Thursday, February 3, 2011

Starting to roll....

I have been having a very hard time getting back into the groove! Finally getting moving though it feels like I am running in mud!
I will have the Romantique Valentines Box for your Love Notes ready to show you in the morning. I have been promising the kit, so here it is. The kit will also include Thermaweb and batik fabric to make some fabric flowers like I made the week before last. As always, the kit also includes the pattern.

Got my new phone yesterday...fortunately I had synced my lost one with my computer just before I left for CHA so I was able to retrieve everything on it except what I had taken at CHA. So no lost pictures of my kids and I still have my Angry Birds levels! It's the little things, you know!

The web site is getting close and I will post the pattern for both the Valentines project and the Flora Fauna patterns there. In the beginning it will be functional and I will work on making it look good over the next few weeks. I never seem to be at a loss for a million things to do!

I will also be posting a list of additional supplies and tools for the Heritage Album as soon as I can.

More tomorrow!



  1. This looks like a lovely kit, very pretty!!

    I would love the list of stuff for the heritage one, I am an hour away from town, and am going Sat, would like to pick up what I need. I will be watching closely.

    Thanx for all you do.

  2. OMG yay i got one! Been holding out for this kit! Hope i get it before the class!!!

  3. I just purchase my first kit. I can't wait, This is going to be dedicated to me and fiance!

    I also follow you on youtube, I LOVE everything!

  4. Laura...Glad you had MOST things synced! At least you can get some really good pictures of your projects....they're everywhere on CHA videos and pictures! You need to schedule a week off...a spring break with the kids?

  5. How on earth I missed this kit I do not know
    I searched everywhere on all your sites Laura and here it was all the time, its just gorgeous! the papers you have used will prolly come out here around the 2- 3 months time if we are lucky!
    Im so mad with myself now!
    OH WELL! thats how the cookie crumbles sometimes!
    Thank you laura for this beautiful pattern I just adore it and I will make a few I think!