Friday, February 24, 2012

Twist and Tag....

Tonight on Ustream we will work on the Twist and Tag Mini Album Tags and embellishments that I had planned for last Wednesday.

We will Start the Double Decker Stack the Deck albums on Wednesday, Feb 29 - a bonus day for this year! The sample is taking a bit longer than I hoped, but it is nearly done and I will post a video this afternoon and show it during class tonight. The pattern will be up over the weekend.

See you at 7pm Pacific!



  1. Hi Laura, hope everything is okay, missed you on Wednesday's class but I understand that life happens. You are so hard working and with the kids and pets I am humble that you still find time to teach us. I am so thankful to you for everything I have learned so far from you. Hugs and god bless

  2. Am so mad that I missed your class tonight. When and where can I view it?
    Thanks, kris