Wednesday, July 7, 2010

From one extreme.... another! It is now HOT here in the Seattle area. Three days ago we were hoping to break 60 degrees. Today we were over 90! Wasn't there a happy medium available??!! Yesterday, I went out and bought an air conditioner for my studio so that I could work. Very few homes in this area have AC so it is a real treat for me! After the week I have been having, I needed a treat...more on that in a few...

Here's my What's Up Wednesday project for July 7, 2010. I almost didn't have a project today but these popped into my brain at about 4:30 this afternoon and I had to try them!

PAPER FUCHSIA'S! I love Fuchsia's... can't keep them alive... but I LOVE them. Paper ones are just my speed! Here's the video I posted on Youtube:

...and a Layout I made with the flowers from the video.

The photo is my Mom at age 2, my Grandmother, and my only aunt. This was taken in 1933 in Chicago. I LOVE my Mom's bonnet!! My Aunt Jessie had the most beautiful green eyes. Even in this B & W photo you can see her lovely eyes!

I have a few things I want to clarify regarding giving, taking and copyrights...this subject has been heavy on my mind this week due to a situation that I have been dealing with since Sunday.
A couple of weeks ago, at the end of one of my Ustream shows we had a discussion about copyrights. Instead of making things clearer....I think I just muddied the water for many of you watching. I feel this to be the case because of some of the questions that have come my way. I don't profess to be an expert or a lawyer on this subject, but I have done a bunch of research over the years in having to defend my copyright on some of my quilted purse patterns.

I LOVE to share my creative ideas...
I LOVE to see others get inspiration for their own work from my ideas...
I LOVE when someone tries something new by duplicating something I have taught either through a tutorial, class, or pattern.
I GIVE these ideas freely...

It perfectly acceptable to borrow or copy an idea that you see on Youtube, on a blog, or in a book or long as it is for personal use. "Personal Use" means you are making something that you will use or give within your family and your circle of friends and aquaintences. You can make a video and share what you did with the world. You don't HAVE to give design/inspiration credit but it is the right thing to do. It crosses the line into copyright infringement when you move it into a commercial realm.

Copyright infringement is when you TAKE the idea and use it for your own means.
When you copy and distribute a design, tutorial, or pattern without permission (whether it is for profit or not), you are TAKING. For example, you can't copy something out of a book or magazine and give it out to everyone at a crop.
When you teach a class from something you found on the internet or book/magazine/pattern without the permission of the author/designer (even if it's a free class), you are TAKING.
When you use someone's design, tweek or change a few things, call it your own and sell either the finished product or the design without the permission of the author/designer, you are TAKING. A modification of a design is called a derivative and is covered under the original designer's copyright. For example, you can't take one of my patterns, change a couple of items for the inside, call it you own, write up a pattern, and sell the pattern on your blog. You are TAKING.

Sorry this post is so long...this subject had weighed heavily on me this week as I have been dealing with a couple of these situations. I also wanted to make a few clarifications. As I have noted, I am not an expert and these are just my opinions.
For some great info, here are two great links about copyrights and copyright myths. They are written in east to understand terms not legalese!
CLICK HERE for copyright info
CLICK HERE for copyright myths

When I GIVE an idea...I am is an incredible feeling!
When an idea is TAKEN, it infuses me with negativity. I feel awful when I have to pursue defending my rights to my OWN work. When someone TAKES from me, they TAKE a little piece of me....
I had many comments on how positively I handled my wallet being stolen. That situation, while difficult and stressful, wasn't personal. The women didn't know me or vice versa.
When an idea or design is TAKEN from me... it is is a tiny piece of me and who I am that I can never restore to what it was. I am changed.

Though asked frequently, I don't KNOW where my ideas and designs come from...they just ARE...they just BECOME a PART OF ME...



  1. I think you explained that quite well. Sorry you are having to go through that 'issue' right now, it is not a fun place to be. Hope it gets the mean time, enjoy the AC and craft away!! :) Looking forward to Friday's class!!

  2. Fully appreciate how you feel, You are what you do and make, you more so than most!! Don't let episodes get to you....we need you,.....I need you.....
    Take Care and can't wait for the weekend to see the next challenge


  3. Oh Laura I'm so sorry you are going through this. You are so sweet to share what you create and others should not take what you do and say its theirs. You have such an awesome talent and you are a great teacher, I love your classes. Try not to let a few get you down... there are more of us out here that love your work and buy you patterns and kits so we can make works of art.
    You'll be nice and cool now with your AC

  4. I am amazed, impressed, thankful, encouraged, and challenged by your gift of creativity. That you are willing to share this is unselfish, kind and really people should understand the basic of art. It is just something wonderful that happens, sit back and enjoy the journey. I come to your site full of anticipation knowing I am going to see a creative mind at work, that is generous enough to share. Thank you Laura!

  5. It can not be said any better than what Donna just said. I have never been so happy in my craft until now. I have loved every thing you have taught us and my papercrafting will never to be the same. I hope those few causing trouble don't make you stop sharing with those of us that look forward to watching you create.

    With regards to someone posting something negative on your etsey, well that is just crazy. I have had nothing but wonderful service from you. Even if we had to wait a little bit, don't they think you have a life??? Not like you should be waiting beside your computer for an order.

    Like Donna said, thank you for all you do GIVE us.

    Pamela Davis

  6. I totally agree with you Laura...
    Sometimes I see people doing videos and showing their projects and (very interestingly) "not even mentioning your name" although the projects are sometimes exactly the same of yours or just a combination of some of your designs. some of them even say that they are going to "teach" how to do these designs in class. That is so wrong, a real crafter should always be honest. I don't know what is so bothering with -at least- saying "I've got this idea from....".

    Sorry if I couldn't make myself clear, it is sometimes difficult to share sincere thoughts in an other language...

    hope you have a great week, too.


  7. Laura I agree with the comments already posted. Thanks for everything you share. I love your work and have been so inspired by all that you do. I've made several purchases and have always been pleased.
    I just watched your fuchsia video and think it is great! Looks so real!
    I recently say a tip somewhere that you might try. Stick a straight pin with a large head in the tip of your glue bottle when you store it and it will not be clogged up when you use it the next time. Don't know it this works, but it's worth a try.

  8. I have only just found you, your books are amazing and I want to make all of them. I have a gazillion photos that need new homes. I love watching your videos, even though over here in the UK I won't catch many of them live. It is such a shame when a minority spoils things for everybody else, but this is always the way. Thankyou for all the tutorials.

  9. I love all of your ideas and love to make things to give to my mother in law, she loves to give cards but her budget is tight and so I love to make them for her, it works out perfet for us. I let people know that I learned how to make the minis from you and I just put my little touches on them. Thank you, you inspire me! Here in Texas its cool (in the 80's) and rainy. Hope your "issues" clear soon.

  10. Spectacular fuschia flower, thank you so much for sharing with us.
    I think you have stated your opinion and got your point across very clearly. Remember there are so many more people that follow the rules then ones that don't. It has to come back to them.

  11. Just had to add my two cents and let you know how much most of us love learning and doing all the amazing things you have shared with us. I make them for myself and family, and always give the credit to you. I have learned so much from you and given your blog address to so many people, so they too can learn from you. Please do not stop beening the special person that you are.

  12. Laura,
    I hear your frustration and disappointment. It's a shame there's people who take advantage of your creativity and call it their own. I personally love your projects and get inspired. I LOVE all your tutorials and think you're AWESOME!! Thank you for sharing a piece of you ♥

  13. Good Morning to you, I am also saddened by what I have just read....I look at lots of thing on the internet and have shown many many people your website and the videos, everyone I have shown are now fans, and we talk about you and your fabulous creative spirit quite often down here in Olympia. I am sorry for your anguish.
    Jodie Budihas
    Sharin Memories

  14. I must say it is disturbing to hear what you are dealing with at this time, you give us so much of yourself with every u tube or u stream you post, every week I get to look forward to seeing you and what you have to teach us that week, you invest a lot of time to teach us all and most of us realize this, I can only hope you do not stop teaching us on u tube or u stream, for me it is theropy.
    Laura keep your head up as you have a lot of people that are truly there just to have fun and learn.

  15. Laura I just posted a comment and it say anonymous? Ok i think I did it :) I just posted the comment above this one and my name would notcome up but anyway we r all with you and god bless:)

  16. Really pretty paper fuschia! Thanks for the tutorial :)

  17. Hi Laura, just wanted to say that I LOVE this flower tutorial. Who would have ever thought to make something that would seem so complicated??? Please try to keep you chin up about all of the "crap" your going through. Remember for every negative person out there, there are hundreds who love and appreciate all of the inspiration you bring to us weekly! Don't let them spoil your JOY!!! Thanks for all you do!

  18. Hi Laura, You are the best!! Please don't let things like this get you down. All of your "fans" know that you are the original, not the copy like others. I just love your kits, classes, and blogs so much that I need to see what's new every day. I will continue to watch you and buy your kits and instructions because they are just the best. Everything you do is outstanding. I would hate to have you leave, I wouldn't know what to do with my scrapping time. Thanks for everything. Keep on creating because as I said, You Are the Best!!

  19. I just found your site a little while ago and it has re-inspired me to get creating, I was in such a "funk" with it. I am so sorry that you are having issues with a few people over copyrights. I hope you don't let this get you down and that you keep sharing, I have found your projects to be a wonderful boost in my scrapping world!!

  20. Hi Laura, I am so sorry if my questions at your ustream class caused you even one moment of grief! That was not my intent at all. In fact, quite the opposite, I wanted to make sure I did everything 100% right. After all, you're my hero! :)
    Chin up, girl...we all know you are the best out there!
    Sharlene (aka brat4BE on ustream)

  21. Laura, love the flowers and the layout. Thanks so much for sharing - so sorry to hear you have been having trouble with people taking.

  22. Dear Laura,
    I was out of states for couple month and have a lot of catching up to do with all your craft creations but just wanted to stop by and encourage you! Thank you for sharing with us all your ideas and projects so freely and with such an excitement! Thank you for giving us so much of your time and thank you for inspiration!
    -Vicka from Alaska.

  23. Laura, I too appreciate you showing us your ideas, I do have to say that just because someone else does a project similar to yours doesn't mean they copied it, MAYBE their head is spinning with ideas as well and can't get them out all at once and it's just coincidence that although different it's the same event. I'm sure that you haven't invented everything in minis. I'm glad other people have ideas similar to yours because then I don't have to pay for dimensions in order to enjoy the craft. Again, I love watching your classes, and learn a lot,but you are not the only one with good ideas.

  24. If you read my blog, I NEVER once said I am the only one with ideas. NOT once, NEVER have, NEVER will. There are many out there FAR more talented than myself!! And, yes, MANY can have similar happens all the time and it is wonderful!! I have stated that EXACT argument previously on my blog when I have had people claim I had stolen someone else's idea. Common ideas is in no way my issue!! The point of this blog entry is and was regarding the BLATANT taking of not just my work, but the work of others and using it commercially. The incidents I refer to are obvious and blatant copies or infringement issues. I am not giving details here on my blog, it is between these people and myself.
    If you have issue with purchasing my patterns...then don't! is not necessary for the majority of my classes. You may want to note...I have GIVEN away more project specifics such as dimensions and how-to's than I have EVER charged for! How is my charging for patterns any different than Tim Holtz or Ali Edwards or any other designer charging for a book with how-to's, dimensions and ideas in it. (I am not saying I am even remotely close the level of these nationally know designers, but it is the same thing.) I am not allowed to profit from my OWN unique designs?!? (...but those who steal it can?!?) I only create patterns for designs that are one's that are unique and WHOLEY my own, they are not modifications of something I have seen elsewhere.
    I am sorry that you felt you had to leave this comment anonymously..I would have liked to forward my response to you directly.

  25. Truly I did not mean to upset you! Unfortunately I do feel I have to comment anonymously. If people are printing out your directions and selling them as their own that is definitely copyright infringement. If people are creating their own designs from your inspiration, that is different. Isn't that why there are many different people selling similar items such as embossing folders, dies, ink pads, cutting machines, tape runners, etc. I don't have any legal knowledge, it's just my take on it. Again, I am so sorry if I offended you, that was not my intent.

  26. If I didn't want and expect people to get inspiration from the things I put up on Youtube and Ustream...I wouldn't do it! If you read the first part of the post, I stated quite clearly that I LOVE seeing what people are inspired to create from ideas I GIVE freely. If I can spark something in someone...OMG...that's why I do this!!! I have ABSOLUTELY no problem with that! I welcome it!!!
    It also sounded like you were quite bothered that I charge for patterns of my ORIGINAL ideas (that I spend MANY, MANY hours writing by the way) rather than just giving it ALL away!
    I'm sorry if I did get offended...I shouldn't have to feel guilty for defending my work...I'm not the one who did something wrong!

  27. Your flower is amazing and looks so real!!!! thank you for taking the time to video and post the making of it!!! I will be having a go at making these :)

  28. I just found your sight! And I love it. Thanks for all you do! You are very talented! I'm just sorry for a few people that mess everything up for everyone else.
    Thanks again!

  29. Hi I was wondering what the sizes of the punches were you used.
    love paper flowers I'm just now trying to make some.