Monday, October 1, 2012

Birds of a Feather.....

Head over to Graphic 45 Blog today for  chance to win some G45 goodies. They are truly one of the most generous companies! I LOVE working with them!

Today my Paper Applique Owl is being featured. It was such fun to make and I am excited to get to show it to you! I also finished up the Macaw from Saturday's Ustream class (the Livestream Field Trip was blurred out...more on that later)

As I noted on the Graphic 45 blog, I used a similar technique in fabric for my quilts. 
Here is a Raven quilt I designed in 2008.

Here is the Owl on the Graphic 45 blog

This is the finished Macaw from Saturday

The Garden Gate 2 pattern is FINALLY finished and should be up on my website by the end of the day. Some patterns just "fly" together others just don't want to be hatched, this one was one of the latter! Thanks for being patient! You all are THE best!

Have an awesome week!!



  1. Laura watched some of the video for the paper appliques, amazing how you freehand the cuttiing. I may have missed but do you work from a photo or a pattern of sorts?

    So glad to hear the pattern will soon be available for the holiday doors. I am hoping to follow along with you as I try to make my own.

    Lisa T.

  2. Your artistry just astounds me!....the blend of colors in both the owl and the macaw are fab!...being able to watch you in action and see how these creations come together was a real treat....thanks for sharing that!

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  4. Laura, I am just dumbstruck over the owl! You continously amaze me with your artwork and the way you come up with these designs. I thank you for sharing your designs and patterns with us. When I finish one of your patterns, I feel like I actually created SOMETHING!!! And because of the way you print your directions and the videos, I ACTUALLY FINISH my projects!! Imagine that?!
    Thanks again for the inspiration and for sharing. You are the greatest!

  5. the Macaw turned out beautiful Laura. Each of these creations is exquisitely done.

  6. That macaw turned out GORGEOUS. The owl is just beautiful, as well. Amazing amazing work. Love your quilt...this does seem like a perfect fit for you! Have a great week!

  7. Laura, the macaw is just amazing and beautiful. You are so talented in so many venues. I can't wait to make the Garden Gate 2 kit.

    Much love and hugs!!


  8. Laura the OWL is absolutely beautiful.

  9. Now that is truly some TALENT! Wow!

  10. Such a talent! The paper piecing is mind blowing. Thank You so much for letting us watch you work through the process. You are an inspiration!

  11. Laura all of your birds turned out just stunning, including the crows in your quilt. I am amazed at the way you hatch ideas and fly through these projects.

  12. Absolutely awesome. I love these birds. You always amaze me, but this "takes the cake" for me! You are my paper hero.

  13. these are so great..especially the owl....wish you would do a pattern...I'm addicted to

  14. Fabulous work Laura. We know you as a master of paper engineering now you have truly earn the title paper sculptor. These panels are beautiful works of art. Inspiring. Looking forward to seeing your Angel and Fairy projects!

  15. I'm in awe. These are beyond amazing!

  16. It's like watching a magic trick...nothing up your sleeves than abbracadabra, a bird appears in front of my eyes...

  17. Stunning work, Laura! You continue to amaze.

  18. Wow, your birds are incredible! The owl is my favorite. It is mesmerizing to look at. I haven't seen your ustream video yet, but it's on my MUST watch list. Thank you for sharing your amazing work.

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