Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Still plugging along....

Getting caught up with "stuff" around the house and with business is going slower than I had hoped!! It is hard to crank back up again!! I have been working on the Steampunk Mini .....OMG!! I am SOOO excited! It is coming out WAY COOL! I haven't had a chance to work on the Flip Album so, I am moving that class until AFTER the Steampunk. This Friday I will do some of the flowers and embellishments that we will use on the Steampunk Album. That way I can use all of Saturday for catching up.Here's a sneek Peak at the flowers. I will post a supply list tomorrow.

Sarah is doing well. We go to the doctor tomorrow. Hopefully, she will get the PIC iv line out and we will be able to get her surgery scheduled. Trevor has re-twisted his knee, so we may need to go to an orthopedist.

I will be posting the Pink Mini info on the Pink Mini website later today as well.

Have a great rest of your week!!



  1. Phew!!! don't know how you do it, makes me tired just reading about what you do, lol. Love making your minis from your videos, can't wait for the steam punk. Hope Sarah and Trevor soon recover. Anita xx

  2. OOOH! Those look SOOOOO cool!!! Sorry about poor Trevor!! I was afraid he might be doing too much too soon! Hope Sarah gets rid of her "little friend" tomorrow and that you get her surgery scheduled!!! See ya Friday!!!
    Blessings, giggles and hugs!

  3. Beautiful Flowers! I can't wait to see the steampunk album. Glad to hear about Sarah. Sorry to hear about Trevor. I know how active boys can be and I am sure it is hard for him to slow down. Poor thing. Take care. Jodie

  4. I hope I have those punches, LOL!

  5. OMG!!!!! Hey Sarah, Glad you are feeling better, stay cool girl and enjoy mummy and everyone running a bout!!! :-).
    Hey Laura Miss U, gosh I"ve got my order in for the kitfor the (Steampunk)Mini, sorry that paper line was MADE ME!!! hehehe Love your flowers and carnt wait to see the mini.

    Arohanui to U all
    Jude XX

  6. Hi Laura,

    I can only imagine how crazy it can get trying to take care of your family and catch up with everything. I think you are doing great considering everything you and your family are going through.
    Sorry to hear about Trevor. I hope he feels better soon. Glad to hear that Sarah is on the mend. God bless all of you.
    Can't wait to try these flowers they look "way cool" as my grand daughter would say.
    Take care of you too.

  7. I love those flowers.
    The steampunk album will be so awesome!

    <3 to Sarah and Trevor and the whole Family.

    P.s. Im working on a burst mini ^^

  8. Remember to take care of yourself too, Laura. Take advantage of business being a little slower right now as things will pick up in no time.Use this off time to pamper yourself for awhile. My love to Sarah, Trevor and to you.

  9. Hi Laura. You and your family are in my prayers! I love your Steampunk flowers and look forward to seeing the mini. In the meantime, take care of yourself and I hope everyone is on the mend.


  10. Glad to hear Sarah is doing well. Sorry to hear about Trevor. Take it easy and don't be doing too much! Sending love, hugs and prayers your way.

  11. I LOVED your flower power class so I am especially about these !!!

  12. omg,what a time the family is having!!!
    but the flowers are soooo AMAZING!!!!

  13. I'm so glad to hear Sarah is home an on the mend. Sorry to here about Trevor. Boys never seem to take it easy when they get hurt. Laura you are so sweet to worry about us,but we all understand when it comes to our kids. They ALWAYS COME FIRST. How is your back doing?. Your flowers or so beautiful. I hope I don't miss out on buying the kit. My thoughts and prayers are still with you and your family. Love, Hugs, and Prayers.

  14. Laura,
    your amazing!!!
    i miss "what's up wednesday" will they be returning??
    *hopes she will say "yes they are returning"*
    :) your a gem!