Sunday, February 6, 2011

Post Cards and Tags

Here are the Post Cards we made during the Ustream class on Saturday morning. I love working on the fly!

As requested, here are the tags I made as giveaways using some of the tags we had Tim Holtz sign for us a CHA.

Off for coffee and then getting to work. I love that my work is really like playing!!!

Happy Sunday!!



  1. Gorgeous tags!!!! Thanks for sharing with us, Laura.

  2. Laura, so sorry I couldn't make either live class this weekend, both kids are sick. We've had such horrible weather here in north Texas. But will be watching the recorded versions. Love the tags, they are simple, but I guess that is why I like them. Congratulations to all the winners. Have a great week.
    Gloria H

  3. wonderful tags - I especially love the one with the branch and the ticket.

  4. I love the first tag because I love the sentiment. We are always changing and at 52 years old I am trying to decide what I want to be or do next. As I shared recently I lost my job of 10 years and was lucky enough to get a new job before my last day at the old one but I am thinking that I want more. I will certainly be keeping my job but I am wondering if there isn't something I want to do in addition to that job. Something that would be fun. It's in the thinking stages but hey, it's never to late to find out who I want to be, right???

  5. It was funny Ashley was trying to keep up with everything on her own Saturday lol, she said she couldn't read that dang chat lol, but she made her grandma a real nice post card :)

  6. Like Pam said..........Glad I won it!
    Wish my work was playing.....getting fed up with the drag of earning a living!