Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WHat?!!! It's Wednesday!!????'s been one of THOSE days!
I have spent most of the day thinking it is Tuesday. Weird, cuz I knew it was Tuesday yesterday when it really was Tuesday!
My son called me at about 2pm to remind me to pick him up (I pick him up at school on Wednesdays) That is when I realized that I was off a day.
I don't have the album I was going to show for What's Up Wednesday ready to show you yet. I will try for tomorrow. Hopefully I will know it's Thursday!!

Enjoy whatever day it is for you!!



  1. I have those days all the time! Luckily I don't forget anything major. Can't wait to see the video.


  2. That's hilarious! You are too funny! I will be looking forward to checking in tomorrow.


  3. Hey - that happens to me alot since I don't track my dates very well. I have to look at e-mail to know what day it problem.......had a few of those days........when ever you have, what ver you post to share will be fabulous!

  4. Real life does get in the way doesn't it?!!! We'll look forward to Now It's Thursday!! Tax Day....hee haw....I haven't known what day it is since Christmas....I kind of like it that way!

  5. i just love your work... recently, i saw one of your You Tube videos in which you related you're an architect. No wonder you're so great at designing new and unique albums!

    i've made a lot of minis on account of you! i'm a watercolor artist, but lately, all i want to do is scrap.

    thank you for the wonderful ideas. you've been very generous in sharing your talent! ~~carolynn

  6. Hi Laura,
    I cannot wait untill your wedsnesday starts :-)
    I'm allready beginning at Friday!!!
    Just posted my mini on my blog. Made after an example of your long enveloppe mini. I believe it was one of you What's Up Wednesday projects. I really enjoy making these mini's and you are definitely an inspiration for me on that part!!

    If you want to have a peep, just click here

    Scrappy greetings from The Netherlands

  7. Did I miss the inserts for the album made of parchlucent envelopes? Will you still be posting them?