Thursday, November 18, 2010

Status report...

Sarah was experiencing some pain today so we headed down to the doctor. Nothing too serious but we are moving her surgery up to the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Trevor continues to make small steps forward.

Tomorrow night on Ustream, we are making a fun, fast little mini with bunches of pockets...A Pocket Full of Memories. I will post a photo in the morning. Here's what you will need if you want to work along wit me....

6 to 8 patterned papers (12 x 12) with a non-directional pattern
7 to 9 coordinating card stock (6 x 12)
(2) 5 x 7 chipboard pieces
Binding rings or binding system

Looking forward to tomorrow nights class!



  1. Hi Laura,

    Your family is in my prayers. It is good to hear that Trevor is making progress.
    Sarah will feel much better after that appendix is removed. You are such a great mom.
    Hang in there 2011 is almost here with lots of blessings for you and your family.
    God is watching over all of you.
    The 12 days of Christmas has been great. You are so so talented.
    Can't wait to see Friday's show. It sounds like another "have to make it" idea.
    Take care of you,

  2. Oh, Laura! Special prayers going up for Sarah, Trevor and you and your hubby! It's sure been a rough road for you all lately! There is light at the end of the tunnel, though! Sarah will feel so much better once the surgery is over! Laproscopic surgery is generally a quick recovery situation! Sure loving the Christmas projects!!! Thanks for keeping us posted and please let me know if there's anything I can do from here!

  3. Sending positive energy your way. I know it is horrible to see your children in any kind of pain...

    I do have a question may be a silly question. Where do you find chipboard? I have searched my Michaels store high and low and can't find any. Is it something you have to purchase online?

    Kelly Haag

  4. Kelly, If you have a Joanne's near you they sell it in a pack. Also, we followers of Laura have been lucky enough to be able to order from Not just us but anyone. They sell it there and give incredible customer service. Check out what they offer.

  5. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way Laura and keeping your family in my prayers. Sarah will be so much better when the surgery is over. Good to hear Trevor making progress too.Hugs from a little island! Jen x

  6. I think Sarah will feel healthy again after the operation. You know,children are really strong when it comes to gaining their health back again...

    For Trevor, small steps is, in my opinion, much better than giant ones when the issue is about psychology. That way the progress is permanent.

    Hugs, kisses and prayers for both of them.

    For two weeks I had been surfing on the internet--esp. You Tube -- to learn how to make decent pockets for my minis. And this morning I saw your post. Wow, that's so lucky of me! You are making a mini with lots of pockets--a Laura Denison one! What can I say, THANK YOU-THANK YOU AND THANK YOU...

  7. just wanted to tell you mine turned out beautiful. cant show it no camra hubby broke it. but I made one for my sister n law for hosting are thanksgiveing dinner this year and she loved it. so I give thanks to you for doing this.