Wednesday, October 28, 2009


To get the word out about the Pink Mini's Silent Auction next week,
I'm giving away BLOG CANDY!!
Please spread the word!! We need bidders! The photo's are starting to pour in ands the mini's are FANTASTIC!!!!!
Add a link to your blog, send out emails, make a flyer for your local scrapbook store, just SPREAD THE WORD!! Leave a comment with what you are doing and you will be entered! Make a donation at the event website (see below) and get 2 EXTRA entries!
There are multiple prizes! I am giving a finished album (made from the First Frost kit in the previous blog entry), Jill (a regular over at the {scrap}beach) is donating a kit and there will be other prizes as well!!!

The photo's of the mini's will go up on Halloween! The silent auction will take place HERE on my blog. (Please make sure and note that when you advertise this event). Once they are up the bidding will start! Bidding will end at 6 pm Pacific Time on November 7th. High bidders will be notified after Nov. 7th. They will then go to the event web page set up at the Susan G. Komen Foundation "Passioantely Pink for a Cure" site to make a donation in the amount of their bid. High bidders will receive the mini from the creator as a thank you for their donation! If you want to make a donation you can also do that at the website. The website address is:

PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD!!! Please feel free to include the above web address in your link!....but remember, the silent auction is here on my blog!


  1. omg this is great!!! I am emailing and posting on my blog!!!

  2. hi laura I made a post on my blog about the auction on my blog I also made the video of the mini I made and added the aution info , i hope we get lot of bids , thanks a for your

  3. Hi Laura, just sent you an email with the Pink mini album pics hope someone likes it. I have been telling friends and family about this auction via email and phone. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this. Good luck to all!!!

  4. I will facebook blog and e-mail! Hope it goes great.

  5. I've been e-mailing and calling my girl friends to tell them to check this out and bid. I hope you raise a lot of money on this.

  6. Hi laura i posted on my Twitter acount in general so it will go to everyone. email 10 people on my email list and on my facebook witch i have 47 friends. i hope it all goes well. when you post the albums send me the site url.

  7. Hi Laura :)

    I've posted this on my blog and hope to get bidders for the minis. Also, i'll be emailing you the pictures of the mini later. Thank you and im honored to be part of this wonderful idea you have put up.


  8. I posted the button/link on my blog. My MIL is a BC survivor so I always am ready to give for this cause.


  9. Hi Laura!
    I have posted a link on my blog!
    Alyson x

  10. Hi Laura, I have pics of my mini donation to send to you. What is your email address? I'm at

  11. Hi Laura,
    I have posted a messsage on my facebook account as well as my messageboard hope that will bring as many bidders as possible.

  12. Hi Laura,

    I have just emailed you the pics of my album. I also posted to my blog and emailed everyone I know to come check this out!! Thank you so much for organizing this.

    Louise x

  13. Sarah & Laura, U R TA BOMBS!!!!!!!!
    CONGRATULATIONS MOTHER & DAUGHTER. Wonderful Video together and 4 such an awesome cause. I lost 2x Family members and 2 best friends, so this was a tribute to them. THANK-YOU 2 U BOTH.
    KIA KAHA WAHINE (stand strong Sisters) Xx

  14. Hey Laura!
    I just posted info about the auction on my blog. It automatically goes to my Facebook and Twitter account so everyone I know will be aware of the auction. I also emailed you the photos of my completed mini.
    - Rowena

  15. Hi Laura, I posted about the auction on both my blog and also my Live Journal! I hope the album I made gets some bids for the cause!! :)
    Thanks for organising this,

  16. Ok Laura - You're up on my blog - can't wait to see all of the minis. I've checked out the vids posted on YouTube and all I have to say is WOWSER. This auction should produce some great donations to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Thanks for spearheading this project.
    TTFN - LL & P,

  17. I posted information about the auction on my Facebook account, I hope this helps!!

  18. Hi Laura

    I posted the event on my blog and on my facebook account. Thanks again for giving me a chance to be part of this.

  19. This is so wonderful. I have my list and notes about the, love what you've done. I plan on flooding my e-mail list.
    Thanks for ALL your work and everyone whom sent a book.