Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Guy Ustream Part 2 Today!

Part 2 of the My Guy Ustream is today at 4 pm PT! Tons of fun last night! We will finish up today with the last two "guys"!

I have sent out the revised instructions to everyone that ordered them. These are only minor revisions/corrections. I added page numbers for easier reference (and you can tell which one is the new set!) Toss the old ones and work from the new set. If you ordered them on 4/10/10 or later, you will receive the revised set.

I also added the Ustream schedule for the rest of April...check it out! I will put up the kits for next Friday's class tomorrow, they will be ready to ship out on Monday. Three looks... Vintage Easter, Retro Sewing, and Shabby Chic!

See you in just a few....


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  1. I went to look for the kits, I am interested in the Easter or the Shabby Chic but cannot find them :(