Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hall Pass Patterns ARE up on the website!

My website guru got the pattern up before she took off for a week to get married. She is the best!!! The patterns are available on my website.

All of the kits ordered so far are shipped and should arrive in time for class if you are in the US. Everyone who ordered the kits will receive there download link today as well. I do still have kits still available on the website.

Class will be at 7pm Pacific on Friday on Ustream. See you then!


  1. Ohhhh this looks like a fabulous kit. Lee xx

  2. Oh, this looks like a great kit! I've got to order one right now!

  3. I hope you read my comment since i am posting this 3 days after you posted this. I was not going to get this pattern, but after watching the video I just HAD to get it. I had one question. Why did you not use hot glue to secure the bottom of the locker??? It seems glue would not be strong enough if this box is handled a lot. Just wondering. Thanks. Awesome jobs.

  4. Hot glue has a VERY short life span. It can dry out and loose it's gripping power very quickly.... sometimes in less than a year. It would be a shame to put in so much work, only to have your project fall apart so quickly! That is why I rarely use hot glue in the construction of my projects.


  5. Hi, Laura,
    Just wanted to pop in and say THANKS for two more awesome classes! I love this locker project!!