Thursday, April 15, 2010

Friday's Ustream Class!

Join me on Ustream tomorrow at 7 pm Pacific Time!
We will be making our own envelopes with gatefold flaps...

Make 5 pages and turn it into a flip mini album with lots of room for tags and photo's!

Here's what you will need f you don't have one of the kits:

- For each "page" you will need two 8 1/2" x 11" sheets of heavy paper or card stock.
- Patterned paper to cover your envelopes
- Coordinating card stock for tags and photo mattes
- Flowers and embellshments (as many or as few as you wish)
- Binding rings or binding system
- Your favorite tools and adhesives

Feel free to work along with me or just watch and chat and re-watch the recording later.

CLICK HERE to go directly to my Ustream channel. We will start at 7 pm Pacific time

See you tomorrow!!
Feel free to bring a friend...the more the merrier!



  1. Hi Laura,
    I will be there, this time, and looking forward to it and chatting with you and the gilz.
    Me:-) Xx

  2. Yeah !!!! i think I will be able to make it :D Thanks Laura hopefully...see you later :)

  3. Thanks Laura! I made it to my first live class! Can't wait until next Friday! I'm such a geek

  4. Hi I am watching the recording of the class, great job. I'm wondering if you will be posting the templates as mentioned in the recording?
    Thank you for all you do

  5. Hey Laura,

    Had to watch the recorded video, and at some point, it cut off (I think I was messing with it too much, trying to go back), but got the gist of the is too darn cute. I'm wondering if using brown wrapping paper (the kind that you would use to wrap boxes for mailing) would make nice pages. I think I may try one out. Hope to see some measurements, although I have all but the main envie I believe, so probably can figure it out! LOL

    Thanks so much for your tutorials and kits, you amaze me with all your hard work and great ideas!!!!

    Crafty Hugs!
    Lisa Sturgill :)

  6. Had to go to doctor appoints with both my husband AND my Mom so will try to post by measurements by tomorrow! (everyone is just fine!)


  7. Hi Laura, I just watched the recording, fantasitic!!! I'm making a publisher document with the specs on it if you liek I'll email it to you and you could use that as a worksheet to give everyone (I'm going to try to start making a little worksheet with all my projects for envelopes/snazzy folds etc things that aren't obvious)...I'll email it through to you and please feel free to adjust it!

    Linda x

  8. Hi Laura,

    I really like this gatefold album. I would love the templates and instructions for these.