Saturday, January 28, 2012

California here I come!

Projects done, everything packed and ready to go! Leaving for the airport in about an hour. I am so tired that I think I will do something I rarely do on an airplane....sleep! Looking for ward to thefun and excitement of CHA but also a bit of a break form mom duties. By Monday I will be missing my husband and kids a ton, but.....

Keep checking in here for news and info!

I will have my laptop and all my pattern info with me if you have problems with patterns, I can fix most of them from there.



  1. Have a safe trip.
    Looking forward to seeing your new ideas when you come back. I hope you get some warm weather.

    DIANA L.

  2. Yey have fun we will be lurking oops following :) hope u brought sunscreen. I'm glad the weather will be nice for you and the girls.

  3. Safe travels, have fun, and get some needed rest!

  4. Hope you have great time full of creativity!!!

  5. Have a great time Laura, try to relax a bit too! Do you do relaxing lol??

  6. Have fun, fun, fun. Glad you got all your projects done with all the stuff you have had to deal with. Take plenty of pictures! I wanna see all the wonderful projects from CHA!! Have a safe and restful trip.

    the cricut scrapper

  7. Have a safe and fun filled trip. Cant wait to see what you see lol!! Bring back lots of ideas you are such a terrific teacher--love all your tutorials!

  8. Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself. I can't wait what surprises you will share with us.

  9. Enjoy the weather in CA and have a fun/safe trip!


  10. Have Fun! Wish I was there to enjoy the wonderful, crazy madness.

  11. Hope you got plenty of sleep on the plane cause you are going to need it at CHA. Enjoy and have a safe trip. Please share any of the exciting new things that you know we will just not be able to live without. Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful displays.

  12. Yay Laura, you are in Anaheim by now and busy as a bee. Looking so forward to seeing all these projects you have been tirelessly working on. Hopefully you have gotten your sleep, so well deserved. Have fun with all the ladies and gents and we'll be thinking of you while you're away from us. We miss you already dear.
    Kathy aka Girlygirl777