Sunday, June 20, 2010

I want to run away....

...and join the circus! Cirque Du Soleil that is! For Father's Day we went to "Kooza". Since it was yet another dreary, rainy day, it was a great way to spend the afternoon. My head is spinning with the images and colors!

On another note, the Baby Mini pattern is done (17 pages!!). I want to give it a last read through in the morning with fresh eyes before shipping it out. I am sorry for the delay...some circumstances are beyond my control and I appreciate your patience!



  1. take as long as you need laura!! we'll always wait :)
    glad you enjoyed your family outing!!

  2. I'll bet Cirque Du Soleil was amazing!

  3. We went to see Cirque Du Soleil Alegria and it was amazing! many ooh's and aah's, very nice experience.

  4. Love Cirque Du Soleil. Glad to see you taking some time for yourself and family. Can't wait to see the Circus Mini.
    Love your work and thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. Great photo, Laura. Saw Kooza in Santa Monica and loved it. All the Cirque Du Soleil shows are fantastic!

  6. What a beautiful family!!! Sounds like you had a great time!!!!