Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vintage Camera Kits

The much requested Vintage Camera kits from my Winter CHA projects are going up on my website tomorrow. I am putting them up at two different times to allow everyone a chance to get one. If these two times sell out, I may put up a third set on Tuesday.

Please note on the kit descriptions that there is an Estimated Shipping Date. I have all the product here but it will take a bit of time to package it up into the kits.

This version is very similar to the CHA sample with the exception of the paper and the outer camera material. It will also be made from chipboard boxes instead of Configuration boxes. The camera will be covered in a cool faux leather instead of a paper that looks like leather. It looks really cool! I will have a sample ready to show by next week. The Configuration boxes I used are being discontinued and I could not get enough for the kits, so we will make our own. The look will be very similar.

On Saturday, I will be putting up the kits for the mini that is a larger version of the one in the Shabby Drawers, It is a combination of G45 Kraft Reflections and Glitz Laced with Grace. I will have a sneek peek before Saturday.

On Sunday, the The Victorian Green House kits will go up in two waves. I will have a sneek peek during my Friday/Saturday Ustream shows. We will be working on this one during my Wednesday Ustream shows and it will be done in time for Mother's Day.

Lastly, the Vintage Telephone will go up on Monday in two sections as well.

I know this is a lot of kits all at once, but I am buried in boxes of products and I need to move it out of here!! These kits will keep us going into May on Ustream. Check out the schedule over on the side bar here on the blog.


Here is the schedule for the kits going live:

Friday, March 30, 10 am Pacific Time - CHA Vintage Camera ($74)
First Batch SOLD OUT. More at 6pm
Friday, March 30, 6 pm Pacific Time - CHA Vintage Camera SOLD OUT. Check back for update on more available on Tuesday.
Saturday, March 31, 1 pm Pacific - Stack the Deck with Pockets ($49)SOLD OUT.
Sunday, April 1, 12 Noon Pacific - Victorian Green House($58) SOLD OUT
Sunday, April 1, 8 pm Pacific - Victorian Green House SOLD OUT. Check back for update on more available on Tuesday.
Monday, April 2, 10 am Pacific - Vintage Telephone ($69) SOLD OUT
Monday, April 2, 6 pm Pacific - Vintage Telephone SOLD OUT


  1. usual! looking forward to sneakypeeks!

  2. Sooooooo coooooooolllllllll - love it!
    Big hug

  3. WOW, this camera is among the coolest things I've ever seen!!! LOVE IT!!!

  4. Can not wait for all to go up, I just hope I will get them....

    Luv from Montreal

  5. Yay Laura! You made the team again! I knew you would! Congrats!!!

    Heather aka momofcody

  6. Amazing kits and congratulations on another year with G45!!!
    We are so excited that our own Texas boy Jim made it too! Looking forward to a fantastic ride over the paper trail in 2012!

  7. Laura I would not put it past you to even make this camera functional. Your ideas are just out of this world!!!

    1. It is functional!....for holding photos! LOL!

  8. Kim Hoff-Got the camera...YEA...I was wondering if the instructions-pattern will include the configuration boxes needed. I have quite a few.

  9. There has to be an easier way to get these kits! i checked at 7pm central time and it was not up - i checked at 11 pm central time and all were sold out! how did you all do that?

    1. Central time is 2 hours ahead. The kits came up at 8 pm central.

  10. I checked at 9pm Eastern and they were sold out, but they came back in stock at 9:04pm. I kept refreshing. I believe when I checked an hour later 10pm Eastern they were still in stock.

  11. Darn, missed them! Since the kits are no longer available, can we still buy tutorials for those? Your work is amazing and just love it!

  12. I would loooove a tutorial as well as my DH is a very fanatical photographer. This would therefore be the perfect birthdaygift!

  13. Oh MY! I did it. I got the phone! I'm so excited after goofing up on the Camera and Greenhouse! After teaching all day, my brain is mush.

    Thanks Laura! I can't wait to be the student and create absolutely fabulous projects!