let's make THREE! One with just PAPER, one with ENVELOPES and one with PAPER BAGS!!

First up....PAPER!

I used 4 1/2" x 6 1/2" stack from DCWV (Once Upon a Time) and an empty pack of T!m Holtz Journaling tickets. Trim cover length to length of paper.

Sandwich journal pack cover between two papers

For pages, sandwich the tab (left over from removed tickets) between two pages. There are 6 tabs in the book, I used all six.

Cover all the pages, add photo's, journalling and embellishments!

Next up....ENVELOPES!

Here I used A1 sized envelopes and an empty Adage Tickets book. Attach body of envelope to tabs of ticket book. Adage books have 10 tabs. I recommend using only 5-6.

Cover surfaces of envelopes. I extended the flap to 3". My envelopes used a 3 1/2" x 5" paper to cover the may need to adjust for your envelopes. I used a 3" x 5" paper for the top flap and a 4 1/2" x 5" (with a fold at 3") for the inside flap. The short section slides into the envelope. The 3" section is attached to the flap. Another 3" x 5" pice is used to cover the envelope body.

Add tabs, tags inside the envelopes and embellishments.

Last up...PAPER BAGS!

With this mini, I used the empty Adage Tickets and the Celebrate small paper bags from Michaels. Fold the bottom of the bag towards the bag body to form a small flap. Attach the body of the bag to the flap of the Adage Ticket book. I used 6 bags, so you will need to remove the extra tags in the book.

I did not trim the length of the book cover. Instead a scored it about 5/8" from spiral so that it folds around the bulk of the book. I scored and folded again about 1 1/2" from end. These will fold and overlap at the end. I will be adding magnets to create a closure for the book.

I will post the completed album (hopefully later this week) when it is done.

Have fun with these mini ideas! Have you checked out all the new stuff T!m Holtz is coming out with on his blog! OMG! I can't wait!!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

A World Community

One thing that becoming involved in the internet community of scrap bookers has reinforced for me: The world is large geographically, but we are all so similar.... just people trying to live out lives the best we can. As I watch the devastation that has hit the small country of Haiti, I want to reach out to help in any small way.
Fifteen years ago, I designed the offices for the man who was a past president of the Seattle-based WORLD VISION, a relief organization that is many times a first responder to offer aid in times of disaster. They already in Haiti and are mobilizing a huge relief effort right now. The best way to help this effort is through donations. I KNOW this organization and they do an amazing job! Please go to their website to donate whatever you can to help our Haitian neighbors!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's Up Wednesday! Jan. 13, 2010

Welcome back! Today I have a new album to share! Here's how to make an


To make this you will need 6 long envelopes (#10 envelopes). Trim the envelopes to 9" long. Score and fold 3 1/2" from one end. I have used envelopes with an end flap. Standard closing envelopes work great as well.

Add strong adhesive near fold on short section of envelope. Allow some space between the fold edge and the adhesive to allow the spine to expand for photo's and embellishments. Attach short end of envelope to "back" side of the long section of the envelope proceeding it (for the 1st envelope, attach the short section to a 4 1/2" x 6" chipboard cover). Continue this for six envelopes. Attach long section of last envelope to the back chipboard cover.

Cut papers as shown below to add to envelopes. Score and fold 3 1/2" from one end of the 4" x 6" Flap sections

Attach papers with your favorite adhesives. The short section of the Flap papers sip inside either the envelope or the shorter pocket.

Use a circle punch to create a finger pull cut-out on the main body of the envelope

Add papers to all six envelopes as well as to chipboard covers. Add tags, photo matte's and embellishments.

Have fun making your own!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

"What's Up Wednesday video is UP!

Finally!! The video for this project is up on YouTube! Haven't found the missing I went out and got my own! It is an HD one so takes a bit longer to upload. (Hey! No comments on my need to have my nails done! I'm not sure HD is a great idea after all!! Ha! Ha!)


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Welcome to the 1st "What's Up Wednesday!"

Here is the first "What's Up Wednesday Project!

Sorry it's so late going up...I have spent several hours trying to find the Flip camera to film the video portion. My daughter hid it from my son and now no one knows where it is!

Here's the photo's for....

A Paper Bag Flip Album

Fold the the bottom of the bag (the section below the main body of the bag) around the bottom to the other side of the bag. This will create a pocket on each side of the bag when the outside edges of the flaps are adhered to the bag. The flaps will be attached to the bag body after the bag is covered with paper.

A chip board flange is added to the gusset of the bags to create a stable section to bind the mini with either rings or Bind-It-All coil binding. Cover the flange with paper. Adhere the flange (on both sides of the flange) to the inside of the bag gusset, aligning the bottom of the flange with the top of the flap pocket.

I used 6 bags for my album. Add your favorite papers and embellishments. Each bag has 2 large photo matte's (4 1/2" x 7 1/2") inside the bags and a smaller photo matte (4" x 6") or tags in the pockets.... lot's of room for photo's and journaling! You may need to adjust sizes for the bags you are using.

I will have the video up as soon as we find where the Flip is hiding....


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome 2010!!

Hope you all enjoyed ringing in the New Year! I didn't quite make it to midnight...I've become a total party pooper as I get older!! I have been working on finishing up the last mini's I've owed, making up some new kits and goofing off with my family. The kids go back to school on Tuesday. Yeah!!! Loved having them home but....

I have had several people comment on having the 12 Days of Christmas Projects withdrawals! I agree! I have decided to continue in that vein...though not on a daily basis...but on a weekly basis! So, check in on Wednesdays for "What's Up Wednesday" here on my blog and on YouTube. I've got a new style paper bag album coming up this Wednesday so make sure you come and check it out!

I will also be having a special event here on my blog starting January 24th. It will be a "Fifty Days to 50!" countdown. OMG, I can't believe it but I will be turning ...gulp!...cough!....50 in mid March! I had no problem with 30 (I was looking forward to maybe not getting carded every where I went!). At 40 I was pregnant with my daughter, so I don't remember much! But 50! How the %*&$#@ did that happen! I don't feel (nor do I act) my age! So I decided, to make the transition easier, I would start celebrating early. Not sure what I'm going to do yet, but I will keep you posted.

Happy Scrapping to all!!