Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just when you think you are Wonder Woman.... realize you are only Superman!!

As I sit here facing a couple of hundred emails, 3 1/2 pages of patterns to email out on Etsy, 3 patterns to write and a huge pile of kits to ship out, I realize I need to adjust the Ustream schedule again. I HATE when I do this, but circumstances this past month - while huge, exciting and I wouldn't trade them for ANYHING! - have pushed me to my capacity. I have tried, but I realize I can't get it all done in the time frame I had I have revised the Ustream class schedule. We are still having a class this on for more details...but I am moving the start of the Heritage album to the 18th /19th of this month and we will fit in the missed class into March. This will give all the international folks time to receive their kits and EVERYONE who ordered a kit or pattern will receive them in plenty of time for class as well. I don't have Part 1 of the pattern done yet (a big part of the reason to move the classs), I will finish it over the weekend. Here is the February schedule:

Feb 4/5: A few more Love Notes Postcards and CHA giveaways (SURPRISE!!). We were able to get a few things to give away. Log in to the chat to be in the running for the prizes....both days!

Feb 11/12: Love Notes Valentine Box. (I will put the kits up later today)

Feb 18/19: Heritage Album Part One

Feb 25/26: Flora Fauna Album

I am working towards having time and flexiablity built into the schedule so the unknowns (..and there will be more) don't throw the schedule out of whack so much. I have some awesome projects planned!!! .....and yes, I will have modified versions of the CHA projects coming up....eventually!

Tomorrow I will post more about CHA...I am bummed to have lost most of the photo's I took as they are on my phone, but I have a few. I am off to go get a new phone....feeling a bit in the dark without one....



  1. Don't you worry about the change; we all love you and what works best for you is all we want. You take care and God bless

  2. Omg woman! Don't stress yourself to death!!! Take it easy and spend some quality time with your loved ones... Have a free weekend! You have definitely deserved it.

    Your CHA projects were awesome!

    Big hugs!

  3. You are only one person, and can't do everything all at once. We'll wait. Don't sweat it. When you get to it, that will be time enough. We understand that. Not only that, you need time to recuperate from the trip. I know I always need recupe time. Don't put too much pressure on yourself, it only depresses you when you can't get it all done. Take it easy, one step at a time, and look at what you HAVE done.

  4. Glad you are back and safe. We appreciate all you do and totally understand "LIFE" happens.
    Stay warm and see you soon!!
    ***Loved your T!M projects, they ROCK!!****
    Norma > aka NJack19

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  6. I'm so glad for some "breathing room"!! I'm thrilled that the Heritage album won't start on Friday! Life around here has been getting in the way, as well, so this works perfectly for me!! Your family needs you and you need time to just "be". Getting overwhelmed could stifle the creativity and none of us want that!! haha So, take some time to just unwind and allow yourself to rest and recuperate! You've had a wild and exciting ride this past little while!! Love all that you do, but you already know that!!!
    Blessings and hugs!

  7. Laura, Good to see you made it back safe. You'll have to slow down girl or you'll burn yourself out. Everyone understands your only one woman!! Take care, Shari (cricutrookie)

  8. Never a problem when you make revisions to your schedule. This hobby is for relaxation and that includes you too! Hugs.

  9. No worries, Laura! Relax, breathe, enjoy some down time! See you Friday!

  10. Please don´t worry, that´s why we all loves you, exactly because you´re just as human as the rest of us, so please just relax and take the time you need and don´t worry soo much okay? People get sick of stress by worrying too much, and then you would really have to delay things right?
    Have a wonderful week-end and just relax relax relax ha ha ha.

  11. Laura....the schedule sounds fine and will give you a chance to get the Love Notes kits to us before the class. Was going to send to sister for Valentine's Day, but will keep to enjoy and do something else for her. We're happy you had the opportunity and are still willing to share your time and talent with us.

  12. Laura, I agree with the others. I don't know how you ever thought that you would be able to get it done. Maybe if you had a dozen assistants to delegate to. I am just glad that you are still doing any class on Friday as that's my night to do what I want and I love spending it with you and all the other ladies. It doesn't matter what we watch you do, it's just wonderful to see what you mind comes up with. I would much rather have your full attention at writing the pattern rather than a hurried attempt at not messing with everyone's schedule.

    Can't wait to see what you do with that love notes box. What we saw was already wonderful. Love the paper you are using.

  13. Hi Laura ,

    Please take your time to do what you need to do . We all can wait . Family and your heath is the most important. Have seen a video by Noel Hymann Paperclipping where she talks about Tim Holtz booth . She show all those lovely Project you did for him. We can see them really well and say very nice thing about them.
    Take care of yourself and see you soon on your show.

  14. following a paper trail means we can all stop to rest or take detours or reschedule
    just happy travelling whatever we do

  15. take your time .... Hey, if we don't start the Heritage until March, so what ... take the time to get your family and life where it needs to be. time with our family we don't get back, we can play with paper afterward. heck, i wouldn't mind a Ustream that we just chat for 2 hours and you know we all could chat that long about CHA alone.

  16. I enjoy your show just to get together and think I am having a party with a few hundred of my friends even though most of the time I just listen and read. I guess we could just talk about stuff and have popcorn and diet dr pepper!

  17. Life happens Laura and i think you will find that most of us are just happy when you craft with us. We are mostly women with busy lives and have to work in our creative art when we can. By Friday night i am often to tired to craft and just enjoy watching you create. so i know how you feel and never mind when you have to change the schedule. you are a very generous to share your time and talent with us all.

  18. Hi Laura,

    So happy you made it home safe and that you had a wonderful trip. You can change the schedule anytime you need to do so.
    We completely understand. I just don't know how you do what you do never mind what you can't do. I am excited for you. You are one deserving lady and we love you.

  19. Hi Laura - Glad you made it home safely (sorry about your phone) -- just feel sorry for those people going home back east!!!! Yikes .. what a nightmare. Relax ... The projects that you come up with will be worth the wait. Your "Tim" projects were WONDERFUL!!!! I was sorry that I didn't "run" into you at CHA ... maybe next year.

  20. Take some brotherly advice............

    It's not worth having a heart attack over it!

    As much as we hang on every word and idea and can't wait for the next creative moment with you ......... we all know that you are also human, have a family who needs you and righfully come first and that life is not perfect....we're just happy to share and that you share with us....
    My new motto (thanks little brother!) "If it can't be done between 9 to 5 then it JUST can't be done!"
    No stress please..breath, stop, and enjoy life!


  21. Ditto what everyone else said. I'm getting ready for my big trip to Israel and Jordan anyway, so I won't be starting my book until we get back later this month anyway. Will miss your classes so much while I'm gone!

    Heather aka momofcody

  22. No stress!! Whatever you decide to do is perfectly fine! In fact, I'm over the moon... as now my Heritage Kit should arrive in time! Looking forward to seeing you on Friday. Until then take it easy.

  23. You sound like you could use a break. Grab a cup 'o Joe, a good book, and kick back and relax for at least an hour.

  24. So glad you are back safely. your family must have missed you.

    And yes PATTERNS ARE COMING! THANK YOU! but don't rush-- take your time. we know good things come to those who wait and so we will...

    I,personally, have no problem when you reschedule any project, any class or anything. my life is already so fast, it is good to hear that something is rescheduled. LOL.

    giveaways!? that is so very nice of you- you, Carol and Barrie did it again. thank you for your generosity.

    I was sure that you would be inspired even more by the CHA and plan for more projects.

    actually you don't need CHA to plan your beautiful projects because you-yourself is a source of "inspiration" for most of us... and seeing all these up coming wonderful products might have accelerated your hard-working brain to work even harder! you have the ability of "seeing" more. that's what happened in your Tim Holtz projects. I am sure he himself even didn't think of using his boxes in that way!

    so... all in all, we love you and your projects and rescheduling is good!!

    have a nice day!

  25. No need to apologize. We all appreciate your sharing your creativity and expertise with us. Relax and remember you cannot do more than you can do. It'll get done!

  26. I agree with all the previous posts Laura - no need to apologise - as we say here on my little island "Traa Dy Liooar" (means "time enough" - what doesn't get done today will get done tomorrow) - take some for yourself my dear - you sure do deserve it! Take care my friend.
    Jen x