Saturday, May 1, 2010

NSD Give'Away Winners!!

Here are the winners from my National Scrapbook Day drawings:

The Winner of the Special Edition Glimmer Mist is:

Carol said...
Nothing special for NSD except spending a few hours with you for the class. That is always a highlight.

The winner of the Vintage Mini Album is:

Brigid said...
Hi Laura,
I'll be finishing off the My Guy album. Really enjoyed putting it together and watching your new class of course.

The winner of the Purse Mini Album Kit is:

Lexi said...
I'm hoping to finish up a couple of mini's that I have been working on and looking for some on line NSD specials.

Congrats to all the WINNERS!! Email me your info at to make delivery arrangements!!

Thanks for joining me today!!



  1. I really enjoyed your Upstream video tonight. It was the first one I was able to join. Thanks for your generousity.

  2. Great class, as usual Laura!!! It was fun and I learned so much!!! Thank you for so generously sharing your talent, time and resources!!! You have blessed my heart!!

    Blessings and hugs!

  3. Whoo Hoo to the winners!! Thank you for your videos, I have been getting so much inspiration from them.

  4. Like everyone, I sure do thank you for taking the time to post the dimensions. I totally plan to make this book for gifts. This was the first time I watched your uStream class and I'm hooked. Thanks! --Diane

  5. Laura, do you have pictures posted of pages of the other gate-fold albums somewhere?

  6. I will be posting the other albums as well as videos of them as I complete them later this week.


  7. Hi Laura, we have "chatted" before-I had bought your butterfly pattern and told you that the butterfly was the symbol of freedom from sexual violence, I wanted to let you know that I am a therapist for children and about half of the kids are on the autism spectrum and my husband has aspberger's so I am very familiar with it but what I wanted to share was this...if you can personalize whatever your son learns it will help him remember and reduce his anxiety. For example, one student I have has anxiety d/o and autism and if I want him to remember a story-I will ask him before the story how many kids are waiting to get an icecream cone or I ask afterwards, if it is personalized to him like-you like icecream too don't you? then he remembers pretty much every time. Good luck and bless you :)
    Kathy Belle in Lakeland Florida

  8. Hi Laura the new banner and blog design!! It must be recent because I visit regularly! Looking foward to your next ustream class!!

  9. Fabulous new banner, Laura! Love the birds and bling.