Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shabby Drawers Pattern

The pattern is done and off to my web master to put up. It may not be up until morning. It is a complex pattern with lots of parts and I wanted to triple check it.

Went to the doctor for my foot today. Four more weeks of the boot. Xray shows the stress fracture has not healed. I also got a cortisone shot in my heal. Ouch. Nor feeling so good right now. Gotta put some bling on this thing....after I finish those million tags!



  1. I am so mad I miss the sign ups. Boo. :(

  2. keep that foot up...maybe it'll heal up faster....
    thanks for all you do!

  3. Maybe you need to rest your foot a bit more, you seem to go through life at 100miles an hour, maybe try for 80mph for a couple of weeks.lol Get well soon.

  4. OUCH! Those cortisone shots are so painful & I can't even imagine in the heel! They don't do anything for me except cause more pain, but I so hope it works for you! I know exactly how you feel about that boot-I did the same thing (fracture) last year & had to wear that boot for 4wks.in the summer! What a pain in the duppa! The thing that worked the best for me was an ice machine. My mom had shoulder surgery & they ve her one. I just adapted it to fit around my foot & it's like a gallon size cooler that has the ability to cycle icy water thru tubing into the pockets of the wrap (think-those water beds that were made of individual tubes?) The wrap expands with the cold water & contracts after about a minute. That way you dont have cold on your foot ALL the time(the ice melts & the water gets warmer) I used the elastic straps to position my foot the same way the boot did (plus it gives you a break from the boot!!) This was the only way I was able to sleep! If I put the boot back on during the night, my poor kitty was always getting throttled with it. Poor guy:) I hope this helps & maybe your doctor can get something similar or the same thing. If you lived closer I'd let you borrow it :) Hope you feel better soon!! ....Stacey 8)

  5. Sorry you are still having foot problems Laura. Do you have a ligement problem along with that fracture? Is that why they had to give you cortisone? When I tore my rotator cuff they gave me cortisone, and boy did that help!!!! Hope it works for you as well. Hope the rest of the family is doing better. See you at 12 on USTREAM for an update and Shabby Drawers.

  6. Oh Laura! A foot fracture is so slow to heal! I broke my heel many years ago and it took forever. I wish no cortisone shots for anyone in the foot! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

    Noticed the phone on the Shabby Drawers... Is that a teaser of what is to come? I really need to get a second job to support my kit addiction! LOL!

    I just want to say how much you have inspired me. I love all the projects you have done and can't wait to actually get a few finished. Thank goodness for UStream. We (BFF & I) bought the Curio kits and have yet to get going on it... I need a second job and another 24 hours in the day!

    Have a great day from Sunny Saskatchewan!
    Janet in the Jaw

  7. OHH Laura - huge hugs from across the water - ouch, ouch! Do hope you soon feel the benefits. Take care my dear - Jen xx

  8. I had the same problem and it took me 2 months before I could get the boot off. then it was into one of the Not so fashionable shoes to wear for 2 months. it didn't help that I went back to work for 8 hours,5 days a week. So Yes take it easy or you will never get out of the boot.

  9. Laura, is there any chance you will do a ustream video panning through all 300 plus tags? It would be so cool to see them all, even if they were just floating by in front of the camera!

  10. I'm sure this is nothing but aggravating for you, when I tore my meniscus this past Thanksgiving it drove me crazy. We busy gals have not got time for stuff like this. My mom would call and say " do you have your feet up?", yeah maybe in opposite land ; )

    Feel better.


  11. Do not take Ibruprophen for pain relief. It slows the healing process. I broke my ankle Nov. 23, 2011 and now 4months later walking without aid of cane or walker. 3 months of no weight bearing what so ever! Follow the doctors orders and you will heal! Get your calcium in. Plenty of milk!
    Good luck and keep your feet up!!