Monday, October 15, 2012

Just keep swimmin' ......

Dory was my favorite character in the Disney classic, Finding Nemo. Her message to "just keep swimming" is something I live by.

When life gets crazy and overwhelming, I "just keep swimming"! I spent a chunk of the weekend on my new blog, working to get it set up to host the archived Ustream videos and my blog. The learning curve is steep, but I am, swimming.... through it (with the help of a few generous friends). I don't quite know how the computers can talk to each other through a bunch of seemingly random letters, brackets, and's code that's for sure! LOL! ...but then again I don't understand Chinese either!

I spent another chunk of the weekend working on the CHA Caravan pattern....I hope to have it finished and up before the end of the day......that is the plan at this point. I appreciate everyone's patience as my schedule has to be somewhat flexible right now. My son has a series of tests and evaluations over the next several weeks and I may need to rearrange the schedule because of it. Please make sure you watch the Ustream schedule here on the blog. I am keeping it current every day. I am posting this not to apologize but merely to keep everyone up to date. I did have a "make up" day schedule for tomorrow but I am going to have to cancel it because of an appointment that has just been scheduled. The Caravan class will still be completed in time for Halloween.

{ go to .js #featured #slides { background: url(images/ajax-loader.gif) no-repeat center; min-height: 271px; }.js #featured .slide { display: none; }    important! }      I think that is code for "Have a great week!"....then again, I hope I didn't just swear at you! .....LOL! all looks the same to me......