Friday, February 17, 2012

Twist and Tag Mini Album

Tonight on Ustream (Feb. 17, 7pm Pacific Time) we will be starting on the new Twist and Tag mini Album. Fun, fast and it uses my Stack The Deck binding method that you all seem to love.

For class you will need:

12 or more patterned papers (single sided is ok)
Card stock for tags (or #5 and #8 tags), photo mattes, and binding
Chipboard for covers
Any embellishments you want to use.

We will be finishing the album on Ustream on Saturday morning (Feb 18, 10am Pacific) and then will embellish the tags on Wednesday (Feb22, Noon Pacific time) during my regular show.

I have sent the pattern off to my web person and it should be up later today. There won't be kits for this one.



  1. That's 5am for me tomorrow morning, might catch the tail end of this if I get up at 6...setting my alarm now!

  2. All classes are recorded if you would rather sleep, LOL!

  3. Love all these tags inside ! And the colours ! wow !

  4. Looking forward to it! I absolutely LOVE the stack the deck concept --best binding method ever!!! Thanks for continuing to show us different ways to use it!

  5. What paper collection did you use in these pictures? The flowers are beautiful! :)

  6. Kathy Simpson aka Girlygirl777February 18, 2012 at 8:10 AM

    Hi Laura,
    Still Lovin' the Stack the Deck binding and I just bought the Out of Print paper from Barrie & Carol so I can't wait to use it on this album! Keep rockin' on Ustream with that creative mind of yours. We love you gobs Laura.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous album here again LAura. I just love your work, and I wish I was able to follow a lot more of your shows directly, but as it´s always in the middle of the night here, it´s a bit hard LOL, so I´m sure glad, they´re recorded, so I can see them later then.