Sunday, February 27, 2011

Start your engines....

Yesterday, the family went to drive go-karts. It was the first time Sarah had driven anything! (Trevor is an "experienced" electirc toddler jeep and golf carts!) The kids took a class since they are under learn the rules of the road and get the feel of the karts. They both did AWESOME!! After their class, the whole family went out on the track. I spent most of the time IN the kart worrying about getting OUT of the kart!! (Not very graceful, but I got out, bad knees and all!!) Though we were FREEZING (it was only around 30 degrees), it was a fun family time!

Later today I will post photo's of the next page of the Heritage Album. The next Heritage Album class is next Friday...

Have an awesome Sunday!



  1. Laura, I am so impressed with you as a mother. Just want to let you know that "families are forever" and what you do with yours is fantastic.You are creating a bond that will never break.I love it that you share with your fans. Dena DeShirlia, (Rainbowee)

  2. Awesome! What a fantastic time with your family! But I'd be like you, wondering about how I'm gonna get out! lol Glad you had a good time!

    Missed you and your show but now I'm back from Israel safe and sound.

  3. Laura...what a great family day. So much fun for everyone.

  4. It looks like an awesome family day.