Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Feeling awful..

I am not feeling well today. I have caught one of the bugs going around and need to head to bed for a few hours. I run on two speeds.....Mach 10 and..... *splat*!  Unfortunately I will have to cancel the Ustream class for today.  :(

The Caravan pattern is done and should be live on the website soon. I will release the pattern to all kit owners as soon as it goes live. (I will also announce it here) I had added a couple of extra days to the Caravan schedule so we will stay on schedule to complete before Halloween.

Just waiting for one more box of the goodies for the second wave of Caravan kits. They should go out by the end of the week.

Sorry gang!



  1. Hi Laura,
    Hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. Splat is not a good place to be! Take good care of yourself. Go to bed! Drink fluids!

  3. Aww feel better soon!!! We understand!!! Rather have you well and at Mach 10 speed! :)

  4. Sorry you are not well. My receipe is chicken soup! Your little cartoon post make me smile. Feel better soon.

  5. Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Not a good place to be that's for sure!!!! Take care, and we will see you when your are feeling better. Laura, this is the start of flu season, so take care of it. You have just been on warp speed for to long. Your body is telling you to ease up and get some rest!!!! Listen and heed.

  6. Hi Laura,

    It is so sad that you everything caught up with you and you went "Splat". So sorry.
    You need to slow down and take care of you.
    Sleep, relax and let go of everything.
    It is important to take care of you because YOU are important. When you are better then you can think of us.
    Big hugs and blessings,

  7. You really look like you don't feel god, from the tip of your green har clear to your purple slippers! Get well soon

  8. Rest and get well soon, Hun! We'll be waiting...)
    Besides, you need to save your strength for True Scrap this weekend!
    You & your son are in my prayers.

  9. Feel better. I hate being sick :(

  10. Laura so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you.....take care of you!

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  12. Hi Laura, I love your reading your post, I hope you're doing good now :)

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