Friday, November 19, 2010

Pockets Full of Memories....

.... on Ustream tonight! Come play with us a 7 pm Pacific time.

CLICK HERE to go directly to my Ustream Channel.
See you tonight!



  1. thanks for another brilliant minibook - going to make them for my teachers presents. A little tip here from the uk - don't put a pin in your glue lid I use the little plastic holder for a birthday candle - you know the very thin ones in the uk they come with like a flower shaped holder - perfect for glue and no rusting. If you can't get in the USA I would happily send you some. Take care and speedy recovery to your kids. Love Shauna

  2. loved the class last night this is sooo clever of you Laura! I was sooo amazed how the border paper worked for this.

  3. Hey Shauna! I was just trying to figure out something plastic to put into the glue! Brilliant idea! Thank you!

  4. Absolutely loved this speedy mini, and can't wait to get my hands on some boarder papers. Had a blast on the live show last night. Thanks Laura :O)

  5. Hi there :)

    I found you via You Tube. You've done some wonderful tutorials, and I'd like thank you sooo much for sharing your talent!! You make some totally awesome minibooks. I'm just speachless, wow, it's pure eyecandy and wonderful inspiration!! Again, thank you sooo much!! Love your work!!

    Standing ovations from me,
    Smiles and applause,

  6. Hi Laura, love your projects, videos, and ustream classes. Thanks for inspiring us with your talent. As for the glue, I like to put a damp paper towel or a little bit of a wet sponge in a short glass and leave my glue tip down while crafting. It keeps it from drying out and the tip from clogging up. Just don't forget to cap the bottle when your done. I also like the needle tip type glue bottles, they are much more precise. Thanks again!