Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What is that shiny object in the sky???

OMG! It's the sun!! We haven't seen such bright light in soooo long!!! It's suppose to rain agsin tomorrow, so we are soaking it up as much as we can... might even break 70 degree's today! (We are knocking on the door of the record for the latest date to reach 75 degrees!) I am SICK of the rain!! This has been a very wet spring... even for Seattle!

My internet service is back to normal and all the Fishing Instructions and kits have gone out. I appreciate high speed internet so much more after having either no internet or dial up speed most of yesterday!



  1. Hi Laura,
    I haven't ever commented before on your blog, but I visit regularly and have watched all your videos. You've got a gift girl! I have 9 young kids and work full time so finding time and creative energy to come up with new and interesting ideas, just isn't happening! Your stuff gives me so much inspiration and I've tried many of your ideas on my own! One of these days I'm going to make it to Etsy in time to buy a kit before they sell out!! :) I just love the Gone Fishing mini that you put together! I'm not a fisher-woman and don't have any fishermen or women in my life so I sadly have no excuse to make it! I do teach second graders and we study salmon. I LOVE the fish!! I'm dying to make those and incorporate those somehow into a project the kids will have to make during the unit of study! Is it possible to purchase just the templates and instructions for the fish only? Do you think 7 and 8 year old kids could put a fish together on their own with guidance? They are so cute! Thanks for all of your amazing hard work. I'll be watching on Friday during your Ustream class!
    :) Kari D.

  2. Laura,

    Give us the rain, please! We have a drought situation here. I live on the wet side of Hawaii (Windward side) and it's unusual to see grass that's brown. Gosh, that means I'll have to wash my car!

    Joy aka Zelda

  3. Woohoo Laura... It is refreshing to see the sun shine while it lasts. It has been really hot here with a little rain. Still have to get some flowers in the ground.. I have a bell pepper starting to grow... yummy pizza on the grill is not far off. Quote I read: "Fill your paper with the breathing of your heart" Thanks for being you. See you on USTREAM

  4. We have had a unusual amount of rain here in Montana this year, but it is awesome to see all the green and the wildflowers are fantastic this year. We have been finding ones we not seen before.
    I bought the instructions to Gone Fishing and plan of giving this to a couple of ritired men in our lives. They will get a kick out of it. Thanks Laura for sharing your talent and time with us!!! Donna