Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's "What's Up Wednesday!" for January 20, 2010

What's up this Wednesday???

Using T!m Holtz packaging to make MINI BOOKS!

And... in my usual fashion... why make one! Let's make THREE! One with just PAPER, one with ENVELOPES and one with PAPER BAGS!!

First up....PAPER!

I used 4 1/2" x 6 1/2" stack from DCWV (Once Upon a Time) and an empty pack of T!m Holtz Journaling tickets. Trim cover length to length of paper.

Sandwich journal pack cover between two papers

For pages, sandwich the tab (left over from removed tickets) between two pages. There are 6 tabs in the book, I used all six.

Cover all the pages, add photo's, journalling and embellishments!

Next up....ENVELOPES!

Here I used A1 sized envelopes and an empty Adage Tickets book. Attach body of envelope to tabs of ticket book. Adage books have 10 tabs. I recommend using only 5-6.

Cover surfaces of envelopes. I extended the flap to 3". My envelopes used a 3 1/2" x 5" paper to cover the may need to adjust for your envelopes. I used a 3" x 5" paper for the top flap and a 4 1/2" x 5" (with a fold at 3") for the inside flap. The short section slides into the envelope. The 3" section is attached to the flap. Another 3" x 5" pice is used to cover the envelope body.

Add tabs, tags inside the envelopes and embellishments.

Last up...PAPER BAGS!

With this mini, I used the empty Adage Tickets and the Celebrate small paper bags from Michaels. Fold the bottom of the bag towards the bag body to form a small flap. Attach the body of the bag to the flap of the Adage Ticket book. I used 6 bags, so you will need to remove the extra tags in the book.

I did not trim the length of the book cover. Instead a scored it about 5/8" from spiral so that it folds around the bulk of the book. I scored and folded again about 1 1/2" from end. These will fold and overlap at the end. I will be adding magnets to create a closure for the book.

I will post the completed album (hopefully later this week) when it is done.

Have fun with these mini ideas! Have you checked out all the new stuff T!m Holtz is coming out with on his blog! OMG! I can't wait!!



  1. Hi Laura, I am from Turkey and I love scrapbooking. Unfortunately it is not a well known hobby here and it is sometimes impossible to find any scrapbooking materials or products. So most of the time I force my imagination to find suitable objects for scrapbooking. or I buy from ebay sometimes. Actually that is the main reason why I have become an addict to your blog and your videos on you tube. While I am watching your videos, I learn about not only your ideas on different projects but also the products available on the us market, see how to use them and the results that come out of them. So you have become a tutor, a source of inspiration and also your videos have become a gate to the scrapbooking products for me. I just want to thank you so much for sharing all your marvelous ideas with us.
    And this one is -again- an excellent idea. what they is true--you are the queen of minis. I just can't wait for the finished project.
    thnx so much again.
    PS: please excuse my English for I am not a native speaker.

  2. Oh I love this idea!! Its such a great project. Thanks so much :)

  3. You are so creative!!

  4. Your are awesome Laura. I wish I had just a little of your creativity. Mary

  5. As usual, I am amazed at what your creative mind comes up with. I look forward to each and EVERY you tube video you post and I am excited when Wednesday rolls around, so I can check out what the "Queen of Mini's" has come up with!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. YOU R UNBLEAVABLE!!!!!! dont you love that song?????? hehehe THATS U DARLIN!!!!!
    mY HaT oFf 2 u aS ALwAyS, u KNoW i gOttA pUt mY 2CeNTS iN ?????
    aROHANUI xXx

  7. I think this is awesome! I am a member of ATT (All Things Tim) yahoo group and I am going to put a link there.... Hope you don't mind but this is just to clever to not share!

  8. Super Cool Ideas.
    Thanks for Sharing.


  9. WOW Laura!!! You never cease to amaze me with your creativity!!! I love your ideas, and how elegant and simple they are (although, some seem difficult, once you watch your videos..excellent instruction!!) What a great way to recycle as well!! Look forward to seeing your finished items, and I agree with you about the new Tim Holtz products...I need to get my hands on those embossing folders and edger!!

    Thanks again for all you do!!!

  10. Hi Laura,
    I saw your post at ATT. What a clever idea! I've alcohol inked the papers, and nearly cut up one of the ticket books. Phew! I'm going to make a book like your first one, just with pages.

    Thanks for sharing your fun, original art.
    Julie A

  11. I saw a post at the ATT group! Beautifully done Laura! Thank you for sharing! I will be bookmarking you to see more treasures! Cheers!

  12. You are so creative. Can't imagine. Thanks for sharing

  13. These are so cool! I defintely want/need to try the envelope album as I have a TON of envelopes left over from my wedding invites, so why not put them to good use!! Thank you so muc hfor sharing your wonderful talent and ideas with us all! Blessings!!!!!!

  14. Thanks so much for all the inspiration....I first discovered your videos on Youtube and I love them and now I found your all your work. Hugs all the way from Mexico.

  15. Also saw your post from the ATT group. Great use of the Adage Ticket book - so creative!


  16. Soooo creative! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Just amazing!!!! Can't wait to see the completed mini.


  18. Clever idea Laura, I love it! Your ideas are endless!!! :-) TFS, Arlene :-)

  19. Dear Laura ..You are SUCH a clever and talanted woman..Thanks you so much for sharing you wonderful creations such a pleasure to see and learn...Many thanks ..Bless You heaps..
    Frenchpossum West Australia...

  20. hi there is there a video demo on how to make the star burst mini album.. i am having trouble..many thanks frenchpossum west australia.