Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pink Mini's For The Cure Silent Auction!!!!

Here they are!!! Thank you for viewing these amazing Pink Mini's made by women from around the world!

Here's how it's going to work. The photo's are divided up into albums with 3-5 mini's per album. Each album is a separate post and has a post comment link under it. To make a bid, make a comment under the album with the name of the mini and your bid. You will need to scan previous posts to find out the latest bid. (Make sure to leave your comment under the blog comments NOT the Slide comments!!)If you have trouble leaving a bid, email me at and I will post your bid for you.
Bidding will remain open until 6 pm Pacific Standard Time on November 7, 2009.
High bidders will be informed after that date/time. High bidders will then go to the Passionately Pink for a Cure event website I have set up to make a donation in the amount of their bid. They will receive the mini that they were high bidder on as a thank you for their donation!
If you want to make a donation rather than bidding on a mini, you can! Go to and make a donation in the amount of your choosing.
THANK YOU!!! to all the ladies who made these albums. The love put into them truly shines through!! Thank you to all of you who are viewing these mini's. For general comments, please leave them under this post to keep the album post from getting cluttered.


  1. sorry I left one comment in one of the post , but they are really amazing , thanks a lot to everybody and thanks to you Laura

  2. I am so confused! LOL!!

    Id like to place a bid on JOYS Beautiful Mini Album :)

  3. The albums are so so so beautiful.

    I think you've missed one album - I've seen it on youtube.

  4. Hi laura!
    I have left another link on my blog to here!
    Alyson x

  5. Hi i have notified a few of my internet friends and added a post on my blog advertising the auction a little late but often thats when auctions hot up near the end
    wishing you success in all you do including this cause
    please enter me in with a chance to win
    and also please could you enter me in with a chance to win one of the
    Donated mini scrapbook kits from Jill

  6. The albums are all beautiful and if you go check out some of the girls blogs you can see all the thought and work that has gone into these albums. Great job everyone!

  7. Dear Laura,

    I am sending you a great big thank you, and a great big hug in every shade of pink I can imagine... (fuchsia, magenta, crimson, carnation, rose, salmon, cerise, cotton candy, hot pink, shocking pink, melon, mauve, flamingo, pink lemonade, azalea,sherbet, strawberry, orchid, bubblegum,tea rose, cherry, raspberry and so on and so forth) LOL!!
    for all of your hard work and effort in hosting this auction for such an important cause. All of the mini albums made contain these colors and shades of pink, and all of them are loaded with talent and creativity! I have been so amazed. Well done ladies! And well done Laura!

    Hopefully, we will live to see the day when there is a cure for breast cancer, (and all cancer alike for that matter), and we and our posterity will be free from the worry and pain that cancer causes.

    As I stated in my video, I lost three of my dear neighbors and friends to breast cancer in a such a short time period. So my heart was touched when you posted your video about hosting an auction to make pink mini albums to raise funds for breast cancer awareness.

    I want to thank you for all of your time, your talent, and your effort in making this come about. You are a shining example for all of us! Your creativity is appreciated, admired and astounding! We love you!!!

    Thank you also for your kind words to me. I was deeply touched. God Bless you Laura! (Sarah, you have a very special mom!)

    Warm Love and Hugz!

  8. Id like to place a bid on JOYS Beautiful Mini Album Work from home India