Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ustream today...

I need to cancel today's Ustream class. Some things have come up that I have to do today. I hope to show some of the tags for the Twist and Tag album on Youtube soon. Thank you all for understanding.

I have the sample and the pattern for the Double Decker Stack the Deck Album for Friday's class (Look Before You Leap) nearly done and will post the photo's later today. The pattern will be up before the class. We will use the same pattern for the following weekend using the Echo Park Charming (boy) and Graceful (girl) collections.

Thank you! I will miss you all today!



  1. you are just forcing me to clean my house today instead! Anxious to see the pictures but my goodness, this is just fun stuff. Real life should always comes first! Good thoughts for ya!

  2. I hope that everything is ok with you and your family. Hope to see your video soon. We understand that sometimes life happens.