Thursday, January 7, 2010

"What's Up Wednesday video is UP!

Finally!! The video for this project is up on YouTube! Haven't found the missing I went out and got my own! It is an HD one so takes a bit longer to upload. (Hey! No comments on my need to have my nails done! I'm not sure HD is a great idea after all!! Ha! Ha!)



  1. I was thinking about buying a Flip, too. Where did you get yours? I've never made a scrapbooking video. The task looks daunting, but exciting at the same time. I love your videos -- I've been following you on youtube for some time now, and, despite the manicure -or lack of - everything's been great. You are one talented lady. -Dera

  2. Congrats on your own camera. Hurrying off to YouTube - your veideos are always so inspiring :)

  3. Going to C ur Utube vid.
    Arohanui Xx

  4. I am part of the team store Virtual scrapbooking Brazilian Sorelinha Arte em Papel.
    We admire your work too!
    I published the blog shop the photos of yours LO´s. Published as inspiration for the Brazilian scrappers.
    Much admire your work!
    If you can´t please says that I deleted.


    Juliane P. Vaz - Research Team

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  5. Hi Its sunday and I am looking for some insperation..So I know i will find it on your spot..You are always so full of gerat ideas/mini books/paperbag albums some of wich i thought i would never do but after seeing you i am trying all..You are such a crafty clever woman..bless you frenchpossum australia