Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The "Gift" that keeps on giving.....

Well, she struck again! Yeah...the lady that stole my wallet...this time she stole $2200 from our checking account on Friday! GASP! About had heart failure! With a withdrawal slip, a stolen check (from another victim I assume), my ID and a drive up teller, she withdrew $1000 and cashed the $1200 stolen check (which had a stop payment on it so we know it was stolen). So, long story short, I got to spend the day yesterday at the credit union getting that all straightened out. How fun....NOT! There may be a break however. While I was at the credit union, she had the NERVE to try again!!! Only this time there were security FLAGS all over our account and the astute teller stalled while they tried to alert authorities. She must have realized that they were on to her cuz it was taking so long, and she drove off. They do have my ID back, (hopefully with finger prints) and they have the make and model and license plate number of the car! Cross your fingers!!! We have a "3 strikes you're out" law here in Washington. Here's hoping that she has two convictions!!! I'll keep you posted...

I am still working on the flower and Duet album instructions. The weekend was a bust work-wise. I was somewhat flattened with my allergies. I felt like someone was trying to pull my eyes out through me ears. I had to take the big guns medicine which helps some, but also make me feel as if my brain is about 3" to the right of the rest of my head. Not really conducive to feeling creative!!!

Today, I will get back on track and try to make up for lost time! THE social event of the summer is also fast approaching....Sarah's 10th BIRTHDAY is on August 4th. Oh my! My baby is turning DOUBLE DIGETS! Where does the time go!!!!! Fortunately, she likes small, intimate parties over huge groups of screaming giggling girls....the volume will be loud enough with just 6!! She is going with an ICE CREAM theme this year...should be fun! We are planning an Ice Cream Sundae bar, and Ice Cream Cake, and Ice Cream cone shaped pinita and of course a bit of swimming and TONS of giggles!. Load um up with sugar and send um home!!!

Off to work...lots to do...
See you tomorrow for What's Up Wednesday's fun project. I've been making these for YEARS out of fabric. Now for some grunge paper....



  1. Amazing! YOU are amazing! With all that's happening in your life, you are thinking of us who are following your paper trail. I look forward to my personal time when I can see what new and creative project you have posted. It's so much fun and so relaxing to make things using your ideas.
    Thank you for your faithfulness, Happy Birthday to Sarah:D, and I pray the thief is apprehended - soon!
    Sincerely, Teri Terrific

  2. I say "Book 'em' Danno!" I hope they catch her and throw her behind UNDER the jail....hehe :)

  3. Oh bless you. I hope they catch her and give her what for. I don't understand why there are such nasty people out there it's soooooo scary.



  4. here's to getting her sent to the little 4x6 place she should be callign home!!

    as for tomorrow's WUW...to I sense a grungepaper quilt?!?! can't wait :)

    hope your brain shifts back to its rightful position 3" over ASAP :)

  5. Hope you get things sorted and she gets what's coming!!! I have just been introduced to your online lessons and I'm really enjoying doing the mini books with you. Anita xx

  6. I hope they catch her! My husband had his wallet stolen a year ago and did all of this running around to get the info the detectives were asking for and then the cops told him they weren't going to do anything for him. Luckily we got everything back but it was a pain. Good Luck!

  7. Don't you just love the gall of some people???!!! I hope the catch her and make her pay for what she has done. So sorry you are going through this.

    You are incredible though. All this and still thinking of us.

  8. Oh my !!! Hoping they catch the crazy! with all this going on you still manage to think of us...amazing lady ...that's what you are !!
    Happy bday to Sarah. Ice cream party sounds like just the thing for a great summer bash.

  9. Sorry you have been hit on by that nasty lady, hope she gets her just rewards,

  10. I am so sorry that you are still dealing with this woman !!!
    All i can say is , I am a firm believer in CARMA!and hers will come back to here.
    Hope tomorrow is better!
    Take care, Deann (d4dbaker)

  11. Oh no Laura! She seems pretty desperate and stupid. Sounds like their on her trail and it won't be long before she earns her third strike. YAY!!

  12. Hope they catch the thief!!! Our Granddaughter just turned 10 July 4th, and I feel that way on where did the time go?! Feel better soon.

  13. Hi, Laura!

    Did the bank's security camera get a look at her car's license plate? I hope so. Or a good shot of her and her car anyway.

    This is one brazen lady! She's making more mistakes; plus cops are on to her; she's dead meat!

    Take care, Laura.

    Lotsa love, Joy (Zelda)

  14. Oh Laura {HUGS} for all that you have been through and all you are still going through. I sure hope they catch that dirty rotten theif!

    Sarah's bithday party sounds super fun and I'm sure you'll have some extra creative invitiations and decorations for it :)


  15. HI Laura,
    I do hope they catch this person,or she will keep doing this to other people seems like she has no fear if she is still trying to get money from you and your accounts. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

  16. Oh my goodness Laura! Take care of you and your family first! Don't worry about your fans......we will wait for you to post something. You are so incredible amazing, you are worth waiting for! They WILL catch this "NUMMY" - to think she can continue in this manner without a care.....

  17. Hi Laura... I hope that things get straightened around and that they catch this woman. What a LOSER! Thanks for all your wonderful tutorials and giving us the opportunity to learn from you. Have a blessed day!


  18. I hope they catch her! You are such a wonderful person... thinking of us out in ustream, you tube, blog land. Don't worry about us. Take some time out for yourself & family. You know we'll be here for you when your ready. Take care! -still can't get over that crazy lady.

  19. I had a similar experience with the check thing. I did get all my money back because the bank took care of it. The worse it that there were lots of bounced checks because I shut off the account. It's a mess to deal with. I do hope they catch the person doing this to you.

    Your mini books and cheerful smile are great!


  20. Sarah and I share our birthday along with President Obama! (it's a great day!) I also have a Sarah, but mine is 20. Happy Birthday to your Sarah!

    So sorry about the thief, I hope your bank reimburses you the stolen money!


  21. Oh Laura...that happened to me too. My banker told me that any time your account is compromised...to close it immediately...no matter what any one tells you. I learned the hard way too. Good luck. Open a new account!!! I am your neighbor in Oregon!

  22. Hey my b-day is AUg 4th too, Happy early b-day sarah

  23. Well, that's just the PITS!! Sure hope the police catch her SOON and lock her up!! Sarah shares a birthday with my dad and one of our grandsons! Great people were born on August 4!! Happy Early Birthday, Sarah!!!


  24. Happy Birthday to Sarah, can't wait to see the pics of such a fun day that you have planned

    What a ton of trouble for you!
    Gosh I hope they catch her and seems that they will now with all the details
    But what a lot of wasted time and stress for you im sory to hear that your allergies have decided to play up as well
    Hope you get better soon and all the problems you have had will not be a memory
    Cheers Deni

  25. Wow I can't believe this women would do this all these weeks later, She has absulutley know concern for what she is doing to you & your family! Was there not an alert posted on your account(s) when this first happened? Will you get this $$ back? I pray that you do, she has not just taken money from you she has taken so much more! She will now have to live with the decision she has made to take something from such a wonderful family, keep your chin up Laura you have a lot of prayers and people who care about you:) And now on a happier note here's a shout out to you Sarah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  26. Why do bad things happen to good people?! Hopefully they'll get some print from your stolen id and some video from the bank to make an arrest. Thinking of you! {hugs}
    Enjoy planning Sarah's birthday party!! I love planning my kids parties!! We usually have the theme picked a year ahead of time to start collecting ideas!!

  27. Happy Birthday to Sarah!! Desserts for the party! And I hope your bandit gets her "just desserts".

  28. What a horrible thing to go through...hang in there brighter days ahead...she will not go unpunished. So on a happier note.....Happy Birthday to Sarah....eat cake and have FUN!!!

  29. Holy cow! What an experience!!! Last time I returned to U.S., I had to spend 3 days at Gatwick Airport in London, during which I made several phone calls using a debit card. Over the next couple months, I kept getting more charges on my card showing up from this silly Gatwick phone! Such a pain to prove that you're not the guilty one eh?!! I just kept saying, "But I've not been in London since August....how could I have made these phone calls?"!!! But they required some convincing and of course about ten pages of forms!!!! Hope you get your gal!!!!