Thursday, June 3, 2010

Graduation Mini Class On Friday!

I will be showing you how to make this QUICK and EASY mini for your favorite Graduate! Don't have a grad? No worries, it can be made into ANY theme! For the class, you will need the following:

(2) 5" square pieces of chipboard for your covers
Paper to cover your covers (at least 6" x 6" for each cover plus "lining")
(5) #10 envelopes (the long standard size envelopes), any color
1 yd narrow ribbon
Patterned paper for inside pages
Coordinating card stock for tags
Embellishments (tassel, brads, flowers, etc.)

The class will be on my Ustream channel (CLICK HERE to go directly to my Ustream channel) on Friday, June 4th, at 7pm Pacific time.


  1. Cant wait! Got my supplies together and I am all ready to get creating!

    Have a wonderful day!
    *huggles* =0)

  2. This is the perfect gift for DP's sister! Awaiting with baited breath!

  3. I am getting a group of gals together to do this on Friday since they have a bunch of graduates. TFS the supplies so we can do this as a group. Virtual camp!!!! Love it!!!! Hugs, Patti

  4. This is awesome! What papers are you using? LOVE the patterns and colors. Just finished a few pages of my first envelope album and can hardly contain my excitement - I'm telling everyone about your fabulous tutorials (even the checker at Staples where I went for more envelopes :D)
    Thank you so much for sharing your ingenuity.
    Teri "Terrific"

  5. I'll check this out on Saturday morning ASAP!!
    Need to gt you to do a European show!!

  6. OMG Laura ... what a wonderful mini. I can't believe how your brain works. It's amazing. I'll be watching tonight!!!!!

  7. This is also a wonderful mini album
    I can't keep up with you Laura your just too fast!!
    I found some really lovely blue envelopes I will use for this one!!!

  8. And HOW did you sneak that fishing box in so quietly - waaaay cool!!! I have someonein mind to make it for already!!! He really fishes!!! and get some, too but he will get a kick out of it!!!! TFS.......way meets my expectation!!! Hugs from SF!

  9. Hi I love you blog and classes and video's I have been looking for the 10 envelopes with the flap on the side and can't find the. Can you do a templete and do it this week on your What's up Wed please I want to make a album with that envelope thanks Michelle I can't wait for the fishing album

  10. Really enjoy your classes Laura!

    Ellen aka Lashai