Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Runnin' in circles...

...trying to get a million things done!! Why do all the little things take soooooo long to do?!

The Flora Fauna kits ordered so far will go out tomorrow. I am finishing up the sample for the Love Notes Box and the kits will go up tomorrow. They will ship after I get back. I am also working on the first part of the Heritage album pattern. The pattern will be available for orders late tomorrow... I will be putting it up on Etsy. They will go out via email.... hopefully by Friday. Remember, the kits include the pattern so if you ordered a kit, don't order the pattern! I am taking my laptop with me so I can work in the evenings.

I am waaaaay behind on the "weekly" post cards... best laid plans....

I have joined the 21st century and am now on Twitter!!!...I think....yea, I am... Hoping to send tweets from the floor at CHA. Photo's videos, tweets... need to fit in working while we are there somewhere!!! this trip isn't just for fun... we are there to work! Ha! Ha! Here is my twitter name/address/whatever it is called... at least I think it's what it is: @lauraddenison ... had to add my middle initial cuz there was already a Laura Denison... the nerve!!

We are doing a quick class on Friday, making jewelry from paper and embellishments. Starts at 7pm Pacific.

See you all Friday!!



  1. Well I must say me and Ashley can't wait for you to go and have your self a wonder time and we are waiting patiently to see your pieces of art :) Please be safe and make sure you have lots of play time lol we will all be thinking about you!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing all the things that you will be able to show us. Most of all looking forward to seeing you, Barrie and Carol having a good time together.

    Got my kit today, I am so excited to be doing this with you and everyone else.

    If I don't get a chance to say it friday night, have a wonderful time and just plain have fun. Remember, GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN!!!

  3. WHEW!! It made me tired just reading all that you are doing! It will be so worth it, though. CHA is amazing and you'll get to spend time with Barrie and Carol!! Be safe, have fun and I can't wait to hear all about your experience!!
    Blessings and hugs!

  4. Please don´t get stressed, you know people get sick from that, and it´s all meant to be fun, and don´t worry, I´m sure, we´ll all be waiting here, when you have the time hun, and I will sure be so looking forward to see all the new stuff from there, but I wouldn´t want anyone to get stressed to show me something, so just relax and take a deep breath, then I´m sure, we´ll all get there.
    Have a wonderful time hun and just have fun fun fun okay.

  5. WOW look at you in your new photo you look amazing!
    looking forward to getting the Heritage pattern
    and looks like the Flora fauna kit is really fabulous as well
    thank you Laura

  6. You guys have a safe trip there and back! Enjoy.....! I know you'll come back excited and with new ideas.

    And, check you out! Loving the new profile picture. You look beautiful!

    Tracey J.

  7. Lovely picture Laura!

    Have a great time at CHA, and a safe trip there and back.

    Heather aka momofcody

  8. someone has been to the hairdresser's!!! Is the make-up artist already in LA waiting for our star???


  9. You are amazing. Don't fret over the small stuff and have yourself a grand, hopefully somewhat relaxing time!! We will be thrilled whenever we hear from you - even if it's when you get back. Your new picture is fabulous - such a star!!

  10. Woohoo! Check out that glamour shot! Great pic! Now stop stressing and do not worry, Laura. Do the little things you can and then call it good. It's only 3 days you'll be away and then you'll be able to regroup and start anew right where you left off. It's time for a "real" break and some fun. You certainly deserve it! The way I see it, CHA is the door being opened for you. So get ready, step in and SHINE! {{{HUGS}}}

  11. OMGOSH I loveeee your hair!!!!Have fun lady!!

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  13. Have a great time at CHA!

    I always watch your show as a recording because of the time difference, and I love them. Thank you for the wonderful ideas.

  14. Look out paparazzi! Laura is headed to CHA and looking maa-vo-lous!!!!
    Love your new pic! You ladies have a grand time!
    Got my Heritage kit today and so SUPER excited. The picture doesn't do it justice!

  15. Hi Laura,
    You look beautiful in your new photo. All ready for CHA. Love the hair.
    What doesn't get done before you leave will get done when you get back. This is more important. For you to spend time with your family and get ready for CHA.
    Have a fantastic trip. Relax, laugh, giggle,
    have fun and enjoy every single moment.
    You totally deserve this. You are amazing!!!

  16. Hope you have a fabulous time and look forward to hearing all about it on Saturday night!
    Love the new profile photo, you look so different (in a good way) with your hair straightened :O)

  17. Ok it has to be said, but the DP of you? You look like you're in your 20's!! Oh wait, you are, of course i forgot that ;)
    But yes, i noticed it yesterday and thought wowee your hair looks amazing straightened! I am someone who fights the frizz and curl too, stuck with that halfway between look, not quite curly, but definately not straight. Ugh. Painful!

    Try not to worry yourself too much, work will be there when you get back, just have a blast! CHA is there to be enjoyed!

  18. Am I missing the instructions (pattern) for the Heritage album? I cannot seem to find where I can buy it. Thanks!