Friday, January 28, 2011

Heritage Kit Clarifications

I have heard from many of you that you have received your kit in the mail! YEA!! There have been several questions regarding the pattern not being in the kit!! I ALWAYS send the patterns/instructions via email. This pattern is unique in that it will be in 6 parts, just like the class. You will receive that instructions for each class a minimum of 5 days prior to the class. I am finishing up the first part today and I am planning to email them out over the weekend. I will also be posting the patterns on my Etsy Store today for those who want the pattern only. I am in the process setting up a special mailbox with everyone who orders a kit or pattern in the mailbox so that I can send out to everyone at once rather than sending out 200+ individual emails. I apologize that this is taking longer than I had hoped...this is a new type of class for me on Ustream and figuring the logistics for both the volume and the time frame has a learning curve! When we do the second one in July, it will be all figured out!

My head is on the verge of exploding I swear! Between getting this project off the ground, the kits for Flora and Fauna and the Valentines project, getting ready for CHA, packing, and giving a bit of extra attention to my family....aaaauuuggggh! Sitting still for the 2 1/2 hour flight is going to be soooo welcome!!

Can't believe the reaction to my HAIR!! Didn't even think anyone would notice when I changed the picture. All I did was get the ends and bags trimmed (no new color...same old, same old....just looks brighter when my hair is smoooooth!). The stylist asked if I wanted it flat ironed. Sure...never did that before...lets give it a whirl... WHERE HAS THIS DEVICE BEEN ALL MY LIFE!!! For someone who has had a love/hate relationship with her wavy/curly hair her entire life....getting rid of the frizzz....OMG! I now own my own flat trick?....can I do it myself?!?

See you tonight!



  1. Yet another technique to learn Laura! A little bit like a Marthat punch?...I'll give this one a miss, not much left up top to straighten.

    Have a good show tonigh and I'll watch it tomorow here it I don't screw up my leds again (see my blog!) as you're flying to La


  2. Beautiful! You look younger and if you can't get the hang of it, and really like it, you should consider a brazilian blowout. It's a little pricey, but last for months and you don't have to flat iron it every day! I do suggest researching it to see if it is right for you. Have fun at CHA and enjoy your mandatory down time on the flight! Can't wait until you get back to tell us all about it!

  3. I think your hair looks awesome! But I thought it looked awesome before, too! Excited for tonights' class!!! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us!! You will LOVE CHA!! It's so much fun! I think the best part is meeting people!! Got my kit this week. Can't wait to get started!!!

  4. Laura, I say again, you are an awesome lady. I bless the days I wandered onto your U-Tube; don't even remember which one it was now. Thank you so very much for all you do. The first five minutes of CHA, you'll stand there with your mouth open, going "OMG - OMG". I was there about four years ago, and I could just not believe my eyes. Three whole days and I never even got to the sewing and quilting part. :( Have a great trip and may God Bless.

  5. Alright, I saw the tiny profile picture and have to say: Whoa! Hot Mama! So fantastic that you tried this now because you are going to be smokin' for CHA! Best of luck finishing your preparations and hope you have wonderful things to share with us upon your return!

  6. I SOooo look forward to Friday nights now! Sometimes my DH comes in to see what's so funny!
    Have fun at CHA - I went when it was still HIA (years ago I managed a shop) and it was sooooo much fun! Safe Jouney!


  7. Hi Laura:)
    Your hair looks awesome! You and I have the same hair , even the color is about the same. I started using my flat iron about a year age. About the time my hairdresser uped her price for a blowout!WOW that got pricy! A small tip from one red head to anouther, make sure you use a protective styling spray.I use FRIZZ-EASE by John Frieda. works great.the humid control hairspray is awesome to. I'm donating my hair to Locks of Love soon, its allmost long enough.The frizz ease helps to protect it so i don't have to get to much trimmed off at a time. OK, Thats all i got!LOL!
    Have a fun and safe trip to CHA. See ya tonight
    Deann (d4dbaker)

  8. I noticed your new picture right away! I even had to get a better look!
    I really love it!

  9. Your hair looks darling. Did you really mean you got your ends and "bags" trimmed? If there's a quick way to do that, could you share? :)LOL

  10. Looking good!!I noticed the new hairdo right away!! But that's because I do was blessed/cursed with the wavy, curly hair. I got a straightener for Christmas and YES you will be able to do it yourself! Make sure you use the anti friz serum and the right products!!
    You are going to have so much fun at CHA! Our hometown scrapbook goddess will be there too Leica Forrest! She works for Tattered Angels and for Canadian Scrapbooker! If you see her say hi!

  11. Hello
    this is my first time to comment on your blog. I found your blog and ustream in november I guess, and I love what you do. Since I live in the north of Norway i do watch the recorded version, since your show is like 4am for me.
    I noticed your hair right away and you look awesome, so best wishes for doing it yourself.
    wish you a great time at CHA and can`t wait to hear your experince there.
    :0) from Norway

  12. Your hair looks great!!!!!!!!!! Love the new pic!!! Will catch ya tomorrow, funny how when i was in Singapore, I could catch you live, now that I am back in the States (EST) i watch the show the next day :-( Better than nothing though, you have a good time in LA!!

  13. Laura, your hair is just awesome! My hair is much like yours, curly and dry and frizzy, but dark brown instead of red. When my hairdresser straightened it, I couldn't believe the change. I have a really good flat iron now (yes, my hair is super thick too). I'm never without it! You look FABULOUS darrrrlin'!

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  15. Have fun at CHA Your hair looks great and you will love your flat iron. It is a "can't live without" tool. Kind of like tonic scissors - LOL

  16. Laura, your hair is lovely! I noticed the new look straight away. I too had to have a better look. Not to worry, with your amazing talents, straightening your hair is going to be a breeze!!
    My daughter had thick curly hair down to her waist when she started, and she did just fine. I recommend you use Moroccan Oil on your hair(wet or dry)its a fantastic product.
    Looking forward to the USTREAM show today!!
    Take care........

  17. It's the new you! That is a great look for you. very stylish. Have loads of fun at CHA!

  18. i was the same as you Laura, had a mostly hate-hate relationship with my wavy/curly hair and then discovered my flat iron.

    2 tips for use: one...don't burn your ear or your temple when you're doing it (this sounds hysterically obvious, but trust me, you will at least once lol)
    #2 don't always bother to pin your hair up and straight iron the sections, it takes too long and you'll give up. I just leave my hair down after giving it a quick blowdry straight and I flat iron it then just grabbing bits and doing them randomly. this gives a slightly fuller version of the sleek, straight version.

    Good luck at CHA, i'm sure you'll be amazing!

  19. Yes hair=amazing! You look younger, eyes bigger, hair healthier, totally different. Now by all means, you looked great before, but man the difference is amazing! Wish I could have a hair revolution like that! ha

  20. You justlook awesome hun. Have a great time on CHA, and we´ll be waiting here in exitement for all the new things, you´ll have to show soon, as we can´t be there. have fun and enjoy it there.

  21. You look STUNNING Laura, what a beautiful start for 2011 for you, plus your creations using Timmy products, "U ROCK DARLING"!!!! hehehe, but I already knew that,, Hahahaha
    Have fun at CHA.
    XX :-)

  22. Wow, you look wonderful! My hair is wavy, curly and worst of all frizzy - I think I need to try a flat iron. Anxious to see if you can get it to work yourself - that's always been my problem - come out of the salon looking good and can't get the same results at home. :(

  23. Hi, received my kit and have looked and looked. what beautiful paper and everything else . I love it and want to work on it as soon as positionable I know you are having a ball give Tim a hug for me please he is so cute.
    MaryNell in Texas

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