Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The White Album

I have decided to change up my Wednesday Usteam show a bit. I have been working on older projects to finish them up. Sounds like a great idea, but this morning I was not "feeling" any of the projects under consideration. So instead, Wednesdays are going to become a "whatever Laura feels like working on" kind of day.

Today on my Ustream show I started a new project....The White Album. This project is a challenge. I will be using only white base materials (card stock, ribbon, flowers, etc.) I am then using any technique and/or embellishing products (ink, paint, embossing, stamps, die cuts, etc.) to make a Halloween album. Here is the first page....

Everything here started out stark white. I used a variety of Distress ink colors to create the backgrounds and the paper for the die cut elements. During the show I made the page itself. I was having so much fun that I made the tags for the pockets after the show was over. Next Wednesday I think we might work on the cover.

On Friday morning I will be posted the supplies and cutting instructions/dimensions for the Crayon Box Album. I decided not to do a pattern for you to purchase but rather I will post the dimensions here on the the blog in time for you to print out the info.

See you on Friday! (7 pm Pacific time)



  1. I loved the show and now, the tags you've made for this first page. Great job Laura!



  2. Love this!!!! I had to work today so I'll watch the recording. Love your shows Laura!! Keep up the good work!! (Should there be a limit on exclamation points used????!!!!)

  3. This is beautiful! I love this:) Awesome work!

  4. It was really fun watching the show are very talented.

  5. Hi Laura,
    I am not a Halloween person but this I like. It looks really cool. I will watch the recording tomorrow.
    Thank you for posting the instructions for the crayon box. I am so excited. You are so kind and talented. A blessing to all of us.

  6. Laura, I just wanted to say Thank You because you are great!! Thanks for the inspiration. I am using a variety of your page techniques to finally create an album for my son-school day. I would not have been inspired to do so if I had not found your blog..Thanks again. Looking forward to your new projects

  7. Laura. You are by far my most favorite crafter on both Ustream and YouTube. I have been watching for a long time, and I am looking for one of your old videos showing what I call a hidden binding method. If I remember there was three rings, but they were totally not seen from the outside of the mini, but when the mini was opened they were there. Just curious if you recall which one it was and where I can relocate it. Thanks much!

  8. Thanks Laura. You are amazing. Can't wait for Friday's show. I really loved seeing how you come up with your ideas. It is awesome how you can take a sheet of white paper and make something so unique out of it.
    See ya Friday!

  9. Oh wow! This is awesome! Love how it turned out!!! Great job Laura!

    HeatherC aka momofcody

  10. Wow! I had to leave when the pages were still white so you can imagine my surprise when I saw your post on the White Album...what a transformation! I shall call your first page of the White Album "Blackbird" (which is one of the songs from that particular album) See ya Friday!

  11. I just loved the results you could get on WHITE paper! It was amazing to watch it transform. You are so generous to offer the dimensions for free for something you worked hard to do. Thank you. I look forward to watching your shows every week. Keeps me motivated! Vicki Lee

  12. Laura, this is the greatest thing I've seen for quite a while! I can't believe how excellent these pages came out. I definitely will be trying these ideas. Those border punches are fantastic. I never can find the ones others use. I love the birds. Is that an EK Sucess punch? And the butterfly is so cool.
    I hope you don't mind that I put a link to your blog on mine. I learn so much from your work and get so many inspirations. Just WOW you are a true artist! Thanks so much.

  13. Great idea, love to see you play!!!

  14. WOW, Lights, camera, action

    stage crew
    Love your new studio set up. Like the L shape, you can roll back and forth from project to project. Or supplies to mini album.

    The White Album, is beatiful. I work with the 4-H Haunted house. This will be a nice thank you card. And Thank you.

    I just started collecting distress ink, Great to see the diffrent uses for them.

    Thank you for the Wendesday whats up (doc) and for the crayon mini inventory and tutorial.

    Just Beatiful

    Thank You


  15. I had great fun on your show Laura, you are very talented and the page turned out amazing, I got booted out before the end and got back on as you were talking at the end so I hadn't seen what you finished at but its amazing, well done, definitely one to copy! (ok well try to copy lol)

  16. These are fantastic! You do such incredible work.

  17. Oh this looks fabulous. Really fantastic. Lee xx

  18. Wow! You really transformed that white paper!! I don't do Halloween, but I can see using the same technique with other colors and making the album a different theme with no problem!!! And I just have to say how generous it is of you to GIVE us the Crayon Box project!!! I know how hard you work on your projects, and that you would just give your hard work away, and even show us what to do with it is the ultimate generosity!!! You know I love what you do!!
    Blessings and hugs!!

  19. WOW!!! This is awesome Laura! Can't wait to see the video and try the cool techniques!
    Betty Mae

  20. Wow Laura! Unbelieveable. i'm glad you went with what you "felt"! Awesome design!

  21. WOW this is gorgeous! Its amazing to think that was white paper

  22. I actually watched you LIVE doing this, as it was only evening here in England not the middle of the night... you are a great inspiration and I would LOVE your energy!! tee hee

  23. "whatever Wednesday" works for me. Looking forward to seeing a live show rather than the recording.