Sunday, January 29, 2012


We are having technical difficulties getting Ustream to work at our we won't be able to broadcast tonight. We will explore other options and keep you posted regarding doing a show on one of the other days. Boo hoo!!! I really wanted to share our excitement about some of the cool things we have seen. We will keep trying, guys!

Thank you all for your super nice comments. Later tonight I have permission to post my Graphic 45 projects and tomorrow I will be doing some Youtube videos.



  1. No worries! I have been enjoying your tweets! Thanks, for taking me along!
    Hugz, Z

  2. Yes, don't worry if Ustream is acting up. You will show us everything soon enough,I'm still trying to pick up my tongue from the floor after viewing the two projects you did for the convention. Wow are they gorgeous, continue having fun and taking pictures and samples so you can show us on your return. Hugs

  3. Don't worry about us, Laura!!! Relax, enjoy the show and you can tell us all about it when you return!! Most of all, just enjoy having some girlfriend time all to yourself!!


  4. I'm sorry you couldn't get Ustream to work but it's a blessing, too. That means you get to relax a bit.

    Looking forward to seeing your G45 creations and the videos.

  5. Laura, don't worry about USTREAM. It is and them, when you can, send some news abaout you and CHA. Have a wonderful time!


  6. I love the camera can you tell use what size boxes to get so I can start collecting items to make you you get ready to show us how ?

  7. Glad you are having a great time. As the girls said, don't worry about us, have fun and relax. I can't imagine how long and hard you worked on those projects for Tim and G45. That case is amazing and the cradle is too cute. Great work as usual. Your creativity is beyond words.
    Pat Dunajski
    AKA: Patrice2

  8. wow - your work is outstanding --- so clever and inspiring. just incredible. have a great time at cha.


  9. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful projects! You are truly a "giving" person and so very generous with all your creativity! Have a great time and thanks for making me a part of it all!