Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Guy Mini Album kits and Instructions

The kits and Instructions for the My Guy Mini Album went up today! There are still a few kits left and I can add more if there is demand.

The Instructions will go out electronically on Monday, April 5, 2010 to everyone who ordered the kits as well as to those who ordered the instructions only. The kits will be mailed out on Monday and should arrive to US locations prior to the UStream class on Friday/Saturday (I will post more on that on Monday). I can't guarantee the kits will arrive to International and Canadian locations prior to the UStream class, but I will be recording the class, so you can watch it again when you receive your kit.

The instructions include the supply list for all materials needed to make the album. I won't be posting the supplies here on the blog as they will be listed on the instruction sheets.

Have a lovely Easter! I have a cute Easter kit that I will post either late tonight or in the morning, so don't forget to take photo's from your Easter festivities!
Big Bunny Hugs to all!!



  1. Did you have to cancel your egg basket class or was I just not able to just showed off-line? Anyhoo,.......HOPPY EASTER LAURA!!! You are soooo appreciated!

  2. The egg basket was LAST Saturday, but i did record it so you can see the recording!

  3. Oh boy.....I'm out of the loop.....don't know whether I'm coming or going! Makes sense.....I didn't even realize Easter was this Sunday until one of the little kids that I watch said something about it!!! Good grief! Thanks Laura!!!! i'll go watch the video!

  4. Hi Laura, Gosh Im way behind to, thing just getting busyer, miss you, love your last 2 kitz and didnt et to get i nevermind maybe next time.
    Well happy hoppin easter. Make sure bunny's not near the pot this weekend??? ;-0

  5. Hi Laura
    I have just ordered your "my guy" templates and instructions kit. Right now it is Sunday, can't wait for Monday (your Monday) to get it. Thank you again for this marvelous idea and mini...

  6. This looks like a cute little album!

  7. Ordered the templates and instructions and am wondering if they are still being sent today?