Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's What's Up Wednesday! for May 5, 2010

Here's some different flowers for Mother's Day....made out of metal!!!

To make these special roses just in time for Mother's Day, you will need Embossing Metal (it's kind of like REALLY heavy foil), a flower die (I used Tim Holtz's "Tattered Flowers" from Sizzix), and snips to cut metal (T!m's Tonic fav!).

These flowers are made similar to the method T!m uses on his blog (look under 12 Tags of Christmas 2009). Cut 3 flowers from the die cut. Snip petals towards center.

Roll he petals around a small round object like a paint brush handle or whatever you have handy. Don't roll too tight!

Gently fold petals in halfish. USE EXTREME CARE! The metal edges can be sharp!!

To make the center of the flower, fold 3 of the petals towards the center, folding around each other to form the bud-like center. Fold the remaining 3 petals up around the inside petals.

Repeat the roll, fold, and form the petals with the other 2 flower parts, allowing space in the center to stack the previous sections.

To "age" the metal so that it isn't quite so shiny and new, you can use a kitchen torch (found at kitchen supply stores for Creme' Brulee') Again, use EXTREME CAUTION!! The torch is significantly hotter that you heat gun (your heat gun won't get hot enough to do this!) DO NOT TOUCH the metal after you torch it....quench it in cold water wit a pair of tweezers before you touch it!!!

This photo shows how the torch takes the shine off the brass. With copper you can get a rainbow effect of colors!! The aluminum doesn't really do anything.

Stack and adhere sections together to form complete flower (I used glue dots!) To make smaller flowers, use only two flower sections.

Here I used both copper and brass flowers on an unfinished frame. I painted the frame with Distress Crackle Paint in "Antique Linen". I enhanced the crackle with Distress ink in "Frayed Burlap" and sprayed it with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist in "Wheatfield". In addition to the metal roses, I attached a Holiday Lights Butterfly Spray from Prima. I hot glued everything to the frame. The brass and copper colors go great with the photo of my Mom with my brother and I when I was about 2.

Have an awesome rest of your week!!



  1. Oh Laura, How Beautiful! I truly appreciate you sharing these techniques with all of us out here! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your amazing talent!

  2. Wow Laura they are fantastic. Thanks for another great idea :D

  3. Really cool! Love how this turned out Laura!


  4. Excellent!! I have everything needed to make these gorgeous flowers. Thank you for sharing.

  5. thanks for sharing they are very Beautiful!

  6. Your frame is really beautiful

  7. I swear, you can do ANYTHING!!! These are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing! Love the new blog background, too! Very soft and soothing!! Can't wait for the gum pack project this Friday!!
    Thanks so much, Laura, for all that you share with us!!
    Blessings and hugs!

  8. Very pretty! I happen to have some metal that I wasn't sure what I might want to do with! Thanks for the inspiration and great ideas!

  9. Laura, your roses are beautiful. They will be great on a mini, since they won't get crushed that easily. They're just gorgeous.


  10. These flowers are so neat.
    And no hubby hasn't taken me over the border to get me some orbit gum for your Ustream vid's LOL

  11. Gorgeous flowers, again thanks for sharing techniques and ideas :D

  12. I was wondering wow this idea would go with the ten second studio coloured metal sheets. I might have to give it a try.

  13. WOW! How in the world did you think to do that!! Very clever and beautiful!

  14. Wow, how beautiful ... certainly glad I found your blog ... so many great ideas ....

  15. Beautiful as ever Laura, hehehehehe
    XX :-)J

  16. Gorgeous! Laura, you are sooooo creative! I wish you lived closer to me in Florida!

  17. So beautiful! TFS! I finaly found a good way to use my Foil,i have flying around here somewhere for years! :)

  18. omg these are gorgeous. i love them. i hope to try them soon. tfs