Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

As a little girl in Alaska, I tended to take the majestic beauty that surrounded me for granted. It was my normal. It wasn't until I grew older, that I began to appreciate the seemingly untouched wonder of a crystal clear mountain stream, a tiny wildflower struggling to grow amongst craggy rocks, or a moose wandering through the backyard!

My father was an adventurer. We spent nearly every weekend out in the woods...summer or winter. He taught my brother and I to leave no trace behind when we were out in the wilderness. No one should know you were ever there within 48 hours of leaving your campsite. He taught us to love and appreciate the world around us. We are the keepers of our planet...we need to treat it with respect.
Today is Earth day...please give a thought... and more action to be a good steward to protect our planet. Even something small could have a big impact. This week a young whale washed ashore in West Seattle. In it's stomach they discovered an alarming amount of trash...including plastic bags and a towel! Be aware of what you throw away!
In honor of Earth Day, I pulled out one of my "older" mini's (from last September!) to post. There's a Youtube video of it, but I haven't posted the still photo's before.
For this mini, I looked around the house to find things that we would normally throw away....pop top tabs, bread bag twist thingies, juice pouches, clothing tags, etc....and incorporated them into this mini. It was so much fun!!

Here's the finished mini:

Today (and every day!) give a thought to your impact on the planet! RECYCLE your paper, cans, and glass, REDUCE that amount of trash you generate and REUSE whatever you can!



  1. Happy earth day to you Laura..Your mini is amazing very beautiful..i too have created a recycled project in honor of "earth day" a mixed media painting

  2. great project to celebrate earth day! we r doing yardwork to celebrate!

  3. So sad about the whale.
    When we were kids, we would go camping in a campground with my dad and stepmom. When we left it would be cleaner then when we got there. We would even sweep the campground dirt with a fallen pine branch.

  4. Happy Earth Day Laura. I love the mini..especially the way you've incorporated things we normally throw away. I absolutely love the creative way you've used the juice container tops and the tags!

  5. You are truly gifted. Thank you for sharing your adventures with your dad. And the beautiful picture of your Alaskan paradise.

  6. And now I´m sitting here and ironing my plasticbags... NO, I don´t iron my socks! but my plasticbags... Yeah, I´m crazy and I love it! ;-)
    Thanks so much!
    Greetings from Germany!

  7. Hi Laura,

    it´s me again. I did it! See the result: