Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow Day!

We are being hammered by an unusual snow storm with a BIG storm due to hit on Wednesday. We don't usually have much snow here in the Pacific Northwest coastal areas, so it causes all sorts of problems when the flakes fly. Schools are closed and the roads are awful. I did manage to get out to the post office and ship out kits and prizes from New Years. Phew!

I am running a couple of days behind on the Stack the Deck 2 pattern and I am hoping to have it up by sometime Wednesday, if possible. Kids home really throws off my schedule!

Ustream class will be as scheduled tomorrow at Noon Pacific time.



  1. It's worth the wait, Laura :) Enjoy the snow!

  2. Enjoy the snow with the family, take pictures cos they grow so quickly and it is so sad if we stop having fun ; )

  3. Yikes!!! I hope you have a backup plan to stay warm in case the electricity goes out. Stay safe and stay warm. Brrrrrr

  4. I saw that on the news this morn! Gotta say I don't miss that moving to so cal from N.Y.


  5. I'll bet if you had more snow days there would be even more gorgeous creations around you ~ isn't creativity wonderful!?! Enjoy the white stuff!